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Welcome to Spirit Of Life!


 Leanne Halyburton

Intuitive and spiritual consultant.

Established 25 years, international client base.


I  intuitively ‘read’ my customers from the inside out, because our inner world is where our real feelings and beliefs are always to be found!


Before beginning any consultation, I must first make an initial intuitive link with the customer, as well as with the person or people they are enquiring about. I do this by closing my eyes, and focusing on the screen of my mind, which is situated in the vast, infinite space beyond my closed eyelids (and by the way, we ALL have the capacity to do this!). I always receive a strong sense, particular to that customer at that moment in time, plus a series of images. I now have my beginning thread, and I follow it, interpreting as I am going along, whilst also trying to work out a timeline.

It is important to remember that no consultation can ever be an entire life story, and that there will be gaps… but what you will receive from me is a framework of predictions and insights, with some food for thought thrown in!


My strengths are my ability to tune in to an individual, and read their current emotional state, and how they are looking at life, and to predict certain future occurrences. I do have an excellent track record for accurate long term prediction (check out my customer feedback).


it is a fact that if we do A, one thing comes about, and if we do B, another thing comes about! Predictions often come with conditions attached, and we always have the power of choice. The purpose of an intuitive consultation is to gain insight and information, which we can use as a guide, as we manoeuvre our way through the next part of our life. 


if you are highly attached to only one particular, specific prediction or outcome, or if you only want predictions without any insights, guidance, or explanations of possible alternative pathways, then I am probably not the consultant for you. Horses for courses, as they say!

If you click onto the consultations page, you will find all available listings, and I would ask you to read the descriptions carefully, to ensure that you find the one that is right for you, and also that you supply all of the requested information!

THANK YOU for checking out my website…I really value your visit! And whilst you’re here, why not check out my blogs and videos!