Leanne Halyburton

 Intuitive Consultant


I offer predictions, insight, guidance and motivational suggestions.

Do I have a proven track record for long – term accuracy, and realistic, productive guidance? Absolutely…….see my Testimonials page!

Will you need to keep your copy of your consultation for ongoing consideration? YES, because you are not going to understand or even agree with everything that is said, initially. Some of it you will, some of it you won’t. Those who re – visit their recording periodically gain the most benefit and value from their consultation, overall.

My style is straight, direct, honest and open.

I promise you that I will NOT patronise you by telling you only what you want to hear. That would be akin to stealing from you.

I have been a professional Intuitive Consultant for 22 years. I have given over 30,000 consultations, featured on radio programmes, and written for publications. I have given consultations to celebs, and ‘ordinary’ folk like myself. I have performed literally hundreds of stage shows, over the years, and I write, regularly (see my blogs). 

I offer consultations via the internet (delivered as an audio file, by email), telephone and face to face. See My consultations page for listings and Paypal buttons!

Whilst you’re here, why not check out my testimonials, blogs and videos!