A bad attitude threatens to ruin a woman’s business…..not to mention her life!



As soon as I ‘tuned in’ to her, I intuitively understood that she really, really needed to work on her inner world….and it soon became clear that I was absolutely right.

When I say inner world, I am not talking about airy – fairy stuff. I am talking about actual beliefs, attitude and approach. Make no bones about it……..our inner world reality always feeds into, and impacts hugely upon, our outer world experience. And anyone who doesn’t understand that, or dismisses it as rubbish, is no way near as smart as he or she believes themselves to be. I liken it to the Titanic: it wasn’t the bit that could be seen above the water that was the problem……it was the bigger bit that was unseen, below the surface, that caused the mayhem. 


She didn’t have one ounce of gratitude in her heart or mind, even to the relative who had taken her in, to save her from having to sleep in her car. She admitted that she didn’t trust anyone, and that others had to prove themselves to her, before she would consider trusting them. She had built a business, and was trying to attract outside investment…..whilst still maintaining that she couldn’t trust others, and that there was nothing good in her life. I asked her if having loved ones,  a warm bed, food, a business, access to technology, education, transport and medical care, was ‘good’. She wasn’t feeling it. Intuitively, I could see that she had great potential…..and that the £22 pounds she had spent with me could potentially be worth hundreds, thousands even, to her, if only she would listen, and change her attitude and approach. I warned her that if she continued on her current pathway, there would be gaps and holes in her business, and that she would repel initially interested parties. I advised her to begin healing her mindset, and gave some suggestions, and offered predictions as I always do: if you do this, THAT will unfold, but if you do that, THIS will unfold. I advised her to go over her business with a fine tooth – comb, again and again, and that she would spot the weaknesses and flaws. I talked about the people she needed to be consciously aware of, and the person who would, under the right circumstances (created and attracted by her own healed mindset), enter into her business and invest time, energy and money. 


However, she was intent on bringing everything back to the negative, and after 75 minutes, I told her I was ending the call. I sent her an audio copy of the consultation, and left it in her hands. She’d had a consultation with me some time ago, which proved to be accurate, hence the booking, but there is only so much I can do. There is only one reason to have an intuitive consultation, and that is to gain insight and information. There is no other reason that makes any sense. Everyone faces tough times and challenges. Everyone, including me. But without an attitude of gratitude, we are are doomed to a life of resentment, bitterness and self – pity.  I will probably never hear from her again, unless she has an epiphany and recognises that she has the power of choice……and uses it positively. To be honest, unless she does, I don’t want to hear from her again. That was a hard – earned £22. I don’t expect easy business, but sometimes it goes way too far the other way, and goes beyond the boundaries of an intuitive consultation.


So, think about the power of an attitude of gratitude. I asked a smart young lady this evening what had touched her heart and soul today…….and she said “nothing”. And yet she had just told me, very articulately, how negative all the people she associates with are, and how fed up she is. Yet she herself couldn’t come up with one thing that had made her smile, or feel good in any way. There WERE good things……she just hadn’t registered them! Her first cup of tea of the day, a polite ‘thank you’, a child’s smile, a funny conversation, Christmas tree lights, a warm car and a good song on the radio…….at least one of these would have been a part of her day, along with many others. If we can’t be grateful for the small things, we aren’t ever going to value the big stuff. If we can’t offer trust, we can’t expect others to warm to us. If we bite the hand that feeds us, eventually we’ll go hungry. There isn’t an intuitive consultation on the planet that can even begin to help us with that. Okay, there ARE those ‘readings’ that merely feed back to the customer the stuff they really want to hear, that validate their unproductive attitude and behaviour, but no professional intuitive consultant, with a decent reputation and a proven track record, would offer such a service. In the long run, it will come back to bite you. 


Here’s to a celebration of life, warts and all. Here’s to the value and power of an intuitive consultation, guiding us toward our best and most productive pathway, and our own greater potential. Here’s to the small things that lift our spirit, and connect us to other human beings. Here’s to growth through challenge, and subsequent victories. Here’s to Christmas tree lights and a bloody good cup of tea. Here’s to you, and to me! 





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