Ego and not looking yourself up!

Looking yourself up on the internet is never a good thing! I was trying to see how accessible this particular website is, and so I typed in the web address……and up it came, along with my blogs. However, I noticed someone had mentioned me on a different site, in a complimentary way……as in I was the one who had ‘best read 2014’ for her. So I had a look. And it seems someone else said I was crazy, and that I went on about free will……and other less than complimentary stuff, most of which I didn’t understand. I think they were talking about me, anyway….it wasn’t clear. Anyway, I quickly closed the page and berated my ego for leading me there in the first place!

I love the internet….I love Youtube, a classroom full of teachers and information, all free of charge, but I did start reading some of the comments below some of my most enjoyed vids……and was shocked by the collection of unreasonable and/or irrelevant responses! I don’t read the comments anymore……they take all the joy out of learning something interesting!

I think I may start a site that names clients, separating them into catagories such as ‘good’, ‘acceptable’ or ‘rubbish’……and then consultants can check the  list before accepting a booking …..(I am of course only joking!). Having said that, such a site probably already exists, somewhere out there! Must look it up…….

I suppose that readily given, personally insulting, detrimental opinions have always existed, even pre – internet, and that lack of research, personal experience or relevant education has never prevented them being bandied about as absolute fact. It can be kind of enertaining though, in an uncomfortable, weirdly fascinating way, unless of course YOU are the focus of attention……and then you just have to IGNORE THEM (the advice we give to others whose feelings have been hurt!), those invisible, unreachable destroyers of self – esteem, self – belief and general ego!


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