Very little invites as much debate, much of which is extremely heated, than the subject of ‘psychics’! I have recently been researching mediums and psychics online, and even though I myself have been on the receiving end of periodic vitriolic rantings, I was still surprised by the amount of anger expressed towards those involved in the world of metaphysics.

But you know, I can accept that some of that anger is not actually misplaced. There are individuals out there who are being paid vast amounts of money (though in fairness most non – celeb ‘readers’ are never getting rich anytime soon) but who are not actually producing consistent quality results, despite the hype and hysteria. And hype and hysteria are very powerful tools in the money generating world of television. Periodic ‘hits’, ‘leading’ questions, making things ‘fit’, talking very quickly to brush over inconsistencies…… I saw this, time and time again, especially with the high profile mediums……but yet the audience members and tv presenters appeared to be oblivious. Sometimes I was kind of impressed, but too often I felt embarrassed! And I was disappointed. I could see that my own line of work was fraught with misrepresentation and inconsistencies, and that in some cases it was downright  wrong…..dangerous even. 

Don’t misunderstand me. I have absolute faith in my work, in the power and capacity of the human mind. And despite the sneers of the ‘too – scientific – to – believe’ fraternity, there is an abundance of quality evidence to suggest that human consciousness continues to function beyond physical death. I have no issue with that. But I believe the problem began with the dawn of show biz psychics and mediums. It started off pretty well, but eventually more and more was demanded, more and more was expected……..more than could be reasonably delivered. Hype was necessary to keep the show on the road, to keep the people coming, to keep the money rolling in. Accusations of cheating started to sour the proceedings, but that did not deter those who wanted to believe that their deceased loved ones were still within reach…..if that celeb medium was proved to be a cheater, it could cast doubt on the whole industry, on the reality of life after death. That would be too difficult to accept. The dawn of the show biz psychic also brought a swarm of ‘gifted’ mystics out of the woodwork, looking for attention and glory. The introduction of the internet allowed this swarm to become a plague, and the genuinely able and efficient intuitives became outnumbered, lost in the melee, and were ultimately tarred wih the same brush. So it has all become a bit of a mess, with as many haters as devotees.

This is where I personally stand:

It IS possible for human beings to ‘read’ one another. It is not a gift, but an ability. Some have a more finely tuned ability than others, but it can developed, dependent upon certain factors.

Psychic and intuitive are not the same. It is possible for someone to give psychic observations/predictions without being particularly intuitive. For example, saying something like “You will look at a house with a blue front door and a broken step” is a psychic observation. It may or may not come to pass, and it is interesting (at least it is if it does come to pass), but it is not life changing. There is a huge market for this kind of service, and is generally what most people think metaphysical work is all about. 

Intuitive consutations take a bigger picture into account, based upon the client’s current mental and emotional positioning in life, which is understood through the intuitive ‘reading’ of his/her energy (we all know about ‘energy’……it is that intangible thing we feel, such as meeting someone and immediately knowing whether or not we relate to them, or walking into a building and feeling comfortable or uncomfortable, for no obvious reason). The different potential ‘future’ pathways are outlined……as in “If you adopt this mindset/act in this way, this is the way things will unfold. If this is not what you want, you will need to change your mindset, and take a different set of actions…..and this is how things will unfold”. Predictions will be offered, but often with explanations, or conditions attached. Inuitive consultations are for insight, foresight and even warnings, and are always about the choices the client will be presented with in his/her search for fulfillment and a meaningful, satisfying life.

Not all those who work under the title ‘psychic’ are particularly intuitive.Some are, some aren’t. An intuitive consultant would be unlikely to describe their ability as being a gift, for two main reasons: they realize that everyone was born (or evolved) with intuitive capacity, which probably comes as part of our fight – or – flight programming; and, they have worked incredibly hard to develop their own mind, to learn about human emotions, behaviour and psychology, and are generally fascinated and touched by everything around them……they feel a connection to something bigger, and are driven to ask questions, and to allow the answers to take shape and form, in different ways.

No – one can see everything that has been, is, or will be. Many of us can see some of it, and some will see stuff others can’t, and vice versa. But there is always more than one potential future, although there will be certain occurences that we have had no obvious part in creating (some would now bring up the ‘law of attraction!)……and then we get to choose how we respond to those occurances.

The whole of our physical universe is made up of opposites: matter and anti matter, physics and metaphysics, birth and death, male and female, hot and cold, up and down… get the picture. We are supposed to use both aspects of our mind, intuitive and rational, as we manoevre our way through life. Those who believe science has ALL the answers are as wrong as those who believe that spirituality/mysticism is the end – all of everything. The two, working together, are as powerful as it can ever become. There IS a place for intuitive work in this modern, progressive world, so move over a bit science, and stop being such an arrogant bully, hogging the whole bed! But there is less of a healthy or viable place for the stuff that has been packaged as ‘psychic and spiritual’, in a media driven, brittle, competitive way.  Well, that’s what I think, anyway!



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