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Leanne Halyburton

Intuitive Personal Empowerment Consultant

Radio, stage and publications – established 23 years

What can I do for YOU?

  • I can give you a sneak preview of some of the possibilities and potentials that lie ahead, empowering you with an advantage…forewarned is forearmed, as they say!

  • I can help you to recognise what isn’t working, and save you time, energy and emotion!

  • I can tell you about some of the great things that lie ahead for you, and explain what you need to be aware of, and do, in order to allow those great things into your life!

  • I can help you to move towards the kind of life you want to experience!

HOW do I do this?

  • I use my intuitive skills, and my coaching skills.

  • I make an intuitive assessment of where you are currently at, and how you are currently feeling about your life.

  • I offer predictions and insight.

  • I explain the different pathways that lie ahead of you, and guide you towards the one that will bring you the most fulfilment and happiness!

WHY choose me, to work for you, as an Intuitive Personal Empowerment Consultant?

  • Because I have enjoyed success, through the success of my customers! 

  • Because I have great customer feedback…check out my testimonials!

  • Because I have 23 years, and over 30,000 consultations under my belt, and am STILL in business!

    What I am NOT, and what I DON’T do.

  • I do not encourage or support self – destructive patterns of behaviour, or unrealistic/idealistic thinking, because I KNOW you deserve better, and I REFUSE to let you down!

  • I am not a fortune teller or a psychic. I am an Intuitive Consultant. 

  • I don’t use cold – reading techniques. As I rarely get to see my clients face to face, I have to rely upon my intuitive skills, and my ability to understand what makes people ‘tick’!

  • I don’t decide what I feel the customer wishes to hear, and feed it back to them.

  • I don’t copy and paste. All of my consultations are individually prepared, and are spoken, and delivered via email, in the form of an audio file.

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