Intuitive intelligence and guidance – something the sneerers don’t understand!

Life is untidy. Living is untidy. There are people on the planet who want to be aware, to live, to push the boundaries….and there are those who want to get by, to survive, to ‘just be happy’. I personally have a fairly big ‘history’. I don’t have any friends I grew up with, or went to school with. I moved, and I moved, and I moved. All of my current good friends started as clients (and no, not all of my clients have become good friends, just a few of them!). There are times I wish I could tidy up my past and make it sweet, neat, clean and tidy. But of course I can’t. WE can’t, any of us. I have come up with certain goals to fulfill by December 2018, and I like the sound and feel of them. But I know I have to take the steps, to be consistent and persistent, if I am to see these goals manifest in the ‘real’ world. And I will need others, along the way. No man, or woman, is an island. 

Life is a series of experiences, a set of stories that join together. Material security/status is important, of course…….but there is something else, something we have to feel. We have to ‘feel’ one another’s stories, and ponder them. I was thinking about Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman, going round the world (twice, in different directions), on motorbikes, and the amazing people from far flung countries and cultures, they encountered. The young man, a teenager, from Africa who had been kidnapped, like so many children, and forced into terrible acts, and into becoming a mercenary. He managed to escape and found his way home, but others were afraid of him, because of his experiences. He said he used to have terrible dreams, but they were easing, and he was entering into education. I often think about him, though our paths are unlikely to cross. I was humbled by his calm acceptance of his terrible ordeal, and the legacy of his life. Somehow he is special…….there is something for him to do and be, something that billions of other human beings will never realise. But he is lonely, and will always be lonely. No matter that a woman would love him, and he her, no matter that he would father children who will adore him, and vice versa……he will always be alone in this world, at his deepest core. And he will accept that. He will remember those who were also taken, he will see their faces, re – live their fate. He will always live in a world most others cannot, and would not want to, enter. Including his mother. I don’t want to be him, but I am in awe of him, and I feel that, despite his trauma and sadness, he has something more valuable than the greatest wealth on the planet. But it is a currency that is not recognised on planet Earth……..a currency that will be accepted and redeemed somewhere else, in a much bigger picture. Call me idealistic, unrealistic, I really don’t care… all. There are zillions and zillions of opinions out there……so what? 

There is something within all of us, but it is often over – ridden by the need for security, for validation, for acceptance by the ‘smart’ people. I myself have been dismissed and sneered at, because of the work I do. But realistic thinking, personal responsibility, mature assessment……these are the things I teach and preach. A balance between rational and intuitive thinking. Self – awareness, a willingness to commit to ongoing personal development….what is wrong with that? Prediction, based on past/habitual behaviour, but also on bigger potentials, IS possible, and IS feasible. I know…..I have been able to look back and monitor results gained. The sneerers are not as smart as they reckon they are, but the space cadets invite reactions that are based on uneducated, unexplored opinions. Humans developed two aspects of mind: the rational and the intuitive. How smart can you be, if you sneer at, and dismiss, half that the mind has to offer? And you know, working with human beings in any kind of need demands a lot, especially if the need is emotional. It is worthy of note, for anyone anywhere on the planet who spends their working life tending to other people’s emotional pain, fear or lack of direction……it IS as valid as any ‘real life’ occupation!

I am proud of my work, though it has taken many years to be so. I know for sure my intentions are always positive, and I have faith in my intuitive ability, because I have results to refer to, and measure it all by.  I used to feel lost….stuck between the space cadets and the con artists, and the scientific fraternity… if I was no – one, in a no – man’s land. Unwilling to tell people what they wanted to hear, unwilling to enter into idealistic ‘fortune telling’, but often snubbed by people I came across in everyday life. There is (and I am being petty here) a guy I came across a few times at motorbike rallies who was particularly dismissive of people ‘like’ me, and always remained aloof and superior….not because of the person I am, but because of what I do for a living. No, not a friend, that is true. But a reminder of how far we still have to come, where the rational and intuitive aspects of mind are concerned. The intuitive mind IS the gift…….a gift that can keep on giving, but only if opened and appreciated!


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