Professional Intuitive

& Personal Empowerment Consultant

Leanne Halyburton


Radio, stage and publications. 23 years experience, proven track record, honest, straight – forward approach!

EVERYONE, rich or poor, striving  or successful, male or female, young or old, can benefit from an intuitive consultation…….it has the capacity to be an incredibly valuable investment in the future that we are currently in the process of creating!


PREDICTION can be very useful. It is a way of gaining information in advance, so we can at least be partially prepared. Prediction is life’s way of giving us a hint as to how certain things are likely to unfold. We then choose whether or not we believe that a prediction is potentially accurate, or dismiss it out of hand. Sometimes we just ‘know’, even if we don’t want to believe it……and sometimes we cannot see it at all. When in doubt, time alone reveals the truth.  

Predictions often come with conditions attached, and if the conditions are not met, the prediction cannot unfold as described. If we are looking for someone to predict for us, we will benefit from using the services of a consultant who is established and has a proven track record. In my case, my testimonials speak for themselves……you might want to check them out.


The only purpose of an intuitive consultation is to provide insight and information. To throw things open, to dig deeper, to highlight the different potential pathways that lie ahead, and explain where they will lead. I do this very well, because I am a natural delver!


There is more than one potential pathway ahead of any of us, at any given moment in time. Sometimes the path we are on is not actually taking us to where we say we want to be. Sometimes what we believe we want is just NOT going to work out (because it can’t), but there will always be another pathway that WILL lead to somewhere better…..if only we are willing to get off that ‘going – nowhere – worth – ending – end – up’ track.

And that often requires………. 


An intuitive consultation will guide the customer to adopt the most productive mindset, and make the most empowering decisions, assisted by the predictions and insights provided. Interesting stuff, eh?

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