I am very, very rarely asked for a refund. And I do not give them. Once the consultation has been recorded and sent, I will have delivered the best service I am able to, and comprehensively. I make it completely clear, on the recording, that the recipient is unlikely to understand or to accept all aspects of the consultation immediately, and that it is important to keep a copy of the recording safe, for ongoing consideration. Twenty two years and over 30,000 consultations have allowed me to assess how my work pans out, and where my strengths lie, which is why I speak with confidence. I am not God, I cannot see every single aspect of a client’s life……but generally speaking it works very well! The client is paying for my time, mental and emotional energy, and to hear what I personally see and feel, as I ‘tune in’ to them and any questions they have asked. Largely speaking, any objections are usually connected to certain predictions…….and that is where the danger is ALWAYS going to lie, logically speaking!

Intuitive work is always going to attract a percentage of people who are in a confused or anxious state, and/or who have a pre – set idea of what it is they feel they need to hear. Sometimes what they feel they need to hear is not going to come about……but other good stuff definitely CAN, and I always describe the various pathways that lie ahead, and advise accordingly. Sometimes we are not in a place in which we care to listen, and sometimes unscrupulous ‘readers’ give false hope, tapping in to what the client wants to hear. And sometimes we are not willing to let go of something, just yet. No – one can do anything about that…..there is no answer, other than the passing of time.

My work is not casual. I approach it seriously and sincerely. I have an approach with which I am completely happy, and which I will continue to use. I assess my own self, and my work, consistently, and if I feel that changes are required, I make them. I have had two requests for refunds within the last two months…..and before that it has been years. The reason I have received two, over the last 2 months, is that my business horizons are expanding, and life is a numbers game. My testimonials have increased, and statistically I am bound to also attract more criticism. Generally speaking, unhappy clients are rejecting certain predictions……things that have not yet unfolded or shown their true colours. Occasionally they don’t like my approach, finding me too direct in manner (ironically it is just that that keeps certain clients returning, year after year!). We cannot please everyone, and we must develop and define the service we are offering and our own personal style. Constructive criticism is worthy of consideration, but we cannot be affected by every negative reaction, every huff and puff, or every ‘helpful’ diatribe! I have added a ‘no refunds’ policy to my consultations page, just to be clear and upfront! 



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