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Leanne Halyburton

Professional intuitive, psychic and Tarot consultant.

Established 25 years, international client base.


Comprehensive consultations for prediction, intuitive insight and guidance




General life

Personal goals

About me:

I have been in business for 25 years, have an international client base, and an excellent track record for providing accurate long term prediction.

I also have a respectable reputation for including invaluable insight and down to earth, productive guidance (see my customer feedback!)

I have given hundreds of stage shows, featured on radio and written for publications (and I currently have 4 books for sale on Amazon!).

How I work:

With every consultation, before I begin to record, I ‘tune in’, making an initial intuitive connection with the customer, situation or question.

I then describe what I am intuitively seeing and feeling, developing the consultation as I add predictions, insights and guidance. 

A couple of things that are useful to remember:

Predictions can sometimes come with conditions attached, and if the conditions are not met, the predictions cannot unfold as described.

No consultation is an entire life story, but what you will receive is a framework of predictions and insights, with some very useful food for thought.

The only purpose of a predictive and intuitive consultation is to gain insight and information, partially about the present time, but mostly about the future. And it is absolutely necessary for the consultant or reader to be completely honest (though respectful), in their delivery!

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