Particles, worm holes and intuitive insights……it all sounds crazy!

So……the belief that human beings have the capacity to ‘see’ things that have not yet occurred is ridiculous, but the idea of a multi – verse and worm holes, and a tiny particle that can suddenly create a bubble that could move across the universe at the speed of light, systematically wiping it out, is NOT. Isn’t science wonderful!

Actually, I love the theory that our universe came into being as the result of two universes merging, OR one universe splitting apart, and I love the thought that a short cut between our universe and another, a worm hole, may actually exist. And hearing scientists explain this stuff is like listening to a far fetched sci – fi story that keeps us on the edge of our seats………but we take it as fact, and on trust, and don’t dispute it because it is SCIENCE. Smart men and women have spent years figuring this stuff out, and years searching for the tiny wee particle that could potentially, and without warning, bring about the end of EVERYTHING…..our entire universe! Of course they didn’t know that until they discovered it……why, you meddlesome brain – boxes!

But yet the idea that we have the capacity to ‘read’ other human beings, that we can pick up information, past, present and/or future, about and for people we haven’t previously met or can’t even see (they may be at the other end of a telephone line or communicating via the internet), is still preposterous to many, many people. And the claim that human consciousness continues to function beyond physical death elicits an almost pathalogical response from some people! The phrase ” I am too scientifically minded to believe in anything I can’t see” would never be uttered by a scientist, surely……….scientists have to have huge imaginations, they have to be able to visualise the possibility of what they suspect exists, long before they ever get to lay eyes upon it……if indeed it IS even possible to lay eyes on whatever it is they discover.

So, if we can scientifically accept that there are between 10 and 26 different dimensions, why is it so hard to get our heads around human intuitive ability? I KNOW that it is possible to predict parts of the future(s)………..because I have successfully done so many, many times, and not just with routine, everyday stuff. And I say futures, because there is always more than one available to us……..tomorrow is always built upon today, and we get the chance to change the course of our own destiny on a daily basis! The purpose of an intuitive consultation is to gain insight……to gather information, so that we can take more control of the shape and form of our own future. There is nothing spooky about that! Knowledge is power, but ONLY IF it is understood and utilised……..and that, my friends, is not rocket science!


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