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Leanne Halyburton

Professional Intuitive Consultant and Life Coach

Dating and Relationship Advisor

Prediction, insight and guidance

Radio, stage and publications – established 23 years

Each of us is an individual soul, developing our spirit, in a physical world! As you manoeuvre your way through life, you will find yourself experiencing many different people, situations and challenges. Intuitive work is as much about your inner world as it is your outer world… both are equally important!

What can I do for YOU?

You might have a question about love and relationships….

It may be that you’ve met someone you like, and you want to know whether or not it has the potential to develop into something more.

Or you may be trying to tie up the loose ends where an ex is concerned, or decide whether or not the relationship is truly over.

It might be that you are feeling ready to meet someone, and you’d like some insight about the possibilities that lie ahead.

You might have a question about career or business….

You may be experiencing difficulties and work, and feel you would benefit from some insight.

You may be applying for jobs, and feel you could do with some insight into some of the future possibilities.

You may be in the process of developing your own business, and feel that intuitive guidance would be incredibly helpful.

You might feel that you need clarity and insight on one particular, specific question…

I can help you with all of the above! 

I can tell you about some of the great things that lie ahead for you, and explain what you need to be aware of, and do, in order to allow those great things into your life!

I can help you to recognise what isn’t working, and save you time, energy and emotion!

I can help you to move towards the kind of life you want to experience!

HOW do I do this?

By providing insight and predictions.

By providing an intuitive assessment of where you are currently at, and how you are currently feeling about your life.

By explaining the different pathways that lie ahead of you, and guiding you towards the one that will bring you the most fulfilment and happiness!

WHY choose me, to work for you, as an Intuitive Consultant?

Because I have an excellent track record for accurate long-term prediction.

Because I have great customer feedback, updated regularly….check out my testimonials!

Because I have 24 years, and over 30,000 consultations under my belt, and am STILL in business…which probably means that, largely speaking, I am doing something right!

What I am NOT, and what I DON’T do.

I DO give predictions, but I don’t call myself a psychic or a fortune-teller. I believe the title ‘intuitive consultant’ is more appropriate, and I have worked hard, over a long period of time, to develop my skills!

I do not validate or support disempowering patterns of behaviour, idealistic/unrealistic thinking, or dependency.

I don’t copy and paste. Each consultation is individually recorded, and delivered as an audio file, via email.

I do not cold – read. A high percentage of my business is online, so I do not get to see many of my clients face to face, which means I have to rely upon my intuitive skills, whilst also applying my coaching capacity where necessary. 

Finally, THANK YOU for checking out my website…I really value your visit! And whilst you’re here, why not check out my blogs and videos!