How much should you pay for a consultation?

What a question! How much IS an intuitive consultation worth? How much are people willing to pay? And should people even be expected to pay for such a service? Hmmm……..

A customer told me she had had a consultation online, and paid three times the amount she paid me……and felt she did not receive a comparable service. In her words: “You are so much better, and you are not charging enough”.

Another lady asked about my consultations, selected the one at the lowest price, but then decided against it because “You’re a bit expensive, aren’t you?”.

I used to hear “You shouldn’t charge for your gift, you are supposed to give it for free to help those in need” a lot. I haven’t heard it for years because I no longer mix with the kind of people who make those statements. They were always down – trodden, impoverished souls who believed being ‘spiritual’ went hand in hand with being skint and self sacrificial. And someone else was usually paying their mortgage/rent for them.

As it happens, I am in business. And I have never claimed to have a spiritual or psychic gift. I have an ability, something I have worked hard to develop over many years. I have hated my work, liked it again, hated it, liked it again……learned more, made changes, altered my prices, and discovered the joys of technology. I have been praised, featured on radio, appeared in publications, and performed to hundreds of audiences. I have been insulted, accused of being a con artist who prays on the vulnerable (by people who have never met me or had any association with me), and periodically harrassed and threatened by enraged women who probably require the services of a psychiatrist…….ah yes, welcome to business life on planet Earth!

I don’t know how much is the RIGHT amount to pay for the service I offer. I view my consultations as an investment in the future, because I have tons of evidence to show how valuable they generally prove to be, over time…..IF used. If I was a TV celeb I would be paid a huge amount more than I currently am, for working in exactly the same way. I personally wouldn’t pay thousands for a handbag, because it doesn’t fire me up, and because I don’t need it, and because it won’t improve my life. Some women think differently. I saw a programme the other day in which a woman whose £30,000 handbag, containing £110,000 cash, was snatched by a thief in a London store.  Luckily she got it back, but I couldn’t get my head around the fact that her bag cost as much as 3 really decent motorbikes! Another programme showed a guy buying a £15,000 pair of earrings for his girlfriend. I was shouting “No! what are you thinking? You can get a pair of bloody good bikes for that money!” It is all relative, you see. Horses for courses.

I believe my consultations are worth every penny and more, and I have repeat customers so some people obviously agree. But I know for sure that a few wouldn’t, probably because they haven’t heard what they wanted to, and/or they don’t like my style. It is the way it is.

So, in terms of value, something, anything, is only ever worth what another will pay for it. I have given many stage shows for free, in which the proceeds go to charity. But I have also cut out some of the old customer base by raising my prices. Not all business is good business. The customer is not always right (there, I’ve said it!), and we need to prune things every now and then, regardless of the type of service we are offering. I like the nature of my business. I see it as a worthwhile service, and I give 100%. It is often hard, draining work, but has its shining moments (like any job within the self – help or service industry). I have no issues where pricing is concerned, although I have done in the past. I know how difficult it can be for many people to value their own work and business, and how uncomfortable it can feel to discuss that dirty subject…….MONEY! However, I can tell you now…….I have been really, honestly skint, whilst working myself to the bone, and I have been better off, whilst working myself to the flesh (rather than the bone!) and I know which one I prefer! I am currently working on ideas that will boost my income and expand my business…….and I have no shame whatsoever!







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