The LAW of attraction? I was wrong…it is ENERGY of attraction!

I talk and write a lot about the dynamic of attraction, for two reasons. Firstly, I am fascinated by synchronicity, and the impact of it upon my own life, and secondly, because of the nature of my work.

And I have come to the conclusion that there is no LAW of attraction (a principle of attraction, maybe) and my issue is with the word itself. We human beings seem to relish the idea of punishment and reward,  and often judge things as being good or bad, or right or wrong….black or white. And we love the idea of Karma taking revenge on those who have wronged us….



If a status like this ever appears on my Facebook page, I immediately delete the person who posted it, from my ‘friends’ list, but maybe I should be shaking with dread and fear…..with God now obviously on their side, my own comeuppance (viewed from a ring – side seat) is probably just around the corner. I am disappointed with you, God….you’re hanging out with some pretty dumb – ass, dubious people!

But maybe Karma, like attraction, has nothing to do with punishment or reward, and everything to do with results and outcome. We are always, always setting something in motion, and EVERYTHING leads to something, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Of COURSE we have to have man – made laws on planet Earth…I am not suggesting that every act of wrong – doing should be ignored. I am saying that Karma is about cause and effect, about outcomes, and balance, and that there is no such thing as a LAW of attraction…..but there IS an ENERGY of attraction! 

The problem is, most of the time it isn’t obvious!

And there is another problem. We have come to believe that the energy of attraction is largely about stuff…..material things…..about good luck, and having things go the way we want them to.

So, the way we have come to understand it is that karma is about punishment, whilst the law of attraction is about reward. And if we are really trying to manifest certain things, but they just aren’t showing up, then we’re not considered significant enough by the universe, and are being ignored at the very least, or deliberately neglected at worst. 

And when the universe has no interest in us, we have no power, and selfish, hurtful, bad people get all of the breaks , whilst we get all of the struggles.

Thank goodness we are wrong. Thank God we are wrong. Because being wrong means that there is hope, and when we change our mind and become right, the energy of attraction will respond accordingly, because it can’t do anything other THAN respond. But as I said earlier, it isn’t always obvious.

There is so much to express and explain where life and the energy of attraction is concerned, and even a hundred blogs couldn’t cover it. Whatever I say will be a mere scratch on an infinite surface. But to give a basic example, someone may ask “Why do I always meet the wrong kind of person, when I am looking for love? Why is life doing this to me…..all I want is to find someone I can trust, and who makes me happy.”

But deep down inside that person has aligned with mistrust and disappointment, where romance is concerned. They are aligned with the painful past, and the fact that they always meet the wrong kind of person. It isn’t easy at all NOT to become aligned with the belief that we will only end up being hurt AGAIN, when we have had the experience more than once. However, all of our reasons don’t cut any ice at all, out there in the energetic world of attraction….it doesn’t sit down and reason things out, it just responds to our deepest, most heart – felt beliefs and feelings.

I myself have been there, done that, and as they say, bought the t – shirt. And not just with relationships…….with….well, most areas of my life! I realised today that an old deep – seated belief is still doing its best to hang on to the sides of my inner world. It is weaker than it was, but it certainly isn’t dead yet. And that belief is that a struggle – free life doesn’t exist for me. I STRUGGLE to imagine a life without struggle….it almost leaves me feeling empty, somehow! And I am not talking about challenge, here. I am not talking about growth. I accept that these are necessary modes of development. I am talking about struggle, about having to earn every victory with blood, guts, exhaustion, sweat and tears. It is me doing it to me, through programming. And it is only me who can undo it to me, through re – programming. I have to be willing to genuinely let go of the struggle, and the idea that anything worth achieving has to cost several pounds of flesh. AND tied up with this wrong belief is another wrong belief….one that says if I have anything too easy, the world will not recognise and appreciate how hard I have worked. Somewhere along the line, I developed a disgust for anyone who appeared to have had it easy (even if they didn’t). And my sense of self – value is tied up with THAT wrong belief! If I am seen to be anything less than resourceful and endlessly willing to juggle plates, I won’t be good enough. In who’s eyes, I am not sure……my own, probably. I am the one who is setting myself up, and I am the one who is aligning myself with the glory of the struggle, more than with the air – punching jubilance of success and achievement.

But at least I am aware, and accept that the responsibility lies with me (regardless of the reasons behind my programming) am I am definitely working on re – aligning myself with a more productive belief! As I said in my last blog, who wants to live in a DED state:

Denial, Excuses, Defensiveness.

Not me.

And everything I have said is true for every single human being on the planet. I have, on occasions, had customers attempt to convince me that they are different from everyone else, that their circumstances really ARE unique, and that they really aren’t able to adopt any other kind of mindset…..whilst still requiring me to predict the kind of future they aren’t aligning themselves with. They will either change their mind at some point, or grow old and die, still believing that it’s different for them. 

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In terms of my work, I am a mirror, revealing and reflecting back the customer’s inner world, so they can see more clearly what they have been believing and feeling, and why……and where it is taking them in life. It is an empowering and productive service, though not one that is always immediately easy to accept. I am entirely self – taught, and proud to be so……it has been a hands – on, front – line education, with no ivory towers to hide in or preach from! Stick with me, kid….YOUR success is MY success, and I promise to pull out all the stops, as long as you don’t play DED….






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