Bad managers are NOT good for staff morale or business success!

Virtually everyone I know who is unhappy at work feels that the blame lies with the management. Today I spoke to a lady who had taken a week’s holiday, just to get away from work……and the fact that the manager was unwilling to deal with the lazy and inept staff, choosing instead to pile extra work onto the shoulders of those he knew WOULD work. It is an easier option, but one that will lead to a level of frustration and resentment that will cause hard workers to quit…..leaving behind those who are scraping by, and getting away with it.

Of course, no – one is saying that it is easy to be a leader, but in any business, dedication to excellence is paramount, for any degree of success. And if a manager is not being supported from a higher level, there is little hope. Large corporations can get away with a lot more than small businesses can…….and passion, vision and commitment to excellence are essential. And why would anyone want to run a business without those values being present, anyway?

We all mess up sometimes, and we all have bad days. And yes, some employees will moan and drag their heels, come hell or high water, and no, the customer is NOT always right. But some of the examples I have come across recently have really blown me away…….dreadful, defensive, lack – lustre and disorganised managerial practices, creating an environment of resentment and dis – harmony within the workplace, leading to a ‘why – should – I – bother?’ attitude amongst potentially great staff members. It is a downward spiral, and a real misery maker. And it is costing businesses thousands in lost revenue, and in lost potential. And I believe that it all comes down to a disinterest in excellence. 

I recently got into conflict with a hotel, over the state of the room occupied by family friends visiting from the States. They were young guys, and as I was assisting them on their visit, I felt duty bound to bring the hotel management’s attention to the mold growing at the top of the window and all over the bathroom ceiling, to the stained nets, the curtain that was hanging off the end of the rail, the shower that wasn’t draining properly (causing them to have to turn the shower on and off whilst using it), and the coffee cups that hadn’t been cleaned. I spoke to three people in total, including the owner, and got nowhere. Unrepentant, uncaring and dismissive. Wow…..and THAT is how you run a business? Well yes… long as you can get away with it. But who in their right mind WANTS to run a business that way? And how dedicated and committed are the staff employed within that business going to be, given the management’s attitude? It makes no sense whatsoever. It is a lose – lose situation.

If you are unlucky enough to find yourself working for someone who employs an inept, ineffectual manager, and who isn’t committed enough to be aware of what is going on, or worse, doesn’t care……I hope you find employment with someone who sees you as a valuable part of something worthy of love and effort. If you can say, with hand on heart, that you genuinely, honestly and truly give your best (and you know you don’t consistently slack, cut corners and/or take advantage), you deserve better. If an employer is only interested in the cream that can be scooped off the top, for personal use, whilst paying minimum wage, or if an employer doesn’t care enough to monitor an ineffective manager…….get the hell out of there as quickly as you can, before you become drained, disillusioned and de – motivated! And don’t start a business you won’t have an inch of love for, or connection to, because it is others who will suffer!

Last word: a bad manager spells big trouble for any business; a good manager is worth their weight in gold…..and then some! Treat them well and pay them what they are worth!



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