Don’t let your dreams DIE…..big or little, give them LIFE! I believe in you……

Yesterday I was talking with a good friend, and I said that if you ask anyone what they want, the usual response is “I just want to be happy”. She asked me what it is I want, and I said “To be able to buy a gorgeous new motorbike for myself, a fantastic trike for Dave, to pay off every penny I owe, to repay the kindness that has been shown to me by certain others over the years, to be a great personal development coach OUT THERE, and for my words to interest, entertain, inform and assist millions of others, all over the planet.” I didn’t need to think about it…….but I DO need to take consistent, definite, specific action!

As it stands right now, I appear to be a million miles away from the achievement of my goals. But I cannot even consider growing old(er!) without having given it all my absolute best shot. It’s scary, to be honest. I am scared of NOT achieving, so disproving my own hard-worked for beliefs! I am scared OF achieving, especially the personal – development – coach – out – there thing. I have no fear of public speaking, but there are so many others, already established, who are highly polished and much loved…….does the world really need another? Well, the answer has to be yes. There has to be something that only I can deliver, in my own unique way…….maybe not a completely new, unheard of philosophy…….but an old one with a new slant!  And I say I am a million miles away, but how do I really know? That break – through may now be just inches away, just beyond the wall I feel in front of me. I have no way of knowing, and so I have to keep pushing on……..hacking and digging away! It may be inches, feet or still miles away……but if I drop my dreams, and settle for what is easy, or if I give up and resign myself to living in the ‘real’ world, how will I live with myself? Not comfortably, I can tell you. I am not comfortable now, to be honest. It’s hard work. But, if I am going to live my life uncomfortably, I might as well make it count for something!

Define your dreams and don’t allow them to terrify you! And don’t have dreams that will never see the light of day ‘because, because, because’. Look at all that other human beings have already achieved, often against great odds. Everything we see and use, that is man-made, started as a thought in someone’s mind, slipped into the heart zone, turned into a dream, and was pushed, shaped and formed into a physical reality. Everything. All the stuff we celebrate, and all the stuff we take for granted. Your dreams don’t need to be huge, they don’t need to change the world in one fell swoop……..but they need to be meaningful to you, and they need to create a sense of urgency within you!  They need to make sense to you.

These are the tools I am using:

My own mind. Visualisation and affirmations and chants…….with BIG energy behind them! It is my brain I am working to convince and reprogramme……..and I have to grab its attention, not bore it to death! It isn’t easy. Our mind always wants to wander back to its old familiar state, even if that state is negative and discouraging……..which is why we need to actively change it!

Technology. Badly, but I am using it…..and learning. There is no bigger way to reach other human beings, all over the planet. Social networking sites, YouTube, email shots, and of course, this website. I am way behind so many others……but maybe ahead of some, too!

Networking. Other people genuinely DO want to help us, and they can refer us to friends, share our statuses on social networking sites, and offer suggestions and ideas. All gratefully accepted!

Public demonstrations and seminars. These are not actually currently happening, and are only in the planning stages, but are a completely necessary step! I have, over the years, given literally hundreds of intuitive stage shows, and featured on radio, but I am looking at developing something different now.

And on top of all this I have to manage my everyday life, and earn a living……as does everyone else who is out there making it happen! Are YOU in, or are you out?



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