Pick a suit and a number, and find your Tarot insight!

Take a look at what is written, below: 







Numbers 1 to 5

Now, close your eyes and relax your mind for a minute or two, and then choose: ONE from the list of 4 suits, and ONE number between 1 and 5. You can do this for each of the suits, allowing your mind to choose the order, rather than just following the list. You could even jot the 4 suits on separate pieces of paper, and the same with the numbers (1 to 5), and select one from each group, randomly.  

Now, scroll down, find your chosen suit and number, and read the insight!


If you chose Sword:

  • 1 (Ace) – You are either feeling a need to protect yourself, and keep your personal business to yourself, OR you are determined to cut through deadwood and move forward!

  • 2) – You feel that someone is currently difficult to deal with, or is likely to be difficult to deal with, OR you and someone close to you are jointly experiencing tough times, and you really want to be able to stick together and make it through.

  • 3) – You have people who depend upon you, and need you to be strong and resourceful…and you won’t let them down!

  • 4) – You are thinking about a hundred things, and trying to gain clarity. You have been feeling that as soon as you get things straight, something else pops up. Keep going…life will show you what needs to go, and what needs to stay!

  • 5) – Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, or count your chickens before they hatch! Don’t overestimate your resources, for the next three months. Do your research, know what the the bottom line is, and be smart and patient!

If you chose Cup:

  • 1 (Ace) – You will be feeling emotional, thinking about love, and emotional security. Your heart will be more persuasive than your mind, and you will want others to be happy and safe, too.

  • 2) – You will be willing to stand alongside others, OR romantic love, with one person in particular, will be on your mind.

  • 3) – Wedding bells are likely to be ringing, for you or someone close to you! OR you will be keen to develop family stability and happiness.

  • 4) – You will be feeling vulnerable…wanting to trust, but uncertain. OR you will be feeling that maybe someone isn’t quite as they appear to be.

  • 5) – You will be feeling that you need to keep certain people at arm’s length…and protect your own interests and happiness. These may be people you know well, but who are causing you to feel undermined or unsupported.

If you chose Wand:

  • 1 (Ace)A determined, upbeat attitude will serve you well! Look the world in the eye, and show that you mean business!

  • 2) – You and another person can be good together, be it a lover, a friend or a colleague! But you will also need to make sure you aren’t wasting time and energy with someone who is only going to make life harder than it needs to be!

  • 3) – You will be having some good ideas, feeling creative, and now is a good time to make big changes. A new job, or a house move, travel plans….or even just really great daydreaming!

  • 4) – Time for a declutter, to arrange some studying/learning/self – education, to get on with plans and goals…and don’t allow yourself to be side – tracked!

  • 5) – Your listening skills will called upon, you will be giving advice, helping someone to sort out a problem. Also a good time to look at what your job/career means to you, and whether or not it is allowing you to develop your natural skills. 

If you chose Pentacle:

  • 1 (Ace) – Money is important! Be positive and hopeful, and you should find that a little extra comes your way soon! Dream big, even if you can’t quite ‘feel’ it now….talk yourself into believing!

  • 2) – Use your resources in a practical way! Don’t waste money, don’t spend it on anything that won’t enhance your life in a practical way…and aim for quality over quantity. Also, if you are sharing finances with another person, keep the communication lines open, and don’t allow conflict to develop…better to deal with things in a relaxed way!

  • 3) – Be willing to receive, everything from compliments to free items! Be willing to give, too, because it will come back to you, in different ways. Recognise even little opportunities, and be consciously grateful for them, and you will benefit from the ‘flow’! Be true to yourself in your choices…if you really want to wear a big red hat and stripy trousers, go for it…whatever works for you!

  • 4) – Celebrate your money, even if you only have a little. Look out for a real bargain, and appreciate it. Pick up pennies in the street and save them. Cut out coupons, wear clothes you haven’t worn for ages. This isn’t you penny – pinching, it is you showing the great force of life that you CAN live well and cheerfully, without having a ton of cash….and it will bring more bargains your way, AND you’ll remind yourself how resourceful you can be!

  • 5) – Review your finances, seriously! You are likely to be making plans that will require big or long – term financial commitment, and you will need to make sure you really can cover it. You may also need to look at your current work situation, and ask yourself where it is really taking you…and take a real, honest look at what else could be available out there, without immediately deciding that there ‘aren’t any opportunities’. You will need to get one step ahead, and avoid getting bogged down or stuck in a rut.  




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