Find love, your ideal job, or achieve any personal goal in 2017….22 DO’S and DON’TS!

What if this is the year in which your life changes for the better? Without being idealistic and unrealistic, and accepting that even the greatest year will still have its challenges, what if you really focus on the something that you believe will hugely enhance your life, and bring about more satisfaction and fulfillment than you have experienced for a very looong time? It IS possible!


How do I know? Because I am human, and because I have lived and strived and fallen down, all of which has led me to REALLY examine my beliefs, my thinking, my attitude and my actions. And to explore the world of creativity and attraction…….the energetic field of all possibility…….and to uncover evidence that absolutely resonates with me. And to understand WHY we fail to manifest those things we say we long for. And why positive thinking alone is about as effective as using a feather to defend ourselves against a rampaging elephant!

Most of us have used affirmations, and visualised things we hope to manifest, and had some minor degree of success…….temporarily. Many of us have started off enthusiastically, determined to transform our lives, excited by books or Youtube videos……only to lose momentum and drift back to our old way of thinking. Some, hugely frustrated, declare “This stuff DOESN’T work!” and others acknowledge that it DOES……but not for everyone. They say “I’ve tried and tried……it just doesn’t happen for ME.”

But you know, most of us do not actually, genuinely understand HOW to tap into the very real energetic field of creativity and possibility. We think we do, but we don’t. Our approach is incredibly limited, and we emit disjointed waves, infected by deep – seated doubt, and unexamined, underlying, unproductive attitudes. Really! And I know because I have been in that place for more years than I care to mention. And I have been around literally thousands of disappointed individuals who have tried and failed, over and over again, in their quest to become efficient manifestors. But somehow I always KNEW that there was something we were all missing, something we weren’t ‘getting’. And I came to recognise what was definitely never going to work, even within a million lifetimes!


So, here are 11 reasons we fail to become consistently effective manifestors!

1) If there is insufficient emotion behind our desire, too little real, genuine passion, we might as well be peeing into the wind.

2) If we spend two hours a day studiously contemplating, meditating and visualising, but then spend 12 hours a day allowing our mind to run amok, chattering away in its old, unaware way, we absolutely dilute our earlier efforts.

3)  If we consistently follow affirmations and visualizations with contradictory arguments from within our own inner – world, we cancel out the good work.

4) If the process causes us to feel tense, anxious and impatient, we are never going to see meaningful results.

5) If we hang onto the past, inwardly focusing on what was wrong and bad, we cannot create anything different, in any real way.

6) If we believe that what we say with our mouth, and what we project into the outer world, whilst living a different reality within our inner world, is enough to fool the energetic field of creativity, we are definitely barking up the wrong tree!

7) If we are consistently defensive, we are emitting a repellent wave of energy, which will negate any effort we make to create something new in our life.

8) If what we say we want is unrealistic, we will face failure and disappointment. An example of an unrealistic aim is trying to create a situation in which another person, who clearly does not love us, or is not the person we have fantasized them to be, actually becomes who and what we desire them to be, loves us in the way we want them to, and changes their ways to become the partner we want them to be. HOWEVER, we can realistically attract love from someone who DOES want to be with us, and with whom we can develop a mature, mutually supportive relationship.

9) We can only attract what is reflected in us already. We cannot be inwardly bitter and attract sweetness (and even if we did, we’d soon poison it). We cannot attract money when we have a negative relationship with it…..when we fear it, or are disgusted by it and those who already have it (and even if we did, we’d soon lose it). We cannot attract an ideal work/business opportunity when we set too many ultimatums, or when we are blistering over past employment injustices, or we have no real interest in and passion for the work, and are only interested in the perks (and even if we did, we’d soon run into conflict). We cannot say “When things get better, THEN I will change my mindset” and attract what we say we desire (and even if we did, we’d soon mess it up again). We can pretend to ourselves to be coming from an examined, aware, open place, but if we aren’t, our pretence will not even scratch the surface of change!

10) If we declare that we “don’t have time” for all this stuff  because WE have to live in the ‘real world’ (implying that anyone who does find the time has an easier life than us), we have decided and chosen. So be it!

11) If we come purely from our left brain self, and struggle to give free rein to our imaginative, child – like self, we will probably fail to build a feeling connection with the creative force of life. We’ll be far too busy over – analysing and challenging!


And here are 11 tips to help you become a master manifestor!

1) Put a whole load of love into your intentions! FEEL it with every ounce of your being, and DON’T allow past experiences to interfere with the process. REMEMBER……that was where you WERE……not where you are HEADING!

2) Be absolutely consistent. Every single day, invest some time and energy into closing your eyes, shaping and forming enticing images in your mind, ABSORBING the feelings that come with them…..whilst smiling! 10 minutes of real, energised focus is better than 60 minutes of distracted, unconvincing focus.

3) Allow your mind to wander over your creation, your ‘work in progress’, as often as possible. Day – dream……and smile!

4) Fill your mind with anything that positively relates to your desire…….and see yourself in various, inspirational scenarios that are relevant to your manifested desire……and do it as often as possible!

5) Don’t tell anyone what you are doing……it’s YOUR personal secret!

6) Light up, be attractive……shoulders back, chin up…..and smile! Smile even when you are alone, because your brain is definitely influenced by your facial expression, physical demeanour and tone of voice. Neural connections are being made every second of every day, and chemicals pumped through the body…..and you need to make sure they are the kind that enhance your mind and your body! AND you will also be creating a highly attractive personal energy field, which will flow out from, around, and beyond you……looking to connect with that which is also attractive to itself. This is one of the most powerful and productive things you can do for yourself! 

7) Be on the ball, be aware, keep bringing your attention back to what you are thinking……and be ready to switch your attention to something more productive, as often as is necessary…….1000 times a day if needs be!

8) Don’t beat yourself up when you have a low day, when life hits a brick wall……deal with it and get back on track, as quickly as you can. Your good work will not be negated just because you get tangled up every now and then……as long as you don’t remain tangled up, that is!

9) Avoid, wherever possible, contact with those who can always be relied upon to rain on your parade…….and if you can’t avoid them, come up with ways to keep them outside of your mind, and your inner world! Erect an imaginary force field, and seal it with a smile! 

10) Don’t try to force things, or second – guess them. Be open to the unexpected, and to different avenues. Don’t try and pin everything down, needing a map on which X marks the spot! You do YOUR bit, for as long as it takes, and allow the energetic field of creativity do ITS bit.

11) Don’t become impatient and demanding. Don’t obsess over your desired outcome, and do have plenty of worthwhile stuff to occupy your time… need to avoid tension and you need to feed your own energy field positively, making it as attractive as possible to the kind of opportunity you desire…..and to all other good stuff, too!

So, whether you are seeking a genuine, mutually rewarding relationship, a new job, a new opportunity, increased income, a new home, better health, or the achievement of an important personal goal……and IF you are willing to be enthusiastic, strong in resolve, and patient, and IF you use the most effective methods, as outlined above, you can definitely make the greatest of headway in 2017! #lawofattraction






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