Thank you America!

America is having a really positive impact upon my life! There was a time when this was not the case at all, and I even told my cousin, who lives in Florida, that I was really struggling with customers from the States. They were more likely to ask crazy things, and then drag me over the coals on the internet, if I couldn’t fulfill their demands (such as supplying the lottery numbers), or if I refused to back up those ‘readers’ who had already promised them that the angels would sing and the rainbows would shine, and that their ex would see the error of his/her ways and transform overnight.

But something has changed, and maybe that something is me. At a practical level, I have taken steps to move my business nearer to where I want it to be, and I have made it clear that I won’t entertain the crazies (wherever they are in the world!). At an emotional/energetic level, I have worked on myself, changing the nature of what I attract into my life, and what I believe I am worthy of. And this year I have noticed that most of the people who view my website are from the USA, and 75% of my online business is coming from American customers….and not a crazy amongst them. Thank you, I appreciate your business!

Now, please believe me when I say that I have wonderful customers who do not live in the States, and I am equally grateful to them. It is just that I have been becoming increasingly aware of the American traffic, and I am so pleased I changed my own mindset and approach!

And on top of all of this, my cousin and her husband, along with their best friends, recently visited the UK from Florida (in fact they will still be in the country until tomorrow!), and spent 3 days in North Wales. They were the best company ever, and we had such fun…I was really sad to see them leave, but they left something incredibly positive behind…their can – do attitude, their curiosity, their enthusiasm, their positive outlook, their humour. I am still smiling now, and I intend to capitalise upon the uplift and keep it going!  

So, wherever you are on the planet, if we cross paths in a mutually beneficial way, I am grateful and I thank you. But I am, today, sending out a special thank you to America, and hope that we can continue to be good to and for one another! 

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