So what do you make of THIS reading? Is it your kind of thing, or not?

I have been clearing out my inbox (something I haven’t done for a while!) and sifting through my contacts, with a view to creating a new and updated mailing list, containing only the details of those who want to be there!

I came across the following email, sent to me by a friend in February 2006. It was a copy of a consultation she had paid for and received, from a woman on Ebay. I had recently joined Ebay myself, as a reader, at that time, and we were trying to figure out exactly how it worked. Anyway, this particular lady had amazing feedback, hailed as being incredibly accurate, which is why my friend decided to buy from her. I have not edited or altered the following typed consultation….and I will leave it up to you to decide what you make of it! There were one or two things that kind of made sense, but she was charging, and receiving, pretty good amounts of money…

Dear C********,
thank you for trusting me to read your cards.
i have studied your photograph and feel that i have been able to make a connection to you.
before i start on your actual reading i would like to say that the tarot is a guide to what lies ahead ,but you are the person with free will and choices that determine your destiny.
i am reading gypsy cards and laying a traditional celtic cross spread.
one of the first cards drawn is the strength card.this is the card that tells me something about you and to some extent it defines you.This card shows that you are only now coming into a phase of your life where your true strength(s) are going to become evident-to yourself and to others around are an intelligent and ambitious lady who has immense passion,harness that passion to a career  or business venture and you would almost certainly succeed.the question is would this passion and determination work well in partnership? i believe so.a man with blue eyes is shown as being significant in a future project.personalities will clash along the way but not unbearably so.i believe that you would actually compliment each others different whilst the cards are not saying that you WILL work together,it is certainly a viable option.
you have the psychics card yourself,that in itself is not unusual,most of us have some degree of psychic ability.its the positioning of the card that is all have very strong natural intuition or gut instinct and an interest in alternative areas and are very good at spotting developing trends and adding a personal are an intelligent and caring lady with an enquiring mind and a compassion and understanding for others.just learning to recognise and accept your natural intuition without questioning it too much will make a great difference to your life.So far so good..but all cards have a negative side  as well as a think TOO much!!you will also  be destracted as seeing everything from every different angle is not always a can talk yourself out of taking action and can lose can be hurt quite easily as you are one of lifes sensitives and can also feel as if you are not being listened too!!
the house move question is not will want to move but there are setbacks and delays along that path and i do not see the move taking place this year(i am rubbish at predicting timescales,but this reading is for approx 6-8 months ahead and there are aspects from further ahead throw in)
this is a rollercaster of a time ahead of you with  emotional highs and lows.
your are going to achieve a personal goal that boosts your confidence.this is a wish fullfilled card.
you love and are loved in return
i am picking up on a lot of movement and short journeys around your husband.there will be distance between you at times and that will worry you.i am not being given that it is anything major.
i cant see what your career is, so i will give the pointers that i have picked up on and see if it makes sense to you.
an idea,already discussed light heartedly with friends,will take hold,
i see you working for independantly  rather than for a large organisation.
using your skills and your creative enthusiasm  to promote a service/product that is different to anything available at this time.although alternative ideas are so strongly highlighted,you will make use of modern technology to widen your scope.
the next 18 months is going to bring a series of changes to your life,i believe that almost all of them are changes for the personally are ready for changes,challenges and the rewards that they is very much moving on to the next installment in your will have strong links to overseas at a later date too.
i hope that this reading has relevance to you, there is so much to look forward too and get excited doors are closed to you and i feel that the only area that you will find difficult initially is pushing yourself forward.
love and light
please feel free to contact me if this reading  is unclear or if it  raises new questions!

My friend and I also had a typed ‘reading’ from another person, without either of us being aware that the other had done so. I only discovered that we had coincidentally been drawn to the same reader when she emailed a copy of her consultation to me….and I realised that, word for word, it was IDENTICAL to mine, apart from our names. Once again, this person had brilliant feedback. Of course we both complained…she to Ebay, and me to the so – called reader. My friend got nowhere, and the response I received was certainly NOT from the person who had created the typed reading, because he/she could barely string two words together and couldn’t spell. The reading itself had been nicely written and presented, though very flowery and vague.

I tried to figure out WHY we had both been drawn to that (non) reader, apart from the excellent customer feedback. And I think it came down to the photo (which certainly wasn’t of the person in question!), an image of a smiling, warm and friendly looking young man.

It’s scary, isn’t it, how easily we can be hoodwinked and fooled, and how far a bit of sugar – coated flattery can go? For me, the worst part was the number of customers who were so impressed! And this is why intuitive work has such a bad press. And it IS a real shame that so many people would rather have something vague but complimentary and reassuring , instead of something with substance and authenticity. A woman once said to me, at a car boot sale, upon discovering what I do for a living, “Huh, I’m in the WRONG job…..I’d get easy money if I was doing what YOU do!” Well, in some ways, she wasn’t wrong, given the dark under – belly of the so – called psychic world…..but that didn’t stop me fantasising about flooring her with a punch, though! 


One thought on “So what do you make of THIS reading? Is it your kind of thing, or not?

  1. Karin

    That reading was remarkably vague and I would have written it off as a script.I understand why the reader had great feedback because it “seemed” genuine. But if you have had different types of readings over a long period of time, you can see through cap and know its not real.



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