#5predictionsforLewisHamilton…..and thoughts on NicoRosberg!

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg ‘feel’ like chalk and cheese, energetically speaking! Being a keen Formula 1 fan (though by no means an expert), I am, like many, sitting on the edge of my seat, chewing my nails, and furiously jiggling my foot, as another race date approaches. I actually don’t want to know who will win……but at the same time the not knowing is agony. “If Lewis has no further reliability issues, and has no more poor starts, and if he wins 4 out of the next 5 races, and if Nico makes a mistake, or doesn’t finish a race………if, if, if….” 

Anyway, I was lying in bed last night “tuning in” to both drivers (hey, who gets to sleep with two young F1 gladiators at the same time?), and was surprised by the difference. Okay, we know that Lewis is more obviously emotional, and that Nico is more measured in approach, but still I was surprised by just HOW different they felt to me, energetically speaking.

Lewis is more likely to be talking to God (as we know), and certain loved ones who have passed, about his hopes and dreams, and what currently lies ahead of him. His reasons for wanting to win are very different to Nico’s, and this year is one that will give him a great deal of food for thought……especially about his own longer term plans. He will be making some decisions, privately, and is likely to enter a period of soul – searching…..it is his time to do so, the beginning of the next phase of his life. People say he is arrogant, and yes, it can appear that way…..but I feel that sometimes what is deemed to be arrogance is actually defensiveness. Only the people who know him really well understand what some of his behaviour means. No – one can criticise Lewis more than he criticises himself, within his mind and behind closed doors. He can’t stand feeling trapped, or forced to waste time, and doesn’t have the desire to pretend otherwise. Maybe he doesn’t even have the capacity to pretend otherwise……..maybe he just isn’t wired that way! 

Anyway, here are 5 predictions relating to Lewis…..nothing earth shattering, but kind of interesting!

1) I can see that he is likely to be agreeing to something big, or signing a contract for something, before the end of next year or thereabouts…….probably a personal project. His plans this coming year are going to have their roots in a much bigger picture, and by the end of 2018 one phase of his life will be closing, or at least making way for the next.

2) He is likely to make an announcement that will really surprise people, but a bit further on down the line….maybe even up to 24 months. There will be some talk about it in advance, but no – one will really be able to accurately guess! 

3) Someone he will be associating with is going to unexpectedly declare bankruptcy or to admit to being pretty broke…….someone generally seen as successful and well – off.

4) There are likely to be connections to a new clothing line……and a woman will be of great help to him where this is concerned.

5) There will be a lot of talk about his love life, with mixed and confusing reports. I actually see a link with two women, ahead, but one may be a bit of a smoke screen! I see him being connected to a woman who will either be older than him, or deemed to be a surprising choice!

Nico kind of feels more……well, brittle might be a good word. He really, really wants the world championship, but not just for himself……he wants it for his loved ones, and for his pride, and I don’t feel he can be under – estimated. If Lewis feels warm and fiery, Nico feels cool and highly measured…….and tense, as if coiled to spring, despite the relaxed way he communicates with the media. He believes he can do it……..and yet his confidence is still fragile. He has the measure of Lewis, has looked at him from every single angle, and although he respects him, he doesn’t believe Lewis deserves to win the championship this year. It is as if he is thinking “You’ve had it your own way for way too long…..and you’ve gotten by on your charm and your reputation for way too long, as well!” Nico may appear to be calm and philosophical, but he will definitely fight this to the bitter end. 

However, Nico has the capacity to make a mistake or a miscalculation that can completely alter the game, and Lewis has the capacity to over – estimate something…….make a decision or behave in a way that will cause him to kick himself big -style, in hindsight! Oh, and another team are going to be making a play for Nico, probably within the next 12 months. I would be surprised if he takes the offer, but it may be put on the back – burner. I know there are contracts in place, but still…….he is likely to be starting to consider his position, even if my timing is a little out. He will definitely be thinking ahead, with a plan B in place. And I reckon that the Mexican Grand Prix will either be a game changer, OR it will set and seal the outcome of the championship race…..either way, after that race, things will seem to be different!



One thought on “#5predictionsforLewisHamilton…..and thoughts on NicoRosberg!

  1. Allyn

    Wow Leanne, this is wonderful. Lewis definitely feels more fluid and I have to say I always thought he had arrogance, but your insight has changed this opinion for me. He talks about god a lot but your reading tells me this is truly part of him. How you can be arrogant when you turn to something other than yourself for your strength?

    Love the read on Nico as well, I must admit I have always doubted his resolve but now I can see that its not his lack of confidence that is his o=undoing, but how much he relies on himself for his strength. If turning to god and his mentors makes Lewis not arrogant, then this quality in Nico shows that he is the more arrogant of the pair!

    I guess if Nico is looking at a new contract in the next 12 months its because he once again misses out on the championship! LEWIS FOR THE WIN!!!



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