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Christmas is all about people, experiences and memories….oh, and plasticine!

The smell of plasticine  reminds me of Christmas. As a child, every year I received one of those flat packages containing colourful strips of bendy, pliable happiness that, rolled and warmed between the palms of the hands, became a dog, a house, a snake, a man, a necklace……all wonky, but definitely wonderful. And then they’d all end up rolled into one big rainbow streaked ball, ready to be reincarnated into……a dog, a house, a snake, a man, a necklace!


I have a plasticine scented memory of myself, sitting on the hall floor outside my sleeping mother’s bedroom door, playing with a little metal garage and a handful of plastic cars (I was definitely a tom – boy), blissfully turning a lever on the side that caused a lift, containing a tiny, driverless truck, to rise to giddy heights (about 2 inches). I am pretty sure my bare feet were freezing (early 1960’s council houses were heated by one coal fire!), but the image in my mind suggests I was absorbed and oblivious. 


Fast forward, and it is Christmas Eve, and I am laying out presents for my own children. Being hard – up for money, some of the toys were second – hand, just as I had received, as a child……but it was never a problem! I looked on, at the new – to – us arranged collection of Barbie dolls and her luxurious accessories, and experienced a twinge of envy. Despite being a tom – boy, I had ALWAYS wanted a Barbie, or a Cindy, or even a Tressy (her hair grows), but the nearest I ever got was a cheap plastic version from the market, that came with 3 heads; one blonde, one black, one brunette (Mary Cafferky’s brother mocked me, gleefully informing me that I didn’t have the ‘proper’ one). I think the yearning had more to do with belonging. You could join the ‘in’ girls on the steps, at playtime, if you were in possession of the right, authentic doll, PLUS an extensive wardrobe of glitzy outfits. I never made it, but maybe my own daughter COULD. Thankfully, as it turned out, she didn’t want to. On Christmas morning she looked upon her Barbie booty with mild interest, and got on with her life.


The following year I purchased one Baby All Gone. ONE. For my eldest daughter. My youngest daughter, still only a toddler, wanted Baby All Gone with every ounce of her being, and a tug – 0f – war ensued. I was devastated. “I have ruined Christmas!” I wailed, as they fought tooth and nail over the smug, rubbery monster that ate all of her plastic food (hence the name Baby All Gone). By boxing day Baby was relegated, by both daughters, to the living room floor, in favour of other toys and cartoons on TV. I was a good mother, once again.


And let us not forget the desperate battle to find Cluedo, on Christmas eve, in Bangor. I was hot, sweaty, tired and ready to cause a riot. I made phone calls. I even asked a relative if I could borrow hers, until I could replace it. She wasn’t keen. And then a saint of a person told me where I could lay my shaking hands on one. Hallelujah! Christmas was saved. The first time we played it, competitive daughter peed off non – competitive daughter, and it ended in a row. I never even LIKED Cluedo, to be honest, and I can’t remember who it was who thought that Christmas couldn’t possibly go ahead without the wretched thing.


AND there was the year I bought a huge remote controlled helicopter for Dave, off the internet, something he had really, really wanted (yes, in his 40’s). Delivery was uncertain, so I was impatiently chomping at my nails, fingers firmly crossed……and it arrived on Christmas eve. Yay! On Christmas morning he was thrilled, as he tore off the wrapping……only to take it into the kitchen, too impatient to wait until he could fly it outside, and crashed it into the table. Like the turkey, her was gutted.


Isn’t Christmas wonderful? All the stories it provides, the memories, the laughs? The stress, panic, anxiety and exhaustion are all forgotten (until next year at least), but the human stuff isn’t. Presents are secondary to the experiences…..I bet each and every one of us could write a book about our Christmases, and they’d all be howlers! We STILL put the cards out that the children made at school, 20 years ago. They STILL have the same Christmas stockings they have had for years. We STILL hang the decorations they made in class, using glitter and paint and drinking straws, on the tree, though they are becoming pretty tatty by now! THIS is Christmas. I used to yearn for those TV Christmases……rosy cheeked people showing up, bearing ribbon be – decked gifts, for mince pies and mulled wine. Being invited to BE the rosy cheeked guest, complete with cosy hat, scarf and mitts, shaking off the snowflakes, and warming my hands in front of the roaring hearth fire. It is just a fantasy, and to be honest, I’d rather be tucked up at home, over – full, a little drunk, fairly skint, and free to flop out, with those I love who are also over – full, drunk and skint. THAT is our version of Christmas, warts and all! #Christmasmemories.  




The working mother – 8 little facts!

1) The working mother’s most familiar emotion is guilt. Not that she IS guilty…..but still, that insistent, nagging discomfort never quite subsides. And of course she becomes sensitive to hints and suggestions from certain quarters…..the occasional supercilious full – time ‘homemaker’, or older family members….that she is putting herself first. She is being selfish.


2) The working mother either HAS to work, for financial reasons, or she needs the stimulation and challenge that a career can offer. Or both. Dr Phil says “A racehorse has to run.” As a Sagittarian (half woman – half horse) I can relate to that!

3) The working mother has two jobs. The one outside her home, and the one within it. Research suggests that lower-income men are actually mucking in more than higher income men, where household duties are concerned (I read it on the internet, it must be true!), BUT women are still doing the lion’s share, generally speaking.


4) The working mother has developed a set of skills worthy of mention on any CV. Thinking on her feet. The ability to be flexible. The capacity to nurture AND tackle a whole range of practical tasks. Thinking ahead. Being resourceful. Being imaginative. Staying awake when so exhausted she just wants to drop and flop. Making time stretch (eating and shopping on the run)…..ohh, and a million others.

5) The working mother is sometimes secretly envious of those single women who are heading home to a nice hot shower, feet up on the couch with a take – away, watching the soaps…..undisturbed. Or are meeting up with the girls for after – work drinks. Or are off for a week – end of long lie – ins and shopping. And she sometimes feel that those without kids shouldn’t be allowed to take time off at Christmas or Easter (these are, after all, family times!)……but she won’t admit it, and she knows she chose her life – style and wouldn’t really change it for any number of exciting social engagements or lazy days!


6) The working mother is familiar with stress: what if a child is ill and there is no – one available to babysit? What if she can’t get time off to attend school sports day? Will she be allowed to take her annual leave during the school holidays? How can she compete at work with the single women who don’t have to concern themselves with such stuff? Or with the men?

7) The working mother can, through example, demonstrate something to her children, about ambition, and self – development, and striving……if the message she transmits is not largely one of stress and self – sacrifice. She can teach the value of resilience, determination, flexibility, commitment and hopefulness…….working for something bigger and better, whilst contributing and growing.


8) The working mother has to go the extra distance. She is responsible for so much more than others are, often including her partner. She is the central pivot within the family unit, and despite the tough times, the tiredness, the restrictions, and the never – ending ‘to do’ list, the rewards make everything worth it! And as the night – time silence descends, the tousled heads sleepily nestled into their pillows, she flops down with a glass of wine or a bowl of ice cream, breathes a sigh of pleasure and relief, and murmers: “Ahh, I did okay today. You know, it really IS all worth it!”#workingmothers.





9 facts about The POWERFUL woman – how she thinks and what she does.

The powerful woman can be found anywhere on the planet. She may be in Bangladesh, Bahrain, Bermuda or Birmingham. She has become powerful because of the way in which she has processed her life experiences, the perception she has developed, and the approach she has adopted. She may or may not live in comfort and luxury…..wealth and poverty are not absolute indicators of the presence of personal power. 


1) The powerful woman does not want to be the same as a man……she wants to be seen and treated as an equal…..different but equal. She has strong feelings, but she doesn’t angrily rant and rave at the world about women’s rights, or claim to be member of the ‘superior’ sex. She maintains her stance, and she holds her head high. She uses her time and energy productively, making her actions express her truth far more authentically than loud words ever could. She may play a role in the liberation of repressed and abused women, or she may be involved in business, or in family and the local community. There are many, many ways to support, encourage and inspire other women and girls.


2) The powerful woman never says “The problem with me is that I always put other people first.” She understands that she is making a conscious choice to go the extra distance, on behalf of those she cares about. Putting others first is not a problem to her, even in the face of exhaustion, because she also allows herself some leeway when she needs to. She recognises that powerful women are more programmed to come up with ideas, to be flexible,  to negotiate, to juggle plates, to switch to plan B at the drop of a hat…….and to be firm when necessary! She isn’t a doormat for others’ feet. She chooses to organise and nurture, because it feels natural and right to her. And sometimes she gets mad, sometimes she lets rip…….but she gets it off her chest and re – groups! When a powerful woman rises up, those around her tend to think “Oh – oh……we might just have pushed her a little too far this time!” 


3) The powerful woman does not join in with those who talk about ‘girl power’. She isn’t a girl, regardless of her age. And she knows that female empowerment has been a work in progress for centuries, and that she is standing on the shoulders of the millions of determined women who have gone before. And on the shoulders of the men who were supportive of those women, and their right to equality and fairness. And she knows that other women will ultimately be standing on her shoulders, and those of her daughters.

4) The powerful woman isn’t afraid to fail. She doesn’t relish it, obviously, but she doesn’t allow it to keep her locked into the same old space, the same old routine, the same old outlook and behaviour. She is willing to accept that she made decisions that weren’t the best, or that something just didn’t work out, lick her wounds and start again. Because she knows that wisdom can only come through experience. She understands that she can only know what she knows until she knows something else. She accepts that although failure is a painful but vital step towards success, she also comes to recognise and side – step unnecessary struggle. She uses her wisdom.


5) The powerful woman is passionate, enthusiastic and appreciative. She retains a sense of awe and wonder, and she always has hope, even in the face of hopelessness. She knows that intensity is a killer of joy, and a blocker of the flow of emotional and creative energy. She laughs and she cries. She recognises that there are many, many things still not working properly or fairly on planet Earth, and she grieves….but she doesn’t become immobilised. She finds ways to add something of value, to enhance life, rather than contribute negatively.

6) The powerful woman is not afraid to face the dark…..but she is very selective about what she feeds her mind with. She knows that life on Earth is not perfect for so many human beings, and that there are certain things that just have to be accepted right now. However, she does not taint her inner world unnecessarily by filling it with the negative outpourings of the modern world: TV programmes with aggressive and violent story lines, grim ‘real life’ publications, documentaries about those who see themselves as victims of life and who crave their 15 minutes of fame (genuine victims tend to display dignity and humility, and as a result are often over – shadowed by the self – entitlement vultures). She is compassionate, but believes that self – development is the answer to many of the woes experienced by others.


7) The powerful woman may have been subjected to dreadful experiences, or she may have struggled with everyday frustrations and disappointments. But she looks towards the future far more than she looks back. She has her mental and emotional bruising, but she refuses to be held prisoner by the past. She will not allow the memories and the hurt feelings to turn into resentment and bitterness. She doesn’t forget, she may not entirely forgive (who truly does?), and she doesn’t repress, verbally claiming to have dealt with the past, whilst living as if she hasn’t. She recognises that that was then, and this is now. She vows that if she is going to experience hardship and struggle, she is going to get something out of it……she is going to come out the other side of the storm with something she can use for her own greater good. Otherwise it is all just  a waste of time, energy and emotion.

8) The powerful woman recognises the difference between love and something that is supposed to be love, but is really need, dependency and fear of rejection. Even if it takes time. Even if she puts herself through emotional pain again and again, until she develops herself beyond it. And she doesn’t have higher expectations of other people, including partners, than she does of herself. She takes responsibility for her own feelings and choices, and although she can love with every ounce of her being, she doesn’t live for someone else, be it a child, partner or parent. She knows that that is too much responsibility to place on another’s heart and mind. She lives for herself, which enables her to give even more to those she loves, to encourage them too to live for themselves.


9) The powerful woman is a work on progress. She is powerful BECAUSE she is willing to be a work in progress, from her first breath to her last breath. The powerful woman is not perfect, is not a self – sacrificial saint……..she is sexier than that, regardless of appearance! Her attitude, her energy, her passion, her humour, her determination, her humility, her dignity, her bravery, her individualism, her big heart, her strong arms……these are what make her sexy……and POWERFUL!#powerfulwomen.






Our deceased loved ones…how they communicate and what they want!

Just because people die does not mean they have finished living and growing! I don’t know for sure WHAT individuals are up to, beyond this physical experience, but I do know that it is something!


I do not consider myself to be the greatest medium in the world, but I have been involved in some pretty amazing connections. I am not able to deliver names and addresses, but I do ‘see’ the person with whom I am connecting (clairvoyance), and I ‘feel’, as in emotions and sensations. I still smile when I think of the guy who had died, who plonked a bottle of merlot down in front of my customer (of course she couldn’t see him!), and she said that he’d always bought her her favourite red wine! A very small, non – life changing thing, but REAL!

I always ask the customer who they are hoping to connect with, as in Mum, Dad, Grandma, husband, child etc, so that I can make what I call a ‘cosmic phone call’, and ask for them! I will also tend to pick up links with others, too, along the way, but I like to start with something definite. There are some who may see this as ‘cheating’, as in “you’re supposed to be able to pick up on WHO I want to pick up on!”, but I have no time for game playing and testing, only results. It is the way I work, and if it isn’t what the customer wants then they need to go elsewhere!


I don’t see deceased people 24 hours a day, because after 23 years it has become a job to me, and no – one is doing their job every second of every day! However, I do often see the odd person here or there, outside a house, in the woods, or walking along the road. I just notice them and we both get on with whatever we are doing!

A deceased man recently communicated that there is always a happy ending. I queried about those souls who seem to become ‘stuck’, and he said that they always have the capacity to move on, that they are not stuck without hope. Becoming stuck is not something that happens to all souls of course…..but sometimes an individual is a very troubled one, and may resist moving on from the life experience, temporarily.  

People who have passed want their loved ones to live, to thrive and be happy. They know that those who remain behind are sad, but in my experience they always want to explain that they themselves still exist, still have capacity for conscious thought, and are still aware. There is a limit to what any medium can pick up on, and not all mediums work in the same way. And it is unreasonable of anyone who has not developed their mediumistic abilities to harshly judge someone who has! It is what it is. We may make a great connection, or a hazy connection. We are, after all, communicating between a physical and a non – physical dimension, with ‘dead’ people…..that in itself is mind – blowing!


And the ability to predict situations and circumstances that actually come about is also an amazing idea! Sometimes people who have passed offer predictions, or make comments about stuff that only later on becomes apparent. If there is a disagreement between customer and the deceased, I always go with the communicator, because they are always right! Having said that, when we are no longer in our physical experience, we don’t become all – knowing, and we cannot influence the course of another’s destiny. However, I do know that the deceased often ‘guide’ a loved one in a particular direction, for their own good! I remember an occasion when, whilst driving in the car, an elderly man appeared in the passenger seat, and later that day I saw him again, when he showed up to communicate with his son, who had booked in for a consultation! In fact, that has happened several times, now I think about it.

I am NOT principally a medium. It is not the only service I offer. I have an excellent track record for accurate long – term prediction and productive life – guidance. I am keen to encourage customers to live well……to develop their inner and outer world, to face their blocks and fears, to use intuitive services to assist them as they live and grow (not as an emotional painkiller or a crutch)… they can die well! Nothing is ever wasted in this life, and we take with us all we have learned, all we have become, all of our development…..and we can continue to use it and build upon it!


I have added a spiritual communication consultation to my list, again, because this is the time of year at which our thoughts turn even more to those we love who have passed. They ‘feel’ our thoughts about them, they pick up our transmissions, and they know when we are thinking about them, and talking about them. Remember that they operate at a different vibrational level now, and communication is made mind to mind and heart to heart, not intellectually and verbally! And also remember that life on Earth is actually incredibly short, in cosmic and spiritual terms……they may have nipped off a bit earlier than the rest of us, but we’ll all be going one day, so it isn’t as if you will never be with one another again!#lifeafterdeath  




Mousse, digestives and orange Revels…being fat has nothing to do with food!

Twelve years ago I lost 4 stone in weight, within a very short period of time. Those who only saw me occasionally were quite shocked, and a number of women asked me how I did it. Me being me, I was eager to explain, evangelical in my approach, convinced I could help them through my own experience. Big mistake. One woman listened to my story, then responded with a complacent smile. “Oh yes but at our age we need a bit of extra weight, don’t we?” No, I don’t think we do NEED it. Why would we NEED it?

However, she was entitled to her opinion, and we went pleasantly about our individual business. It was the angry women who convinced me that the answer to the question: “How did you lose 4 stone?” needed to be “I took a little green pill and it all dropped off. However, I am just lucky, and YOU won’t ever have access to that little green pill, so just put it out of your mind and continue with your life.”


Having been almost lynched on more than one occasion, after explaining how much effort I had put in, and how much self – discipline had been required (by someone who had just smilingly requested my ‘secret’), I became very wary, and a bit cross. Having heard, once too often, “I CAN’T lose weight! I hardly a eat a thing……I can’t possibly cut down any further! I have told my doctor – who is NOT listening – that I CAN’T lose weight!!”, hissed through gritted teeth,  I stormed “Don’t bloody ask me if you don’t want to hear the answer!”, within the safety of my own mind. Following one such episode (at the swimming baths), the lady in question was soon tucking into a big portion of chips and cheese, in the café……silently warning me with her eyes. Believe me, I had no intention of going there…..I’d rather have tackled a rabid dog than enter into that minefield.

Now, since then I have largely maintained my weight. However, within the last year, I have put on 20lbs of flab……..and these are my ‘reasons’. Life has been difficult. There have been a number of challenges, including the fact that my partner had a fall which left him immobilized for the entire summer, and will keep him from walking properly for another few months. As a result, finances became a problem, and I have been doing all I can to increase my own earnings, to cover the shortfall. Being self – employed, it has been difficult and stressful, though I have managed to keep us going. However, there were no bike rides, no week – end rallies, no spare cash for anything other than basics. And we moved house (landlady was selling up). My life became busier and busier. Not only was I having to keep pulling the business in, I had to do all of the things he would normally do, as well as ferrying a couple of family members around, whose circumstances had changed. And of course my work is mentally and emotionally demanding, so I have been, and still am, exhausted. But why should all of that mean I pile on the pounds? It doesn’t really, BUT I have been comfort eating. Simple as that. I have put on the weight because I have been eating too much of the wrong kind of food, too often. End of. 


Okay, I am on my feet a lot, and I have sturdy little legs. But all of the blubber has gone onto my midriff and my face. I have a small frame, and my natural build is athletic, rather than curvy. I think curvy women look great…..and I am not impressed by super – skinny. It is just that I, with my shape and build, look like a telly – tubby when carrying extra weight, and I am really not satisfied with the situation. And yet I have lost my mo – jo. That point at which I say “Right….that’s it, let’s get this weight thing sorted out now.” I have always been able to rely on my mo – jo in the past, always been able to nip any notable weight increase in the bud. I have managed my weight without much drama. But here I am waiting for that blessed moment when I feel the return of said, magical mo – jo…….and it seems to be taking its time, this time.

And that is because I need to change my attitude. There are people on the planet who have health issues that genuinely affect their weight, but many of us do not fall into that category. I have seen Secret Eaters, the tv programme in which chubby families call in the experts, swearing they barely eat enough to stay alive, are spied upon by private detectives and secretly filmed, only to have to admit to the fact they are putting it away with gusto. At least I am not in that kind of denial (although I do admit to eating certain things when no – one else is around, because I know I am being greedy). But it isn’t about food, is it? It is about tiredness, disappointment, boredom, the need for comfort…..and for reward. In order to re – discover my mo – jo, I need to alter my mind – set and attitude. And I know I will, when I have a big enough carrot at the end of my stick! Right now, the stick is so long, I can’t even begin to see the end of it. But nothing stays the same, and this phase will move into another, and the stick will become shorter again. I have faith.


Last night I remembered something from my childhood. I was at my best friend’s house, and she was having lunch. She was given a mousse for dessert, and I ached with longing. They were ‘new’ on the scene, and my own family never had such delicacies. I don’t remember being hungry throughout my childhood, but I do know that we did not have a stock of food in the cupboards, and we certainly never had treats. There just wasn’t enough money. My friend’s mother did not offer me a mousse, and so all I could do was feign disinterest. I think that maybe that was where I began to connect food with comfort and ‘doing well’. My friend’s family were normal. Her parents were not divorced and did not fight. Her eldest brother was disabled, but independent and living on his own. Her remaining brothers still lived at home, and she had everything she needed. Including mousse for dessert.


And then when I was taken to live with my father and stepmother, at the age of eleven, food presented a different experience. We were given three meals a day, including pudding, and I was praised for my hearty appetite. And as praise was very short in supply, as was affection, I sucked it up. We were not allowed to help ourselves to anything from the cupboard, but my stepmother would have a pile of chocolate digestives perched on the end of the ironing board as she worked, breaking them in half as she went, munching her way through them. And she would have a family sized bag of Revels of an evening, biting the chocolate from each one first, because she didn’t like orange creams. And if an orange cream showed up, it was tossed to the dog. Every now and then she and my father would have a Chinese take – away, and my step – siblings and I would lie in our beds, jealously savouring the scent as if wafted upstairs. I repeat that we were fed, with three meals a day……but treats were for adults, and not for the likes of us. And once again, psychologically speaking, food came to represent privilege, comfort and reward. Right now, I am ‘treating’ myself through food, soothing and nurturing myself. I know it….I understand it….I just need to reach that point at which I either cannot stand being the way I am (desperation), or where I can finally see the end of the stick (inspiration). I’ll work it out eventually…..I always do!    





My wonderful customers speak up!


I receive a lot of positive feedback, all of which I absolutely appreciate. This message is one of my most treasured:

You always give the best advice, and I’ve learned to not doubt what you say because you’re usually right whether I want you to be or not! lol
By the way your last reading regarding my internship at a mental health facility was spot on! You told me to not be afraid and that I would enjoy it and I did! I am so glad I took your advice because it was such a great experience and taught me a lot. Honestly, if it hadn’t been for your reading I may not have gone through with it. Kaye.

I love the fact that Kaye (not her real name) took a chance, and opened up a brand new door for herself…..whilst proving to herself what she could do. And THAT is why I believe that an intuitive consultation can be an investment in our future!


The only valid reason to have an intuitive consultation is to gain information. It is all about becoming pre – informed. It is smart to ask questions, to want to gain insight. The human mind has the capacity for intuitive thinking for a very good reason… assist us as we manoeuvre our way through life. We can use it in matters of love, career, finances, health and personal goals. The following, taken from an email, is another that, for me, summed up the value of an honest consultation:

 I just wanted to send you a note… I had a reading in Oct 2014, and at the time I was hooked on a man who I had no future with. You were the only intuitive that was correct. You were correct about so much. Down to the man I am now seeing. Even an exact scene/situation I was in with him. I wouldn’t say I resisted the predictions, but I was pretty upset by them.  You were so honest and blunt, but you were completely correct and I am so much happier now, having moved on.

I am sure that you have received many notes like this, but I want to add my voice and to say thank you. You are kind and compassionate in the way you are willing to deliver the truth even if it hurts. 

I will definitely read again with you. Annie xx

Annie (again, not her real name) expressed how she was initially upset by her consultation, because, putting it bluntly, she didn’t hear what she wanted to! And this has always been, and probably always will be, an inevitable stumbling block, where my work is concerned. I have been dragged over the coals on the internet more than once by angry women (never by men, for some reason), and always because of a ‘love’ consultation! There is a huge difference between fortune telling and an intuitive consultation, and the fact is that there are too many so – called readers making money by playing back exactly what they know the customer wants to hear. And I really object when I am lumped in with these con – artists…..I have worked bloody hard to develop my skills and my business model, damn it!

But I was touched to receive Annie’s  feedback, and it has helped me to re – group after having been under attack from some furious female who has been told by 10 other ‘readers’ that the man she hasn’t laid eyes on for the past 12 months is her soul mate, will change his ways and magically return to her so that they can live happily ever after! And you know, we only react defensively when we feel we have something TO defend…..and so my angry customers probably already suspected that they were being schmoozed, but as long as no – one spoke the truth out loud, they could continue to hang onto a fantasy that was keeping them afloat. We’ve all been there, to one degree or another, I imagine.


And here is another I love, for obvious reasons!

Hi Leanne, I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you! I had a reading with you over a year ago, everything you said that would happen happened! I took your advice and decided to put my parents troubles with each other aside, and you told me if I booked my wedding the date would change, and it did! But we are getting married this Saturday and if it wasn’t for my reading with you, I honestly think we would have just done what my parents wanted and eloped, so thank you again xxx Claire

Ahh, I still smile when I read Claire’s message, and I hope she and her husband are happy and well. And the following is another I cherish, again for obvious reasons…….you can just feel her throwing off some of the old emotional shackles!

Hello! Just want to say a big thank you for your wonderful advice, guidance and insight. Done an awful lot of thinking these past few days and recognising my little flaws and a light bulb came on. Then I had that liberating feeling of ‘f**k it!!!! It really doesn’t matter!!! I’m realising that my perceptions are everything and a change in perception will make all the difference. I also came to realise I do need to look deeper into myself and deal with my need for reassurance. And probably most importantly – learning to be in a relationship with myself. Being happy and comfortable with myself. I think this could be the healing I need. Thanks again Leanne xx Marian.

10408661_693080797473795_7615086403970725600_n Denise Linn

And this is one I received very recently, which I found to be really interesting!

I’ve been meaning to give you feedback on these readings. I have to say that I was able to relate to many of the things you picked up as they were actually happening at the same time as the reading. When you mentioned things like redecorating, I laughed as I looked down the hall at the painter I hired painting an accent wall and putting in new tile. I thought the five-day reading was pretty fun and very accurate.

I also wanted to give you feedback on something else. A couple of readings ago, maybe a year or so back, you mentioned I would hear about someone going to India and I may actually have business opportunities in India or related to India through this person. I did a mental inventory of the people I knew and couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how that would be possible. Turns out a bit later, an old friend from high school and I reconnected and he was starting a new company with ties to India. I was later given the opportunity to be involved in it. I’ve been wanting to tell you that because it was totally out of left field for me, and absolutely so specific (especially sitting here in Texas with no ties to India whatsoever), that it completely impressed me.

Thanks for everything!

Good stuff, eh? Who doesn’t need an objective helping hand every now and then, and who doesn’t appreciate positive feedback!#intuitive