Who can benefit from an intuitive consultation? EVERYONE can!

Why do we need to seek out intuitive prediction and guidance? Billions of people have never done so, and still manage to live, grow old and die! Is it a silly, self-indulgent waste of time and money? Well…..I suppose it could be……but it depends upon who the consultant is!

What I love about my work……and what I always aim for…..are the results. But the results are usually not immediate, or instant. And it also depends upon how the consultation is used, over time. The bigger picture is what it is always about…….where could we be heading, what are some of the potentials and the pitfalls……what do we need to be aware of, to take on board? It’s all good stuff, grist for our mill, so to speak. The real purpose of an intuitive consultation is to gain insight and food for thought……information that can prove to be very useful ahead, IF remembered and used (I always record my consultations so that the client has a copy for ongoing consideration!). 

However, it has to be remembered that we ourselves will always be holding the reins, and that awareness and personal choice, followed by considered action, are our most powerful tools. Even the best intuitive consultation cannot replace personal responsibility and choice.

But there are potential pitfalls. We can be striving for something that just isn’t going to happen, or cannot come to pass, and if the consultant explains that fact, we can feel hurt, disappointed, angry even. All we can do is use our common sense, and allow time to pass, so that situations can show their fullness and reality. But what if the consultant is wrong, is talking rubbish……why should we listen to him or her? Well, if the consultant is established, with a proven track record, and a decent reputation, they probably have some degree of skill and accuracy. No – one can see everything or cover every base, but an experienced intuitive consultant can prove to be incredibly useful. And a neutral source of insight and guidance is often more productive than a source that is emotionally invested in us or our situation. Whether it is love, work, personal plans and goals, general relationships……how often do we get to gaze into the recesses of our own mind and heart…..into our deeper, emotional self, to explore some of the potentials and possibilities that are written on the face of time, awaiting our acceptance or our dismissal? How much unnecessary time and heartache could potentially be avoided, and how much could we grow…….all in return for a reasonable sum of money and an hour or so of our time?



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