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If life is s**t, be GRATEFUL! The Law Of Attraction is watching……

Someone recently told me that her life is “s**t”. I have heard this a zillion times, over the years. I cannot say that I respond sympathetically… fact, every time my ears are assaulted by this statement, I roll my eyes and clench my teeth. Maybe I have become crusty, or maybe I have just heard it too many times.

Life IS s**t and life IS beautiful, both at the same time. We can have problems, but still be genuinely, gratefully aware of the fact that we woke up in a warm bed this morning…..unless we didn’t. We may have woken up in a doorway, or in a car. In which case we can say “This is a s**t experience…….and what am I going to do about it?” We might beg on the street and collect enough money to buy a cup of tea, from passing strangers, and feel grateful for that cup of tea. There will be many who ignore us and our needs, and we have to live with that. And even though a cup of tea is a small thing in a life filled with lack and struggle, it is still a precious thing… is something to be able to be grateful for. Gratitude is our BIGGEST hope, the thing that can help us to climb from whichever hole we’re in, and onto the next rung on the ladder of our life. 



In fact, even if the practical and physical aspects of our life don’t immediately change, WE can. We can feel better, just by thinking better, and this leads to a change in the energy we emit… our own personal transmission. The very least that will happen is that we will feel more positive, leading us to be more inclined to come up with productive ideas that will improve some aspect of our life. 


Another person told me recently that there is no light in her life. Someone else phoned me, following one of my blogs, to ask if the Law Of Attraction ‘works’. She told me, in no uncertain terms, that her life is s**t. Both of these ladies were attempting to use the Law Of Attraction to improve their lives, whilst hanging onto their old, low – energy, ungrateful beliefs. It can’t be done. Both had a home, food, clothes, reasonable health, access to medical care, technology, education and transport. Both had people who love them. Some aspects of their lives weren’t great……some aspects of my life aren’t, and I am sure you can say the same thing. Some people will react defensively, stating that depressed people deserve compassion, and that I don’t understand. I do understand. I have first hand experience with people who have been darkly, miserably, intensely depressed. They required medical care, and they have, with effort, made massive improvement. But I am not talking about people who are clinically depressed, I am talking about those who are habitually unhappy, flat and focusing on what is wrong, rather than what is right…..whilst still expecting the Law Of Attraction to wave a magic wand over their lives.


The fact is, we can’t begin to expect good things from the Law Of Attraction without being genuinely grateful for everything we can possibly be grateful for. And this is not just some trite, spiritual platitude…….it IS a fact, a universal truth that applies to all of us. 

You know, having struggle is more usual than not having struggle. I can’t remember the last time I met someone who doesn’t have issues and problems, which is what leads me to conclude that THIS IS normal life! So, if it IS normal life (based on statistics), how come so many of us feel that it is only US who are facing this stuff, and therefore our life must be wrong and bad?


I’ll tell you something else. Having problems and struggle has almost become an Olympic sport. I see people trying to out – do one another, in terms of how bad it is for them, or their loved ones. I see people turning family members or friends into victims, albeit well – meaningly. I see people on Facebook creating communities of victims, or reacting furiously to innocent/jokey remarks, sharing them with friends they know are likely to be equally outraged and insulted. Struggle is big business, nowadays, and you’ve got to be in it to win it.

However, there are two kinds of struggle: necessary and unnecessary. If we are going to experience and grow through necessary struggle, do we really need to make it harder by involving ourselves in unnecessary struggle? No, we don’t…..but I know for sure that I myself HAVE done just that, thousands of times. I have put myself through incredible crap, and then had the audacity to whine and complain! Until it clicked with me that I was making choices and taking actions that were causing me more struggle than was necessary. At the same time, in my defence, I have always found it easy to feel and express gratitude, and that has definitely been a saving grace. Maybe it comes from having had a financially poor and dysfunctional early childhood, from living on my own and paying my own way in the world, from the age of 16/17, from having been evicted with three children and no money, and from being the bread – winner in the family for a number of years…..AS WELL as from being helped many, many times along the way, by wonderfully generous people.


There has always been something to be grateful for, and there always will be. Life seems to favour grateful people, and people seem to favour other grateful people. Don’t we all prefer to associate with someone who has a genuinely hopeful take on life, as opposed to someone with a ‘woe – is – me’ outlook……or one who pretends to be positive, whilst seething with disappointment, and a resentment that reveals itself through passive – aggressive behaviour? 

And that’s the thing about the Law Of Attraction……it has x – ray vision, which enables it to inspect, and then respond to, the reality of our inner world! There is NO hiding! #lawofattraction





Prediction leads us to use the Law Of Attraction in our favour!

There are all kinds of possibilities, just waiting to occur, as we move through life! However, the stories we tell ourselves definitely have the power to influence WHAT we experience, and HOW we experience it.

For example, a customer recently told me that she wanted to leave her job, but was absolutely unable to do so, because she would never be able to find another that paid the same kind of money. She also wanted to stay in the house she had once shared with her now ex – partner, but couldn’t see how it could possibly happen. She would never be able to buy him out, and so the house would have to be sold. She had come to me because she wanted hope. She wanted to believe that the future held more positive potential, more options, than she currently feared. However, if she was actually correct, then no – one could help her. If it was an absolute fact, written in stone, that no other job could possibly offer what she wanted, then she was indeed stuck, and all the intuitive consultations in the world wouldn’t make a jot of difference. And if there was absolutely no way of her being able to pay her ex for his share of the house, she’d have to leave. End of. 

And of  course there will be those out there who absolutely relate to her and her beliefs, because they too feel stuck in a similar kind of trap.

But what if those were just stories she was telling herself? What if there was a different way of approaching things, an alternative mindset, that could open up the field, so to speak? What if the pathway ahead of her was wider than she believed it to be, and winding its way towards (as yet) unconsidered possibilities? What if I was right, and she was wrong? Wouldn’t that be great? And as a repeat customer (because she’d previously found my service to be very helpful), could she at least be open to the the idea that maybe the future wasn’t as set as she feared it to be?

I guided her to try a little something. I asked, if she was living in a fantasy land in which she could do anything she wanted and get away with it, what would she do about her job? I instructed her to drop her shoulders, take a deep, relaxing breath, and allow herself to ‘feel’ the answer, rather than think it. Of course she struggled, which is usual. Fear created a block, and she shook her head, saying “I don’t know!”

I reminded her that this was fantasy land, not ‘real’ life, and that she needed to allow the response to come from her heart, and not her intellect. What was it she really wanted to DO about her job? Suddenly, a whoosh of energy appeared to rush up from her feet, causing her to catch her breath, and her face flushed scarlet: “I’d hand my notice in!” she spluttered. It was amazing to witness the impact of a fear – block being dragged to the surface, and the effect it had upon her physical body!  Wonderful! 

Now I had her in a better place. She had had the courage to really speak out, and this freed her just enough to be genuinely open to other possibilities. And I outlined a pathway I could see ahead, based on her refreshed mindset, which would open up a series of stepping stones to her, that would lead her to new career opportunities. She wouldn’t be handing her notice in today, or even tomorrow……but she was definitely on her way towards bigger and better horizons! Obviously she’d have to honour the conditions attached to the predictions, and be willing to say yes, as and when required, but she was definitely, truly, NOT stuck!

And as for the home she wanted to remain in, I predicted that, as she changed and grew into the next phase of her life, she’d change her mind. She would wake up one day, and genuinely feel that it was time to let go……and I could see exciting property projects ahead! 

Of course, she still had a bit of a way to go. There would be good days, and uncertain days. The fear would try to regain its stranglehold, but she would have the recording of her consultation to refer to, to help keep her on track. I know she will be fine…..she has, like so many of my customers, got huge potential, just waiting to be recognised, reached, and utilised.


And something that this story highlights is that prediction can lead us to use the Law Of Attraction positively and productively. Intuitive insight allows us to nurture a mindset that works in our favour, rather than stumbling on along the same old pathway. We CAN change the course of our destiny, by allowing prediction to influence our thinking, and change our beliefs. And as our beliefs are the most powerful thing we possess, we need to make sure they are geared towards our own greater good! Intuitive insight, guidance and prediction are there to assist us to become more personally empowered. There is no other purpose. 

On a few occasions I have worked with people who are definitely not in a place at which they are open to moving on, even though they say they are. These people tend to react in an angry and defensive way, because they are overly attached to some form of dysfunction, and not yet ready to release it. They kind of want to release it, but remain immobilised by the fear of doing so. And that leads them to lash out. I am not being disrespectful when I say I don’t feel I have to tolerate that……I am not a whipping post. The service I offer is this: I use my intuitive capacity to assist my customers to become more personally empowered. I am interested in the bigger picture, the possibilities and the potentials, and I want results for my customers. We have all been in a dark place, and often more than once…..and we often need a helping hand to get us back onto solid ground. Without trying to pull the person on the end of that helping hand down WITH us!  

Here’s a link to my consultations page!



The WRONG thing to declare to the Law Of Attraction! I messed up until I woke up!

I have been saying something, out loud, that has seriously been hurting my progression. And worse, I have been saying it to my customers. I had one of those sudden lightbulb moments a few days ago, a sudden realisation, that shocked me and left me feeling a little embarrassed.

I have been saying, almost with pride, as if it is a GOOD thing: “No matter how many great testimonials I receive, no matter how long I’ve been in business, I STILL have to continue to market myself every day……I can’t rest on my laurels!”

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

I have analysed myself, attempting to get to the bottom of what it is that has been what motivating me to adopt that belief, and turn it into a mantra. And this is what I came up with. I have been harbouring a deep – seated need for the world to recognise how hard I have to work, in order to have any degree of success. I have been nurturing a secret fear of anyone being able to point at me, saying “Ah yes, but it’s easy for HER to talk……she hasn’t had to deal with what WE have!”

And I think that stems partly from believing that I need to PROVE my worth in this world, but also from having worked with a huge number of ‘yes but’s’ over the years…….those who have consulted me because they want change, but have a long list of reasons why it can’t come possibly about. Unconsciously, I developed a defence. If I can say, with hand on heart, that life is a struggle for me too, but yet I keep looking for ways to move forward, no – one can say I am preaching from an ivory tower! If my life appeared to be too easy, how convincing would I be to the ‘yes but’s’?

And of course that is all absolute b******t. Beliefs can be pretty powerful things, and have the capacity to break, shape or make us. Our whole life is a testimony to our beliefs, and when we recognise that one or some of ours are dictating how we feel and what we experience, it really IS an hallelujah moment! The Law Of Attraction seeks out and hones in on our beliefs……..we can talk and talk, and create an image to present to the outer world, but the real action is taking place behind the scenes……with our beliefs as producer, director AND star performer of the show!

And here’s something else that clicked with me. We tend to think that what we manifest in life, consciously or unconsciously, comes to us. It doesn’t. WE go to IT! Each of us is driving our own little car along the roads of life, our GPS system being a combination of the beliefs that we hold the most strongly, and the actions we take (or don’t take). Nothing comes to us……..we find it, and we collect it, as we continue on. We might be tootling along at 10 miles per hour, on some bumpy road littered with the kind of stuff we don’t really want……but yet we still often stop, pick it up and take it with us. If our roads are generally more bumpy than smooth, if we are continually disappointed with what we acquire and experience, then we need to get a new, updated GPS system. The Law Of Attraction travels every single road, every second of every day…..a chameleon hitchhiker who will only ever appear in a shape and form you can recognise and identify with, given your current positioning on the map of life.

It doesn’t matter where we have been. It doesn’t matter who did what to who. It only matters where we can go, from this point onward. It doesn’t matter if today is not the day we want to have…….we have to travel towards that day, and get ourselves off the dirt tracks littered with ‘reasons’ why it’s okay for others, but different for us. The Law Of Attraction can appear as a down – and – out hobo, flagging us down for a lift to nowhere, or a smiling, well – turned out traveller, laden down with snacks and goodies for the journey.

So, clean out the life – car you’re travelling in. Vacuum out the dust, dog hair and cigarette butts. Polish your number plate. Get a sweet – scented air freshener. Set your GPS to a sunny destination. And if you have the occasional break – down, you can always call in the rescue service to get you mobile again…….i.e. ME! 



How Tara Palmer -Tomkinson helped me, her generosity, and the good memories I have.

I  used to think Tara Palmer – Tomkinson was a waste of space ‘it’ girl. And then one day I read, in the Mail On Sunday magazine, an article about Tara that interested me, and changed my opinion. On reflection, how dare I make that assumption? I made an audio recording of a consultation for her, and sent it to the Daily Mail, asking them to send it on to her…..and thought no more about

A few days later I arrived home to find my best friend, Caryl Wayte, had been trying to get in touch with me all morning. She had received a phone call from Tara, wanting to speak to me (I had included one of my business cards with the audio tape, displaying mine and Caryl’s numbers). I called Tara, we had a chat, and she invited me to be her guest on LBC radio, saying I could bring Caryl, too. So, Caryl and I set off, and we were collected at the train station, and chauffeured to a nice hotel just around the corner from Harrod’s. I definitely wasn’t used to ‘posh’ stuff at that time, and was highly impressed by the fruit bowl, containing a delicious mix, including red currants! The bathroom was gorgeous. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!  I STILL remember the white chocolate cheesecake we ate in the restaurant…….sigh.

Now, during the night, one of us required ‘sanitary protection’, and I will always remember Caryl, sitting up in bed, phone in hand, conversing FIRMLY with a member of staff,  about said problem…..but nothing was forthcoming, apart from the address of the nearest chemist that opened at 9am the following morning. To this day, there is a certain tone of voice we still call the ‘sanitary towel’ voice!

Tara was……Tara. She was warm, crazy, excited and kind. After the broadcast she jumped in the the chauffeur driven car with us, and took us on a tour of the rich – people houses, before being dropped off at a dry cleaners, to collect her outfit for her evening gig. I didn’t see Tara again after that, though I did speak to her. She got in touch when going through a rough patch, and she sent me some money, and a card, which I still have, to this day. Tara was an emotional, caring, passionate lady, but I can’t pretend to have ‘known’ her……I can only talk about the part of her I was allowed access to. And her sister, Santa Montefiore, the highly successful author, was also kind to me. I never met her, but we had phone conversations, and she put me in touch with her publisher. I was invited to London, given a nice lunch, and ALMOST had a book deal, but it fell through at the last-minute. The agent I had acquired hot – footed it into the distance, and that was it. But what an experience! I have continued to write, and I have sold some of my work, but more importantly, a small select group actually READ my blogs, for which I am truly grateful…..and it makes me a writer! Not a best – seller, but still, a writer. 

And Tara was the one who heard something she could relate to, responded and acted. She got in touch with me……no airs and graces. And that was Tara. She was real. She lived in a very different world to mine, but for an incredibly brief time, our two worlds crossed. I received a huge amount of interest and business, following my appearance on LBC. I am incredibly sad that her precious life on planet Earth has come to an end. She was an amazing pianist. She could write. She could ski. She could talk. She could sing. She was gorgeous. She was fun. She was kind. She beat herself up. I hear her, just a little, and I know she is fine. But still, I am sorry you weren’t here for longer, Tara, and we will miss you. Thank you xxxx






Get manifesting NOW! P**s or get off the pot!

Get manifesting……right now, this minute! Begin the process of change immediately, regardless of your circumstances. You cannot afford not to……you aren’t going to spend eternity on planet Earth, so don’t waste more time than is necessary.

Double check: does your INNER world match your OUTER world? Are you genuinely ‘feeling’ what you are saying with your mouth, and what you are projecting outwardly? It is easy to have them match from a destructive viewpoint……a negative, fearful, resentful inner world (which is way more influenced by the past than the present or future) being played out in the outer ‘real’ world. Anyone can manage that. It is harder to make sure that our inner world genuinely matches our ‘positive’ outer projections……but when it does, THAT is when great things start to happen!

And to make great things happen, you really have to start with the energy that is representing YOU in the world. That energy goes out and communicates… IS your transmission. You can’t fake it.


If that energy is mumbling, it won’t help you much. Nothing of any worth will hear it. If it is screaming with resentment, it will attract those who unconsciously recognise and respond to your transmissions, but not in a good way. If it is flippy – floppy and jelly – like, it will slither around without any substance or power. If it is filled with determination, humour, gratitude, a willingness to keep pushing on, colour, imagination and curiosity (which has to be real, not pretend!), your transmission WILL reach the stuff and the people who operate at that level!

So start where you are. You may be up to your neck in debt, turmoil and dysfunction, or you may just want to make a few changes. There are no instant answers, no magic wands, and no matter how tough it sounds, your outer world cannot change until your inner world does, regardless of circumstance. You have to start somewhere. Clean up your mess. Sort your bills into an order, so you know exactly how much you owe, even though you can’t currently pay them. Change your attitude today, even though your outer circumstances haven’t yet changed. Really work out what your intentions are, how you want to feel, say in 6 months time……and don’t just say ‘happy’. Get inside your own mind and heart, and practice feeling the way you want to. And work out what you are determined to set in motion, in a realistic sense. You might want to buy a house, but you have huge money problems. Well, ‘see’ your dream home in the future, believe it exists, but do what you CAN do, in the here and now. Put one foot in front of the other. Steps add up to strides, but non – movement, just waiting and hoping for the day “when” to arrive, will keep you exactly where you are right now. Determination, not procrastination. Consistent and persistent movement, not impatience. Vision and imagination, not unexamined expectation. Hopefulness not hopelessness. Start signing better contracts with the Law Of Attraction…..NOW.


Develop and nurture genuine awareness of the current reality of your inner world, and the energy that is representing YOU, out there in the field of possibilities.

Clean up your act where necessary.

Start with one step, and then take another, and another……

Be persistent and patient, if you have a lot to sort through. If you don’t start, and if you don’t continue to take steps, you will not be demonstrating to the Law Of Attraction that you are serious. You have to do your bit, before it will do ITS bit. 

Keep reminding yourself of your intentions. Remind yourself of what it is you are determined to be, do and achieve. Seek out stories of those who have ALREADY achieved what you want to, under similar or worse circumstances. If they can do it, so can you. 

Remember that life always moves on, regardless. Your life will not be exactly the same in another 5 years as it is now. It may be worse, or a little better. But if you want to have some degree of say over the direction your life is taking, you have to adopt an appropriate mindset, and take appropriate action. And if you need help (and you will, because no – man is an island, as they say), seek it out, and use it. I can guide you, because I have been guided by others, and I will continue to BE guided, because there will always be something else I want to achieve! #manifesting