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Bear with me on all this. You might agree with me, or you might be tempted to phone the mental health board on my behalf!

Other dimensions of existence are as real as our own……..and that is my opinion, and my belief! Opinions abound in this dimension we call life on Earth, and if opinions could feed and heal the human race, we’d all be healthy, happy and thriving. I am always interested in educated, informed, balanced and considered opinions, based on genuine research……but hey, as we all know, most opinions do not fall into this category!

Can I prove that there are different dimensions of awareness? Nope. Do I have evidence to support my belief that we all exist within the same space at the same time, but in different states of awareness and consciousness? Well, nothing concrete. There are many who have been able to relate to what I have been able to produce, in terms of ‘evidence’, but none of it would ever stand up in a court of law.

So what makes me so sure? Am I ditzy, dreamy, given to flights of fantasy? I don’t believe I am, and I am pretty sure those who know me well would say I’m pretty grounded and straight spoken. They would also tell you that I am eternally curious, always questioning, always seeking out information……and always digging deep and sifting through information, questioning and looking for what makes sense to me. And I believe, 100%, that there are different forms of living energy, experiencing what is familiar and particular to them, and I am not just talking about ‘aliens’ from outer space……but life force that exists within its own version of space, largely unseen and unnoticed by that which occupies space in a different way. And all of the occupied ‘space’ is probably exactly the same space! Sounds crazy, eh? Well yes, in terms of everyday human awareness and understanding, it does. And I am pretty sure my personal version of how things are is sketchy and highly simplistic, and full of gaping holes……I am, after all, limited by my human consciousness. But the older I become, and the more I open up to something much, much bigger than myself,  the ‘feeling’ of there being more intensifies……the awareness of other (probably) non – physical, but incredibly potent forms of energy, strengthens, and I don’t just think….I KNOW…..that we are definitely not alone. And I have no interest in getting into debate or argument. If a person is interested in what I have to say, then great. If they want to talk about it with me in an intelligent way, fantastic. If my beliefs and skills help even one other soul……whilst also allowing me to earn a living…..bloody wonderful!

So, here’s a little snippet of what I feel is ‘real’: there are darker and there are lighter dimensions of awareness, in terms of negative/positive energy. Our own dimension of awareness is being fed and influenced by other dimensions, healthily and unhealthily, and we are an ongoing work in progress. The souls that begin the experience of life on Earth are not all being supplied by the same source, and do not share the same intentions. There IS a constant push – me – pull – you going on between what we see as love and hate, good and bad, righteous and evil……between light and dark. The ultimate creative force of all existence (I am happy to call it God) is experiencing and developing and co – creating through every single one of its ‘projects’. It is a responsive force, fascinated by detail, and by every thought, feeling, and action its creations create. It experiences everything we can ever experience, from joy to sorrow…..because it is experience that leads to expanded consciousness…….and expansion and growth is what the creative force is all about.

And I do believe that the creative force does not see death or suffering as a bad thing, as we do (for good reason, being housed in flesh and bone that is prone to the physical sensation of pain!)……because suffering does not last forever, and death of energy cannot come about. The deceased souls who complete the experience of life on Earth do not cease to exist. There are many forms of suffering we can heal or avoid, through awareness and conscious effort. There are some forms of suffering forced upon us, by souls whose intentions are not aligned with the creative energy we call love. Those poor souls often lead to the greatest changes in this dimension, more so than the perpetrators, even if it takes time……because other souls respond and unite, pushing against the dark, and forcing change for the collective good. We all know about free will……but free will is actually about HOW we respond to the power that IS free will! Free will can lead to destruction or to creativity. That’s the deal in this dimension of awareness. Either destroy or create, and understand that whatever choice we make shapes the nature of our soul, forever. The creative force responds to the inner world of its co – creators, where the individual reality exists. We can be consistently destructive, but then choose to become genuinely creative…..and we can heal our own darkened soul. We may appear to gain, financially and materially, through destructive dealings……but we cannot hide our inner reality from the ultimate creator, and we cannot hide from ourselves.

And many times, the dimensions overlap, which I believe is part of the bigger plan. Even the tiniest sense that there is more beyond our immediate vision and capacity for comprehension is enough to keep us on our toes, ever curious and questioning. Well, some of us, at least. And to remind us that we are not as big and smart as we can sometimes believe we are……AND that we are not alone!   





I know someone who recently fell down a small flight of steps, resulting in severe damage to a heel and ankle. He has several fractures and is going to be laid up for weeks, unable to do much at all…….and getting plenty of rest. But two days ago he had a realisation. Shaking his head, he said to me: “You know what? I kept saying ‘I need a break, I need a break’………and look what happened!” The same thought had already crossed my mind, but I had decided it was kinder to keep it to myself until he was a little better!

A guy I used to know had a tidy sum of money in the bank…..but he lived as though he didn’t have two pennies to rub together. His living environment was sparse and filled with old, worn out and broken things. Although kind in many ways, he struggled to compromise in life, and had few friends. He was always saying stuff like “nothing good ever happens to me”, or “typical, just my luck”. He was anti a lot of things, and lived under a number of self – imposed restrictions……and of course he did not see any connection whatsoever between his consistent, ongoing beliefs and actions, and the way in which he experienced life. However, despite his mental poverty, this guy would buy a lottery ticket each week, always using the same numbers. One week, for no apparent reason, he decided to change the numbers. And his old numbers came up. He lost out on over £100,000. And although disappointed, he didn’t seem to be at all surprised. “See”, he said. “I told you nothing good ever happens to me.”

A lady told me that she wanted her old life back. Her husband had passed, and she was all alone. They had rarely left the house, the car was only used occasionally, spending most of its time parked on the driveway, and they simply existed on a regular, daily basis. And that was absolutely fine by them. She told me that she had no interest in moving forwards, and was not looking for change….she just wanted things to be the way they were, full stop. And then, defiantly, she added: “And even if I did want to move forwards, I can’t. Since my husband died, my legs have ‘gone’…..I can’t use them!” I asked her if she could maybe see a connection……and she became a tad angry with me, to say the least! How could her weak, unresponsive legs have anything at all to do with her… was impossible. It was just another example of terrible luck, and an unkind fate.  

I had become disenchanted with my work…….some of the customers I was attracting were not right for me, and vice versa. There was conflict, hostility, being dragged over the coals on the internet by angry women who believed that they deserved the perfect life, but who refused to acknowledge the connection between their inner world and their outer world, and who were unwilling to work on themselves. They believed that predictions should fix everything, and that a certain story should be told, otherwise there would be hell to pay……and paid it was! Giving consultations is my job, how I earn my living, but I began to struggle and sink, and I developed the habit of saying “I would rather live in a cardboard box than keep on having to work with some of these people!”……..and we received a notice to quit our rented home, after almost 11 years. Okay, there were other factors involved, but the notice to quit came out of the blue, and was absolutely final. I pointed out to my youngest daughter the link between me and my cardboard box mentality, and the fact that we were now becoming homeless……and she made me laugh by raising her eyes skywards, and saying “Lord, it’s her who wants to live in a cardboard box, not me!”

Luckily, I have, for many years, made my own study of the human mind, and what it appears to be capable of, and I knew I could turn things around. I had forgotten for a while, and was incredibly relieved when forced to sort my own miserable mind out! I took steps to fine – tune my business, and part company with the kind of customers who were not seeking the actual service I offer, and I moved my mind away from the thoughts that were keeping them coming back! And I knew that our old home was in a bad way……and representitive of what we were willing to accept and put up with. We decided upon the kind of new home we really wanted and needed, and just as our notice period expired, a lovely home came on the market……which, against a few odds, became ours!

I have a whole list of little ‘miracles’ that have come about in my life, periodically saving my bacon and keeping me afloat…….and whilst I am incredibly fascinated by the process, and genuinely grateful, it is the saving of bacon and being afloat that ultimately demands my attention. We get what we ask for in life, largely speaking. I am not talking about sudden, occasional, out of the blue disasters here……although we can’t explain why, unfortunately they do occur……I am talking about the pattern and progression of our everyday life. If I am responsible for directing my life, if the nature of my deep seated beliefs and subsequent attitude are playing a role in what I attract, repel and experience, I am also responsible for the quality, too. If being saved, and merely remaining afloat, is what I accept, then it is what I will experience. There will always, always be ‘circumstances’. Life is circumstantial, and everyone plays their role in creating circumstance, and everyone chooses how they respond to the circumstances they encounter.

A customer told me this week that she doesn’t want millions, because she would feel bad for those who don’t have anything. I used to think and feel that way. It dragged me down and restricted me for years, and although a little residue still remains, with recognition and effort I am much improved. I came to realise that most human beings have the same capacity of mind, and they get to choose how they use it, and what they believe to be true. Some have a head start, some have to work harder……it is what it is, but the fact remains that, for most of us, improvement and growth is always possible, regardless of the odds. And those human beings who genuinely don’t have the capacity to choose the way in which they are going to use their mind, and how they are going to approach life, rely upon those of us who do have the capacity to choose! Our own greater good expands outwards and feeds the collective greater good! 

It is the strength of the beliefs we posses, and the emotion behind the thoughts and words we regularly and consistently express, that leads to creativity. Negative beliefs tend to be easier to adopt, and are more highly charged than productive beliefs. The process of creativity and manifestation is neutral. We have as much ability to create wonderful things as we do to create painful things. It is just that we tend to get on a roll…….and once that ball is set in motion, we keep on kicking it toward one goal post or another. So let’s be aware, and do our best to avoid making own goals! And if we need help, we should seek it…….no man, or woman, is an island. 



A spiritual prediction about death…….but it’s not all gloom and doom!

The customer’s deceased mother told me that, soon, two people would lose their lives on the road, near to where I lived……and nothing could now be done to prevent it. Three days later, whilst taking the children to school, we found that the police had blocked the road off, due to a serious accident…….in which two men had died.

Now, there are two things I would like to explain here: firstly, when I say she ‘told’ me, I don’t mean that she was sitting there having a cuppa, as large as life. I work clairvoyantly, which means I ‘see’ those who are communicating, as if they are holograms. I also work clairsentiently, which means I ‘feel’ information. And more often than not, the communications come from within what feels like the centre of my head……like thoughts, rather than words. Sometimes there are words that I ‘hear’, rather than feel or just know (like the time I suddenly heard a pretty random sentence, whilst in the middle of a consultation: “Dior, smells like Estee Lauder”…..and the customer knew exactly what I was talking about!)

Secondly, deceased people do not generally give out scary warnings of death and doom……..and I believe the purpose of THAT prediction was to explain something, to make a point (neither of the men were known to myself or the customer, so it wasn’t personal to us). She communicated that nothing could now be done to prevent the incident……and that is the bit that interested me the most. It implies that, ahead of time, certain happenings become set, and that the ball is rolling towards an ineviteable conclusion. But not, I believe, because God or some other force has decreed it….but because it is clear that certain individuals are going to take particular actions, in a particular way, at a particular time, that will lead to a particular outcome……and if nothing is set that will intervene or interfere with the process, it will continue to its conclusion. What if she had given us the date and the time, names and addresses? Would anyone have listened, or would I have been seen as crazy, and ignored? Are ‘spirits’ capable of, or able to, deliver that kind of info? Is a medium capable of receiving such detail? These are questions to which I have no answer. I learned long ago that mediumship (communicating with non – physical beings) is not a consistent, absolute science. There are many ‘spiritual’ experts out there who appear to have all the answers……but ARE they answers, or opinions? People often want things neatly packaged, easy to understand and accept. They want to think that a non – physical existence is merely a continuation of everything they are already familiar with, right now, on planet Earth. But I feel, and I believe, that it is much, much bigger than that, though that’s just my opinion, based on my own experiences and personal interpretation. And some would say that the accident was a coincidence, and nothing to do with the prediction, and I would say “possibly…..who can say for sure? But I don’t think so….”.

And others say that ‘bad’ news shouldn’t be given during a consultation. I agree, to a point. Death is a part of life, but no – one wants to be told that they, or someone close, is going to face an untimely passing…..and I would not deliver that kind of info, generally speaking. However, elderly or very sick people are more likely to die, and if it is relevant, or connected to something bigger, than maybe it is okay to discuss it. And the purpose of an intuitive consultation is to gain insight and knowledge, to assist the customer as they manoevre their way through the forthcoming future……not to buoy up the hyper – anxious, by telling fairy stories. There ARE people who offer that service, and they can easily be found!

Interestingly enough, within a year of that accident, I made ‘contact’ with the passenger in that car three times, for different customers who had known him. In the end I came to recognise him! He told me that his mother was very bitter, and he wished she wouldn’t be…..and one customer confirmed that she had told the parents of the other young man who died, the driver, that she blamed their son for the death of her own. Grief affects people in different ways.

Anyway, I have decided to begin to promote ‘communication’ consultations again, but they have to be on my terms! There is a belief that there is one generic way of working, where intuitive/spiritual consultations are concerned……and that is absolutely not true. Each medium will have his/her own abilities and skills, perceptions and beliefs. I personally, being an ’emotional’ reader, feel the essence of the communicator, physically describe how they present themselves, and pass on any information that comes into the centre of my mind. Most of my work is about seeing and knowing. I generally do not ‘hear’, as in names (although one pretty smart young man once showed me a board, lit up with neon letters, that spelled out his name……amazing!), but most people are easily able to identify their loved ones. Most, not all. Once, whilst giving a public demonstration, I described an elderly lady to a man in the audience. He firmly shook his head, arms folded tight across his chest, stating that he had no idea who I was talking about. His sister raised her arm, and said “It’s our grandma”. I asked why she could identify her, but he couldn’t. She said it was because he hadn’t seen the old lady for years, before she passed.

One last thing: I have found that a person’s perception of death has a profound impact upon how they cope with bereavement, in the long term. Everyone desperately misses their deceased loved ones, forever. But those who view death as a ‘bad’ thing, as a place of darkness and loneliness, are more likely to experience feelings of guilt (unfounded) and bitterness, than those who don’t. I understand why those who make ‘life after death’ sound like a permanent street party in the sky, in which the deceased do nothing for eternity but float happily around, watching over us and sending their love, are so popular, and so much in demand. But I just know that there is way more to it all than that…….that there is a much bigger picture, a deeper, connected purpose to the process of existence, in all its parts…….and I am still working on figuring it out!

INTRODUCTORY OFFER! A spiritual communication consultation, delivered as an audio file via email, for £20 (listing price will be £40) – first 5 customers only!

I ask for:

the customer’s first name and age, AND the first name of the person/people the customer hopes to hear from, plus their relationship, as in mother, friend, granddad etc. I will not continue with the consultation if these details are not supplied, and will refund the payment! Occasionally customers think they should not have to provide that kind of info, seeing it as a ‘test’ as to what can be picked up. That is not how I approach my work, and those customers are free to go elsewhere!

Bad managers are NOT good for staff morale or business success!

Virtually everyone I know who is unhappy at work feels that the blame lies with the management. Today I spoke to a lady who had taken a week’s holiday, just to get away from work……and the fact that the manager was unwilling to deal with the lazy and inept staff, choosing instead to pile extra work onto the shoulders of those he knew WOULD work. It is an easier option, but one that will lead to a level of frustration and resentment that will cause hard workers to quit…..leaving behind those who are scraping by, and getting away with it.

Of course, no – one is saying that it is easy to be a leader, but in any business, dedication to excellence is paramount, for any degree of success. And if a manager is not being supported from a higher level, there is little hope. Large corporations can get away with a lot more than small businesses can…….and passion, vision and commitment to excellence are essential. And why would anyone want to run a business without those values being present, anyway?

We all mess up sometimes, and we all have bad days. And yes, some employees will moan and drag their heels, come hell or high water, and no, the customer is NOT always right. But some of the examples I have come across recently have really blown me away…….dreadful, defensive, lack – lustre and disorganised managerial practices, creating an environment of resentment and dis – harmony within the workplace, leading to a ‘why – should – I – bother?’ attitude amongst potentially great staff members. It is a downward spiral, and a real misery maker. And it is costing businesses thousands in lost revenue, and in lost potential. And I believe that it all comes down to a disinterest in excellence. 

I recently got into conflict with a hotel, over the state of the room occupied by family friends visiting from the States. They were young guys, and as I was assisting them on their visit, I felt duty bound to bring the hotel management’s attention to the mold growing at the top of the window and all over the bathroom ceiling, to the stained nets, the curtain that was hanging off the end of the rail, the shower that wasn’t draining properly (causing them to have to turn the shower on and off whilst using it), and the coffee cups that hadn’t been cleaned. I spoke to three people in total, including the owner, and got nowhere. Unrepentant, uncaring and dismissive. Wow…..and THAT is how you run a business? Well yes… long as you can get away with it. But who in their right mind WANTS to run a business that way? And how dedicated and committed are the staff employed within that business going to be, given the management’s attitude? It makes no sense whatsoever. It is a lose – lose situation.

If you are unlucky enough to find yourself working for someone who employs an inept, ineffectual manager, and who isn’t committed enough to be aware of what is going on, or worse, doesn’t care……I hope you find employment with someone who sees you as a valuable part of something worthy of love and effort. If you can say, with hand on heart, that you genuinely, honestly and truly give your best (and you know you don’t consistently slack, cut corners and/or take advantage), you deserve better. If an employer is only interested in the cream that can be scooped off the top, for personal use, whilst paying minimum wage, or if an employer doesn’t care enough to monitor an ineffective manager…….get the hell out of there as quickly as you can, before you become drained, disillusioned and de – motivated! And don’t start a business you won’t have an inch of love for, or connection to, because it is others who will suffer!

Last word: a bad manager spells big trouble for any business; a good manager is worth their weight in gold…..and then some! Treat them well and pay them what they are worth!


Who can benefit from an intuitive consultation? EVERYONE can!

Why do we need to seek out intuitive prediction and guidance? Billions of people have never done so, and still manage to live, grow old and die! Is it a silly, self-indulgent waste of time and money? Well…..I suppose it could be……but it depends upon who the consultant is!

What I love about my work……and what I always aim for…..are the results. But the results are usually not immediate, or instant. And it also depends upon how the consultation is used, over time. The bigger picture is what it is always about…….where could we be heading, what are some of the potentials and the pitfalls……what do we need to be aware of, to take on board? It’s all good stuff, grist for our mill, so to speak. The real purpose of an intuitive consultation is to gain insight and food for thought……information that can prove to be very useful ahead, IF remembered and used (I always record my consultations so that the client has a copy for ongoing consideration!). 

However, it has to be remembered that we ourselves will always be holding the reins, and that awareness and personal choice, followed by considered action, are our most powerful tools. Even the best intuitive consultation cannot replace personal responsibility and choice.

But there are potential pitfalls. We can be striving for something that just isn’t going to happen, or cannot come to pass, and if the consultant explains that fact, we can feel hurt, disappointed, angry even. All we can do is use our common sense, and allow time to pass, so that situations can show their fullness and reality. But what if the consultant is wrong, is talking rubbish……why should we listen to him or her? Well, if the consultant is established, with a proven track record, and a decent reputation, they probably have some degree of skill and accuracy. No – one can see everything or cover every base, but an experienced intuitive consultant can prove to be incredibly useful. And a neutral source of insight and guidance is often more productive than a source that is emotionally invested in us or our situation. Whether it is love, work, personal plans and goals, general relationships……how often do we get to gaze into the recesses of our own mind and heart…..into our deeper, emotional self, to explore some of the potentials and possibilities that are written on the face of time, awaiting our acceptance or our dismissal? How much unnecessary time and heartache could potentially be avoided, and how much could we grow…….all in return for a reasonable sum of money and an hour or so of our time?



It comes to my mind that the human race itself has one collective soul, a soul made up of each and every one of us, of those who have already been, and all those who are currently here. And it has a spirit, a spirit that has been built upon and fed by the spirit of every human being who has ever lived……and it will continue to be fed by those yet to come. The human race is one thread in the huge woven fabric of all existence……an existence that may be made up of many, many dimensions, many sides, and many faces.

The collective soul of the human race changes in line with the nature of its spirit…….as we, the individual shards of that collective soul, also do. The spirit is the relationship we build with life itself, and all its components. It can and does fluctuate……but there often comes a point in the life of a human, even allowing for fluctuations, at which our spirit is ‘set’. Some will be known as mean spirited…….others will be described as free spirits……others will be spiritually philosophical. Some will see and feel joy, even in the face of challenge and great hardship…….and that joy will be an expression of the spirit. Some will focus on what they feel is wrong, and always live as if they are waiting for everything to be ‘right’…..and that will be an expression of the spirit. We can, through awareness and deliberation, alter the nature of our own spirit…….if we deem it necessary.

The collective human soul has awareness, and it feels. It is affected by, and responds to, every thought, every feeling, every perception, every action that every single human being has ever created and experienced. It is a life force in its own right…….and it came into being with the very first breath taken by the very first human animal. It knows pain, sorrow, fear and grief. It knows joy, elation, celebration and triumph. It knows apathy, and it knows achievement, and it knows the miracle of considered, intelligent faith. It knows love, and it knows hate. And the human race continues to contribute to, and to take from, the spirit of our collective soul. We are as influenced by it, as it is by us. And because its energy is billions of times greater than the energy of each individual shard (us), when it has been led into a dark place, it will lead us into a dark place. When it has been led into a place of appreciation, or gratitude, or mass sharing, or mass creativity, it will lead us further along those pathways. It wants for us what we want, and it becomes who we become……only greater, and more potent. It doesn’t select or choose on our behalf. However, if we develop a conscious, deep and faithful relationship with it, that comes from our very core, even if no – one else on the planet knows about it, it responds in kind. It leads, it reveals, it informs, it places us…….and awaits our own response.

If we develop a hateful, vengeful, controlling and cruel relationship with the collective human soul, its spirit responds accordingly……from a place of darkness and misery. No good ever comes from that place…….any victories claimed by those whose spirit leads them to tap into the dark side of the collective soul will eventually crumble and leave nothing but poisonous dust behind. Not because of conscious punishment, meted out by a greater force……..but because of the nature of the energy of hatred. It might seem that it is easier to be unforgiving and cruel, than to be loving and open to joy……but a lot of negative time, energy and emotion is required to maintain the momentum of evil intentions towards other human beings. The ‘light’ flickers, and even becomes a mere spark, at certain times and in certain places on this planet……but it is never, ever completely extinguished. Because someone somewhere is always feeding the spirit of the collective human soul with something nourishing. One handful of light in the dark can be seen over great distances. One handful of dark in the light can only be seen when close up. However, it can be ‘felt’ many miles away, especially by particularly sensitive souls………and its power always lies in its ability to infiltrate the mind and the heart. A wounded body can be seen, and often healed. A wounded mind cannot always be seen, and healing can be difficult. We all need to be aware, to keep our own mind as clean as possible, and to avoid allowing the unclean in, even unwittingly…….for our own sake, and for the sake of the collective human soul…….which will, after all, be influencing all of those who are yet to come.   



What on earth does ‘self – belief’ really mean? What is ‘confidence’ about? These are things a lot of us believe we lack, but that other people have in abundance. This week I received an email from a distant (geographically speaking!) relative, and one of the things she spoke about was personalising and internalising the behaviour and attitude of those around us. Believing that we must somehow have upset or offended the person who was acting with attitude or dismissiveness, whilst we were in their company….even though many others were also present. And I could absolutely relate to her story…..and I bet zillions of others could, too. Logic tells us that everything isn’t ‘about us’. Emotion tells us that it is!

This week I ‘read’ for a lady whose lack of self – belief was palpable. It wasn’t obvious, not something she was outwardly projecting through her body language, facial expression or tone of voice. But still, as I tuned in to her energetic field, there it was, lurking like heavy, luke warm mist…….and with it came anxiety, a sense that she must always be on guard duty, always ready for what could go wrong. She confided that she was afraid of being happy. I disagreed…..I suggested she was afraid of having her happiness ‘taken away’ from her. Like when people say they are afraid of flying. They probably aren’t………..more likely they are afraid of plummeting to earth at a rapid rate of knots! And I don’t think she was being silly…….I am pretty sure many, many people can relate to her fear. As can many people relate to the kind of paranoia my relative described. Outer displays of confidence do not mean that the person in question is fearless……it just means that he or she has decided to push on regardless, and despite the inner agonies!

So, it seems that social paranoia and fear of losing what is precious to us is normal. But also, we are ALL confident in areas of life that are familiar to us……so it isn’t that we ever completely lack confidence. We just wobble over things that are not so familiar…….until we push on to the point that they BECOME familiar!  And as for self – belief……well, I think it begins with belief in SOMETHING…..a skill, a standard, a value, an activity, a goal. If we believe in what we are doing, self – belief tends to follow on. If we don’t believe in what we are doing, we feel miserable, and as if we are wasting time and energy…..and life.

But always we must identify the real issue. The lady I read for gained valuable insight into her own deeper, unconscious thinking, affording her the opportunity to acknowledge the real issue, and to begin the healing process. Happiness avoidance is not the answer, because her actual issue is fear of loss, of not being worthy……and that is where the healing is required. I asked her to consider the times in the past she had faced great, uncomfortable change…..times that represented loss of the old ways. And then I asked her if she had died, as a result, or whether anyone she loved had been abducted by aliens, or imprisoned. The answer was no. I also asked her if she had manouvered her way through it all, and if she was still living, breathing and functioning. And of course the answer was yes. So basically, she is doing great, and heading in a productive direction! It is so easy to imagine that everyone else on the planet has it sussed, and that we are the odd ones out. I can tell you…..I have given consultations to ‘ordinary’ folks like myself, and also to well known names……..and there is little difference, emotionally speaking!