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I ignored a prediction and paid the price! But SHOULD we listen?

Many, many years ago I was given a fairly specific prediction…….and I laughed it off (how often am I frustrated when clients do that to me!). Less than 6 months later the prediction came to pass. But I would not have remembered it if the person I told about it at the time, sneering at the idea, had not reminded me. I was gobsmacked. And in truth, the ‘happening’ was something I could have avoided……but looking back, I know that I would have deliberately and consciously chosen NOT to avoid it…….because of where I was at, in my mind, at that time. The fall – out was pretty big, and created some major ripples, I can tell you!

Some predictions are about things we have no control over. I remember telling a client that her son would marry his ex girlfriend. The lady was adamant that that would never happen…..and she didn’t want it to happen! However, that summer, the couple ran off and got married, without telling anyone.

Another client told me that she had completely dismissed most of what I said, during her previous consultation. I had explained that her daughter would split from her partner, go to university, meet someone else, and have a child. But within 36 months it had all occurred. Of course the prediction was not about her, and she could not have taken any avoiding action.

But you know, I prefer to offer predictions about things we DO have potential control over……about situations in which we have a choice. Otherwise they are nothing more than entertainment. And any prediction is only worth anything if it is taken into consideration.

For example, a few years ago I read for a ‘celeb’ who had been particularly popular in the 70’s, and his roadie, who I will call Bob. During the consultation I warned Bob about going into business with a man named Fred (I can’t remember the actual name, but you get the picture!). He called me weeks later to say that he and his brother had gone to meet with a man, with a view to buying into his restaurant, but without actually knowing his name. And you guessed it, it turned out to be Fred! Bob chose to let the opportunity go, based on what I had said, and his own gut instinct.

Another client was trying to figure out which man (out of 4!) could be a potential long term partner. This part of the story sounds a bit silly, but it is true (and she won’t mind me telling it)! I told her I could ‘see’ one man in particular spending the night with her…..I could see him walking round in his underpants! A few days later she called me to ask what colour the underpants were…..she had let a guy spend the night and she wanted to make sure he was the right one! Anyway, the said guy became a regular part of her life, but I told her that he had financial problems, and that she would find him to be moody and difficult, over time. She could not see how any of this could be true. He dressed nicely, always had money to spend, and seemed charming. However, as time passed by, and the ‘honeymoon’ period settled into something more real, she began to suspect that something wasn’t quite as it appeared. One day she went through his stuff, when he was out, and discovered he was in quite a lot of debt, paying weekly amounts to a number of creditors. She also discovered, after marrying him, just how difficult he could be……and she experienced a lot of tough years. In this case the predictions were acknowledged, but not accepted, and a particular pathway unfolded.

The art of prediction is a useful one, if understood and utilised. The combined forces of intuitive and logical analysis can really assist us as we manoevre our way through life. But the power of choice will always rule……..and it is experience alone that leads to genuine wisdom. One young lady told me, mournfully, that she wished she had listened to the predictions and insights I had given in an earlier consultation…….but is that true? Was the stuff she experienced, as a result of not listening, a valuable part of her personal journey, her evolution? Who can say for sure, but here is one of my favourite, cheesy bits of wisdom: If we do A, one thing happens, if we do B, another thing happens……and if we do the same thing again and again, we’ll just get more of what we’ve already got! If I am asked, I will tell…….but only the questioner can decide how to proceed!10408661_693080797473795_7615086403970725600_n Denise Linn


Spiritual communication – being aware of the ‘vulnerable’, and making people happy.

A very dear relative in the States was telling me yesterday how she once took her father, who was a real sceptic, to see a well – known medium in Florida. He believed that when you’re dead, you’re dead, but having lost very important people in his life, and facing ill health, my cousin wanted him to have hope……to be able to believe that physical death does not mean oblivion. And he was impressed. The lady in question, who is highly regarded, made it possible for him to believe that maybe he could look forward to something else, and that maybe his ‘lost’ loved ones were not actually lost to him.

She told me that I myself am a competent medium, and that I underestimate the little things that seem so insignificant to me, but are really meaningful to the client. For example, after her mother (my aunt) died, I passed on a snippet of information……..about bras! Apparently I mentioned that her mother ‘said’ that they did not know what to do with her bras……and this was exactly right. There were a number of almost new bras, but no – one could use them, and so they ended up going into the charity bag. Sceptics would say that that could be said about any woman who has died…..that she leaves bras behind, and someone has to decide where they end up! I suppose only the recipient of the communication can decide upon its validity.

My cousin said that that was the kind of thing she really needed to hear……and that others are the same, seeking small bits of info that are meaningful to them. I have never really appreciated that. There are many, many interesting things I have forgotten about…..some of which are coming back to me now…….from past mediumistic consultations. I moved away from that aspect of my work, uncomfortable with the airy – fairy stuff, and the idealistic claims, that sometimes come hand in hand with spiritual work……..bringing the sneerers and haters pouring out of the woodwork! The accusation of ‘preying on the vulnerable’ is one most mediums will have heard, at some point, I would imagine. And you know, it IS the vulnerable who worry me.

I watched the medium my cousin had visited, on Youtube, and she is a sincere and articulate woman. She did make one or two claims that made me cringe (I have heard these articulated by many, many ‘spiritual’ people over the years, and I still don’t enjoy hearing them!). However, her warmth, her conviction and her belief gave her an authenticity that cannot be denied. And real people, who have experienced real challenges, came away from her with a renewed sense of hope and happiness……not to mention relief. But the outpouring of emotion from some caused me to feel uncomfortable……and I have seen this same outpouring from audience members of TV mediums. The lady in question handles her clients’ emotional reactions very well, and it says something about me that I feel……inadequate, I would say…….when faced with similar responses. I don’t know if this lady ever experiences clients who are not satisfied with her service, or leave feeling they didn’t hear quite what they wanted to…….but the odds are that she has. And when this has happened to me, in the past, I have been very saddened, disappointed…..and again, left with a feeling of inadequacy.  Of failure. And the client has gone away with shoulders slumped, disappointment obvious, and an aura of “well, I tried it, but she couldn’t help me”. This has not been a regular occurence, I have to add…..but still, the ‘vulnerable’ leave feeling cheated and worse than before. And that’s no good.

I sincerely believe that my awareness, and yours, will continue beyond this physical world. I don’t doubt it at all. I wonder what people like Aryton Senna are doing or being……I cannot believe that the power of his spiritual energy (to me the spirit is the connection and relationship we develop with the great creative force of life …….with nature, the arts, invention, imagination, passion and striving) has faded away or come to an end. Life is so amazing, so challenging, so interesting, so BIG, that ‘death’ has to be incredible. It can’t just be about people floating around, free of pain (they wouldn’t have pain anyway, as they no longer have a physical body!), hanging around with all their also deceased family and friends, and/or following still living relatives around. I struggle to tell that story, but the truth is, it IS the kind of story the vulnerable/grief stricken want to hear. I don’t disagree with it completely……but I really want my clients’ to feel the AWE of the energy of ‘death’…….if that makes sense? But I also want to deliver what they can accept, and what they feel they need…….after all, what is wrong with making people happy? Oh, and here is the link for the excellent medium I have been referring to:

What do you know today that you didn’t know yesterday….and who are you, as a result?

Today I know what I know. I understand what I understand, and I see the world through eyes that are ‘set’ to my own ‘current time’ thinking.

Whatever I have believed, been, done, thought and acted upon has already been superceded…….even since yesterday. Today has brought new ideas, new possibilities, and different things to consider. I still have the same situations to address, but the mindset and the approach are different. They have to be……I have been influenced and affected by a whole number of things, as have you, within the last 24 hours. We are all experiencing this hall of mirrors called life, second by second.

For example, yesterday morning saw me looking forward to the Spanish Grand Prix. I believed that Lewis Hamilton should make the best getaway of his career, and that he absolutely HAD to win. I was nervous……almost too nervous to watch. But he did not make the best getaway, was overtaken by Nico Rosberg, and they took each other out of the race after only 30 seconds. I screamed (apparently), and threw my arms in the air…..and then buried my face in my hands, wailing “For God’s sake…….NOOOOOOO!”

I contemplated not watching the rest of the race. How could I? It was all ruined. We had waited 2 weeks to sit, ready and waiting, with bated breath and everything crossed. HOW could this BE?  But then I remembered my commitment to letting go of knee jerk reaction, and to being open to what comes about. And the Spanish Grand Prix turned out to be one of the best races we have seen for a very long time. Everyone was buzzing, the action was hot, and the results were incredibly surprising, not to mention unbelievably exciting. Isn’t it great how things work out? And to think, I almost chose not to watch it, based on what I DIDN’T know at that moment in time.

Yesterday I didn’t know about the house we are going to view, for possible rental, later this week. Yesterday there was nothing solid on the horizon.

Yesterday I didn’t know how to manage my Google Pay Per Click campaign, and was feeling really disappointed with it, and helpless to change it. Today, after spending an hour on the phone with a lovely, patient man from Google, I know so much more, and have tidied and tightened up my advertising campaign!

A few days ago the price list on my website reflected one aspect of my thinking. I had been contemplating increasing my prices because a) having researched Intuitive Consultants online, I realized I was the cheapest….and who the hell wants to be the cheapest? b) because a telephone customer informed me that he had (willingly!) paid £50 for a 15 minute consultation, with another reader, only days earlier than he paid me £40 for almost an hour…..and that I had given so much more in terms of insights and predictions c) my prices were encouraging certain customers that I did not want to attract (not all business is good business) d) I do have an excellent track record for honesty, valuable insights, solid guidance, and accurate long-term prediction……I AM an investment in the future, if utilised! So, now the price list on my website reflects a different aspect of my thinking……..but even with the increase I am STILL less expensive than many others out there!

A week ago I was blistering with hurt and frustration, towards one particular person, and over one particular situation. I took a sudden opportunity that presented itself to ‘let rip’, and although I do not encourage aggression, and I am a believer in moving on…..and although some think I should have handled things differently……I have absolutely no regrets, and feel sooooo much better. Sometimes we just have to stand up and be counted, and if there are any consequences, take them on the chin. If I had tackled the situation a year or more ago, it would not have developed in the way it did. By doing my best to avoid a certain conflict, I brought it about. So hey, I lost my dignity…..but it was a fair price to pay, on this occasion!

I am, today, different than I was yesterday, and I bet you are too! The difference may be subtle, but it will be enough to lead us to be different again tomorrow…..and the next day, and the next day…..vive la différence!





The spirit is an amazing thing………the spirit IS the force of life, and always, always wants to be free!

Well, that is what I believe, anyway.

Human beings talk a lot about spirit, about BEING spiritual, and about finding their spiritual pathway……..and in fact, ‘spirituality’ now appears to have become a religion…..a cult even, in some cases. There are absolutes, rules and regulations, competition, those who have ‘arrived’ and those who haven’t. The bastardised version of spirituality is sometimes used against others, in a fairly passive – aggressive way, which feels pretty dark to anyone on the receiving end of it. And ‘spirit’ is often expected to produce all of the answers, or is manipulated to suit an individual’s desire for one – upmanship or power. This is the dark world of spirituality…..or at least the commercial, manufactured, manipulated world of spirituality, at least.  

The real nature of spirit is to be free, childlike, enthusiastic, curious, joyous, adventurous and eternal. The spirit can be beaten down, injured, damaged and dimmed……but never completely destroyed. It can rise again, and fly free once more, with the right kind of care, from the right kind of people. Our spirit IS the energy of the relationship we develop with the wonderful things of life……God/The Creator, creativity, nature, music, art, travel, other people’s amazing stories, positive sharing…….our healthy spirit is always forward moving, asking questions, looking, listening, learning, wondering, appreciating, using our passion and our skills to create something nice or beautiful for the world, be it simple, or hugely magnificent. Our mind operates through our spirit, and vice versa. The way in which we develop our spirit……the relationship we have with the world around us, and the creative force, of which we are all part………has more of an impact upon our own happiness than anything else in life. We cannot be spiritually free with a constantly intense, fearful or resentful mind. We cannot be spiritually free if we are dull minded, never growing, never feeding ourselves with new knowledge, following the same old routine day in and day out. We don’t have to be rich, to be free of responsibility, to be in a comfortable position in life, in order to feed our hungry spirit positively……..we just have to become aware of our own consistent thoughts, attitude and approach to the world around us. And to watch the company we keep…….sometimes those who claim to be the most spiritual are the ones to avoid…….and those who sneer, and those who believe life owes them something……..well, wherever possible, do all you can to keep them out of your internal space! Your spiritual health is of utmost importance, as it feeds your very life force. It isn’t unspiritual to avoid too much emotional contact with those who will suck your life force dry, or trample it underfoot…….you might as well hand them a gun and say “shoot me!” 

We don’t need to make a big deal about it, we don’t need to become intense and overly analytical, and to turn the quest for spiritual good health into a complicated project……we just need to lighten up, listen, learn about whatever interests us, get out of our own headspace and become fascinated by the wonders of the world around us, no matter how simple. Spirituality is pro – active. It looks for solutions. It accepts that darkness exists, it grieves for others, and then says, okay “What can WE do about this?” Because, of course, we are all in this together, and it definitely suits us to connect with others who are spiritually healthy and positively motivated!

1934878_693080644140477_2885452048770898114_n Different perspective