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The Law Of Attraction – how much is thought and how much is action?

There appear to be a thousand different versions of the Law Of Attraction, as you will know, if you have been reading up on it or watching videos on the internet. Despite all of the hype, it is still being proffered by some as a ‘new’ phenomena, still being re – packaged as a recent discovery….and yes, there ARE people around who haven’t even actually heard of it (met one the other day, wow)!

But you know, life itself IS the Law Of Attraction, in operation, every second of every day, rather than being something outside of ourselves that we choose or don’t choose to get involved in. It seems to me that there are endless, invisible strands of energy inter – connecting everything, and that these strands can grow brighter and stronger if a certain kind of attention is applied to them, albeit unconsciously. And it isn’t just us who attract situations and people to ourselves……situations and people also attract Us to THEM!


When the book, The Secret, was first published, the world went crazy. People who were unfamiliar with idea of the Law Of Attraction either dismissed it as rubbish, or grabbed at it as if it was the Holy Grail. Loads of people, with bright, excited eyes, asked me if I had read this amazing book, informing me that this was IT…..the thing the was going to change life forever.

Fast forward a year, and a high percentage of those people were now despondent and frustrated,  asking “why isn’t it working?” They believed they had been doing everything right, and as instructed, but nothing had changed. Life was still pretty much the same as it was before the miracle came to town. In fact life was worse, because now they felt as if they were failing, believing that the miracle was working for other people, but not for them. To add insult to injury, they now also believed themselves to be on the outside looking in, on those who were reaping all the rewards that the Law was withholding from THEM. I came across some very sad, deflated people, which made me sad. 


Of course, no – one can blame the author or her book for this. People choose how they interpret information, and they choose how they respond and act. To some it was seen as a light in the dark, a miracle answer that would provide everything they had ever needed and wanted, but many of those were disappointed. However, it was a starting point, for people who had never been told, or had not previously sought out the knowledge, that life doesn’t just happen……that we DO have some degree of creative power to wield, as we move through space and time. I came across individuals who threw in the towel, feeling conned and bitter, believing that they were, after all, still stuck with the same old life. I came across others who were disappointed, but not yet ready to quit……thinking that maybe there really WAS something to this Law Of Attraction stuff, if only they could figure it out.

And so life, after The Secret, marched on, as it always will do!

The thing is, there is still so, so much I could say on this subject, but I REALLY need to try and keep it concise……SO….

We are all creating, attracting and repelling, every second of every day… it a mess, a mountain – out – of – a – mole – hill, a meal, a  family, a home, a business, a war…..a mood, an attitude, a belief (which is MY belief!)

The Law Of Attraction is about everything from who were are when we get up in the morning, to who we are when we go to bed. It is about the way see life in our own mind and heart. It is about our most consistent mood, our most regular attitude, and the beliefs we hold onto the most strongly. It is not just about stuff.  

The Law Of Attraction is in operation at all times… cannot be any other way. So, where we are, in our mind and in our beliefs, at any given moment, will be responded to by the Law. Sometimes we are just in a dark place, and we cannot see and feel the light, or any kind of hope. Whilst there, we will struggle, but still need to aim at taking some forward steps, to do our best to clamber out of the worst of it. And that is BECAUSE when we are genuinely willing to try and do what we can, to get out of the swamp, the Law will respond according to our own energy, and we WILL attract small but significant acts of assistance.


It might be that we are completely broke, and find a bit of money on the street. Or someone shows up, and says “I have been clearing out my freezer, I wondered if you could use this food?” These may not be life – changing pieces of ‘luck’, but given our circumstances, they can feel like life – savers. AND evidence that we have not, after all, been completely abandoned……something still has our back!


The next part of this – which is SO important – is genuine acknowledgement and gratitude. It may be a a piece of driftwood on a raging sea, rather than a yacht, but it is still a life – line. The yacht can come later, when we have managed to furiously paddle our way onto dry land. Gratitude lifts our energy, and the Law will match it. It has to……it doesn’t know any other way.

But make no mistake. Paying lip service will not make a jot of difference. Pretending to be grateful will cut no ice. Every ‘yes but’ is another nail in the coffin, so to speak. When we are in a dark place it is really, truly HARD to have hope and be sincere with our gratitude, but the bottom line is that there is no other viable alternative. If we want out, we have to grab hold of that sodden log and get paddling……

121020 Lumpy wraparound-001

Every single day brings a never ending supply of opportunities to align ourselves productively with the Law.

Do we respond to a situation or react? Do we indulge ourselves in that bad mood, or make a conscious effort to step out of it? Do we allow our thoughts and mouth to run amok, willy – nilly, churning out stuff that is disempowering, or do we choose to pay closer attention?

Do we moan about everything, saying stuff like “I never win anything”, “there are no jobs out there”, “this/that/the other is disgusting”?

Do we complain about our job, but never do anything about it? Do we analyse whether or not we could make any changes that might possibly make it more bearable, whilst we are seeking out other opportunities?

Are we being genuinely reasonable, in our regular, everyday attitude? Are we willing to stand our ground, and do what we feel is right, WHILST double – checking our own motivation and intentions? 

Are we engaged in life, do we pick up on the little stories, do we appreciate the small wonders (like yesterday, walking in the woods, a fat little robin sat on a pile of old branches, inches from us, and sang its heart out…..beautiful!)?

This isn’t Pollyanna stuff, it is what forms the foundation of being able to use the Law Of Attraction in a conscious way. The Law is still in operation, even when we are living unconsciously……except we don’t recognise it, because we ARE unconscious!


Finally, to the question of how much thought is involved and how much action is involved:

When The Secret was hot off the press, for some reason, a lot of people believed that all they needed to do was visualise their dreams, and they would all come to pass. I know for sure that that is true…..I met some of those people! And I am not saying that visualisation is not an incredibly powerful tool. Used in the right way, it CAN be.

But if we do not have the foundation right, we cannot build anything solid upon it. And vague, changing, imaginings, that we don’t have any real faith in, will produce a little, or nothing at all. 

And there are two ways of manifesting: deliberate and non – deliberate. 

Deliberate is where we consciously choose a specific situation or item, and focus on it regularly, even taking practical steps towards its manifestation. This definitely CAN work, if we are fairly well aligned (as in having the most productive attitude!). We might have speedy results, or it might take a while, but the likelihood is, eventually the object of our desire will become a physical reality.

Non – deliberate is when we have a real need, a real desire, coming consistently from a place of big emotion and feeling. And I believe the word need IS key… least, it is, in my experience.

I will tell you a few of the things I have brought into my life (and have brought me into theirs!), non – deliberately (as in, I didn’t sit down and say “Law Of Attraction, I want THIS! But I DID pour out a huge amount of energy from a place of desire and need):

Two rented homes, fit for purpose, against a number of odds, just when I needed them.

A selection of cars…..again, just when I absolutely needed them, and again, against the odds.

An alternator for a car……this one within HOURS of NEEDING it!

Over £2000, 10 days before Christmas, when the reality I was facing was not even having enough money for electricity, never mind presents for the children, or food.

£100, again, just days before another Christmas, when I really needed it. 

A washing machine, when I didn’t have one, and was struggling with hand washing, and expensive visits to the launderette.

Two old caravans, when my family were at the point of becoming homeless.

Two motorbikes.

Customers, just when I have needed them!

Teachers, just when I have needed them!

Books, just when I have needed them!

Of course, there will be a zillion other things I can’t even remember, but I am going to consciously work on bringing them to the fore, and I would advise you to do the same. Because it is from this place of acknowledgement and wonder and gratitude that we are better placed to attract specifically and deliberately!

As I said earlier, there is so much more to add to the discussion on the Law Of Attraction (and the reason I use capitals is because I believe that the Law is a part of the God energy), but at least we have taken a tiny bite out of the whole pie, so to speak! From a personal point of view, my work as an Intuitive Consultant is very much tied up with the Law Of Attraction, which is partly why I am so interested in it, and so keen to share my insights. We always have the power of choice, and we always have more than one potential future ahead of us. Prediction can guide us and warn us, and encourage to understand the Law, and to use it for our own, and others’, greater good! #loa











Confidence demystified….7 handy hints. You DO have it, and you CAN increase it!

How am I going to get the money together to buy that trike and that motorbike SOON……before the year moves on and slips away? I don’t know….exactly….for sure. 

Am I CONFIDENT that I WILL find a way? Well, I AM confident that I will absolutely do my best, and not give up. Giving up can never be an option. It isn’t just about the joys of cruising the roadways, of rolling up at bike rallies, laden down with all the trappings of comfortable camping (I know some who think that ‘real’ bikers should slum it and turn up without even a toothbrush, but I prefer to lay my drunken head on a pillow, in the wee small hours, and NOT spend a weekend with a mouth that tastes and smells like one of the portaloos, AFTER two hundred bikers have relieved themselves of gut – churning amounts of burgers and booze)…… is also about achievement, about keeping a promise to myself……about being able to shout “YES! I KNEW I could do it! I KNEW all of this self – belief – self – help stuff works!” I am confident that I will keep going.


So, what IS confidence? Well, I found the following explanation on the internet:

1. Feeling or showing confidence in oneself or one’s abilities or qualities.

2. Feeling or showing uncertainty about something.

NOW, so many customers have told me they have NO confidence, are afraid of the unknown, and are worried about trying anything new.  And not only do they lack confidence, they are fearful of failure. You can just HEAR the prison doors slamming SHUT, can’t you? Even I, re – reading the previous three lines, experienced a sinking heart and internal heaviness.

However, confidence is only EVER about familiarity! Everyone is confident about at least one aspect of their life……the stuff they know how to do, because they have done it over and over. Or because they tried something, and it just ‘clicked’ with them. Or because they just really enjoy doing something, without caring whether or not they are actually any good at it!

Anyway, here are 7 handy ‘confidence’ hints:

1) More confident is something we BECOME, over time. And we WILL become it, if we try new things, one at a time, or persist with something we wanted to do, and started, but then dropped. If we change nothing, we will grow old and die with the belief that we are unconfident…….and who on earth wants THAT as a legacy!

2) An outgoing personality is not a reliable indicator of confidence. Many people think that those who are chatty and communicative are naturally confident, but I have encountered a large number of outwardly lively folk who are unwilling to get out of their comfort zone……insisting they have no confidence!

3) Confidence does not equal arrogance…….confidence is warm, down to earth and enthusiastic! Confidence includes and encourages others. Arrogance excludes and belittles others. However, confidence DOES allow us to deliver genuine tough – love, when necessary!


4) Confidence allows us NOT to be at the mercy of negative, critical, passive – aggressive people who smile whilst they are sniping at us……we got ’em sussed!

5) People who are willing to try something new, with honesty and good humour, are generally more bearable and better received than those who continuously cringe and apologise! We can all sympathise with those who consistently put themselves down, but if they continue to maintain that mindset and approach, they become a little too high – maintenance! 

6) Working to become more confident, step by step, stretches us……..we lose some of our self – consciousness, enjoy ourselves more, become happier, and more likely to try even more new stuff……and it can all begin with something simple, like painting that picture, writing that story, joining a dance class……or in the case of one lady I know, serving on the check – out at her supermarket job, rather than stacking shelves……something she feared but was forced into, only to find she was really good with the customers! 

7) We can keep adding to our list of things at which we become confident, which will lead us to become even more confident!


So, don’t allow the belief that you lack confidence to keep you stuck in the same old place for one moment longer. Confidence is not a mystical quality, possessed only by a select few. And no – one has complete and utter confidence in all areas of life……we all have our weak spots! Confidence can definitely be developed, and it SHOULD be developed. Imagine how far our horizons can stretch, with just a bit of courage and persistence. Make a list of all of the areas of your life in which you already feel confident (for example: parenting, housework, exercise, cooking, reading, driving, your current job, communicating, organising, listening and advising, buying and selling, dancing, painting, writing, sport…….the list could be endless!), and keep adding to it, on a regular basis. Watch it grow, and NEVER claim to have NO confidence, ever again!