If life is s**t, be GRATEFUL! The Law Of Attraction is watching……

Someone recently told me that her life is “s**t”. I have heard this a zillion times, over the years. I cannot say that I respond sympathetically…..in fact, every time my ears are assaulted by this statement, I roll my eyes and clench my teeth. Maybe I have become crusty, or maybe I have just heard it too many times.

Life IS s**t and life IS beautiful, both at the same time. We can have problems, but still be genuinely, gratefully aware of the fact that we woke up in a warm bed this morning…..unless we didn’t. We may have woken up in a doorway, or in a car. In which case we can say “This is a s**t experience…….and what am I going to do about it?” We might beg on the street and collect enough money to buy a cup of tea, from passing strangers, and feel grateful for that cup of tea. There will be many who ignore us and our needs, and we have to live with that. And even though a cup of tea is a small thing in a life filled with lack and struggle, it is still a precious thing…..it is something to be able to be grateful for. Gratitude is our BIGGEST hope, the thing that can help us to climb from whichever hole we’re in, and onto the next rung on the ladder of our life. 



In fact, even if the practical and physical aspects of our life don’t immediately change, WE can. We can feel better, just by thinking better, and this leads to a change in the energy we emit…..in our own personal transmission. The very least that will happen is that we will feel more positive, leading us to be more inclined to come up with productive ideas that will improve some aspect of our life. 


Another person told me recently that there is no light in her life. Someone else phoned me, following one of my blogs, to ask if the Law Of Attraction ‘works’. She told me, in no uncertain terms, that her life is s**t. Both of these ladies were attempting to use the Law Of Attraction to improve their lives, whilst hanging onto their old, low – energy, ungrateful beliefs. It can’t be done. Both had a home, food, clothes, reasonable health, access to medical care, technology, education and transport. Both had people who love them. Some aspects of their lives weren’t great……some aspects of my life aren’t, and I am sure you can say the same thing. Some people will react defensively, stating that depressed people deserve compassion, and that I don’t understand. I do understand. I have first hand experience with people who have been darkly, miserably, intensely depressed. They required medical care, and they have, with effort, made massive improvement. But I am not talking about people who are clinically depressed, I am talking about those who are habitually unhappy, flat and focusing on what is wrong, rather than what is right…..whilst still expecting the Law Of Attraction to wave a magic wand over their lives.


The fact is, we can’t begin to expect good things from the Law Of Attraction without being genuinely grateful for everything we can possibly be grateful for. And this is not just some trite, spiritual platitude…….it IS a fact, a universal truth that applies to all of us. 

You know, having struggle is more usual than not having struggle. I can’t remember the last time I met someone who doesn’t have issues and problems, which is what leads me to conclude that THIS IS normal life! So, if it IS normal life (based on statistics), how come so many of us feel that it is only US who are facing this stuff, and therefore our life must be wrong and bad?


I’ll tell you something else. Having problems and struggle has almost become an Olympic sport. I see people trying to out – do one another, in terms of how bad it is for them, or their loved ones. I see people turning family members or friends into victims, albeit well – meaningly. I see people on Facebook creating communities of victims, or reacting furiously to innocent/jokey remarks, sharing them with friends they know are likely to be equally outraged and insulted. Struggle is big business, nowadays, and you’ve got to be in it to win it.

However, there are two kinds of struggle: necessary and unnecessary. If we are going to experience and grow through necessary struggle, do we really need to make it harder by involving ourselves in unnecessary struggle? No, we don’t…..but I know for sure that I myself HAVE done just that, thousands of times. I have put myself through incredible crap, and then had the audacity to whine and complain! Until it clicked with me that I was making choices and taking actions that were causing me more struggle than was necessary. At the same time, in my defence, I have always found it easy to feel and express gratitude, and that has definitely been a saving grace. Maybe it comes from having had a financially poor and dysfunctional early childhood, from living on my own and paying my own way in the world, from the age of 16/17, from having been evicted with three children and no money, and from being the bread – winner in the family for a number of years…..AS WELL as from being helped many, many times along the way, by wonderfully generous people.


There has always been something to be grateful for, and there always will be. Life seems to favour grateful people, and people seem to favour other grateful people. Don’t we all prefer to associate with someone who has a genuinely hopeful take on life, as opposed to someone with a ‘woe – is – me’ outlook……or one who pretends to be positive, whilst seething with disappointment, and a resentment that reveals itself through passive – aggressive behaviour? 

And that’s the thing about the Law Of Attraction……it has x – ray vision, which enables it to inspect, and then respond to, the reality of our inner world! There is NO hiding! #lawofattraction





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