I spent a couple of hours trawling Youtube this week, rediscovering old forgotten songs, and it was blissful! The Small Faces, the Monkees, the Hollies, the Fortunes and the Searchers. I love music, especially rock and blues, but hey, I have everything on my phone from Doris Day to ACDC…….there is something for every mood.

I finished the last of the three Hunger Games books this week…..and I was devastated. I held it in my hands for ages after I turned the last page, wondering how Susanne Collins could have done it…….the characters, the constant forward movement, the rawness……..I couldn’t believe I had to say goodbye to Katniss Everdeen, but at least the ending was satisfying, and made sense.

I was mesmerised, watching Guy Martin, on his £250,000 motorbike, competing with David Coulthard, in a £500,000 Red Bull F1 car, on tv this week……and touched by the ‘bromance’ that developed between the two of them……two really nice, humble but very talented guys.

I went for a meal, in a very nice restaurant, with my three children and their partners, yesterday……something I don’t think has ever happened before……don’t think we’ve actually all been in the same place at the same time!

I gathered a number of my testimonials from satisfied customers together today, to add to my website…..and it was really nice to read and appreciate positive comments and feedback!

I spent two hours with my eldest daughter’s partner today, as he educated me on internet related stuff, and it was fascinating……..I still have so much to learn, but hey, I have already put some of it to good use! And he gave me a new touch screen phone……I am still hanging onto my beloved old Blackberry… step at a time!

Listened to Jason Donovan on Heart FM, in the car, this evening……80’s sounds……Wham, Jocelyn Brown, Level 42, Paul Simon……..didn’t want to finish the journey! What would we do without all these moments, all these precious pleasures? Still got problems, like everyone else, but I have had plenty to smile about this week……including the sound of thunder, and pounding hailstones clattering off the roof, today….scary, but kind of exciting too!


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