Intuitive Consultant


Life Healing Coach

Leanne Halyburton


Radio, stage and publications. 23 years experience, proven track record, honest, straight – forward approach!


Life is amazing but it can be incredibly tough! We all know that. We often find ourselves at a crossroad, or really uncertain about what to do next. Sometimes we are terrified of making the wrong decision. Sometimes we find ourselves hanging onto something that deep down inside, we know isn’t working for us……and we need an objective source of insight and clarity! We may not be ready to listen immediately, of course…….but there is no pressure, and it may be that more time has to pass before we ARE ready!

My business is about life, and also about life beyond life. Principally I am an Intuitive Consultant who predicts and guides, a provider of insight and information. I have an excellent track record (see my testimonials!). However, I also offer mediumistic services, and have a listing on my consultations page for spiritual communication.

I believe that EVERYONE can benefit from an intuitive consultation, at different points in life. Not fortune telling, as in feeding back only idealistic stuff that the ‘reader’ feels the customer wants to hear, but a genuine consultation from a professional intuitive with long – term experience, and a proven track – record. My customers include celebs, and those who need guidance in business/career or relationships, and those who feel ‘stuck’ and need a bit of a push in a productive direction! 

So, check out my consultations page……I am realistically priced, for a service with long – term benefit. There are many, many consultants on the internet who are charging vast amounts, but in the intuitive arena cost does not automatically guarantee quality, as many of my returning customers will testify! Oh, and please check out my blogs……everyone loves an audience!