3 reasons I do NOT call myself a psychic!

Every human being has intuitive capacity! Every single one of us will experience our own intuition at play, many, many times before we leave this world. However, many people still live their lives unaware of this fact, and others write it off as coincidence. Our intuitive capacity remains largely misunderstood, but as the centuries go by, and the human race continues to evolve, this will change!

There are a number of reasons to explain why I do not call myself a psychic. I used to use the term, some years ago, but I was never comfortable with it. I decided that ‘intuitive consultant’ was a much better fit, and more accurate, in line with the service I offer.  

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Reason 1 is that there is an awful lot wrong with the so – called psychic world (though of course it isn’t all bad), and the way in which is understood and approached. Many times I have been insulted on the internet, by people I have never met or had any communication with, being called a con – artist, a shammer, or one who “preys on the vulnerable”. This is because of the reputation my line of work has attracted, which sadly, isn’t always without cause.

Having worked within the intuitive arena for over 20 years, and having had a wide range of experiences, I am more than aware of the kind of stuff that goes on! I started in the days before the internet played a role in everyday life, and telephone psychics were big business. Every woman’s magazine ran ads for telephone readings, and they were not cheap! Most were £1.50 per minute, charged to the telephone bill, and because there was no upfront payment, a lot of unhappy people were tempted to call and call again, using the service as a emotional crutch, running up massive phone bills in the process. 

I really did not enjoy working for these companies, and admit that I did it for the money, eventually quitting for good, when a woman called from a home for abused women, asking not about herself and her children, but her love life. I could no longer validate or encourage self – destructive behaviour, under the guise of ‘psychic’ readings. I became increasingly concerned about the number of people who appeared to be dependent upon the service, and the number of so – called readers who were just not good enough to be employed, or who were out and out con – artists. There were some decent readers, of course, but they were few and far between. Nowadays, the internet has replaced those small ads and those companies, which is a good thing, on the whole.

I have performed hundreds of stage demonstrations, been featured in publications, appeared on radio, and I travelled out to give consultations to groups of customers, several times a week, over a 20 year period. In other words, I have been around the block and back, where my work is concerned!

I retired from travelling out, or giving group bookings, around two years ago. I was becoming increasingly defensive and angry, before I’d even arrived, and so I knew it was time to quit!

And this leads me to reason 2. 

I met a lot of really lovely people, who treated me very well. However, I also found myself in some very uncomfortable situations, and at the mercy of some pretty dubious behaviour! On one occasion, as I walked up the path to the front door, I had to pick my way through a bunch of unfriendly women, sitting on the ground, smoking. Not one acknowledged me, or returned my greeting. They were difficult, negative and resistant, throughout their consultations, and because they swapped the cigs for vodka, they were constantly walking backwards and forwards to the toilet, whilst I was trying to work. One of them claimed her mother had paid for her, in advance (not true), and getting my money from the others was difficult. I felt so intimidated, I secretly called my daughter, and kept the phone by my side, until I could get out! The problem was, I really needed the money, and so had to stick it out, leaving myself feeling grubby and violated. 

Alcohol was a major issue, where group bookings were concerned. Often it was seen as a ‘girls’ night in’, and the noise would escalate to unreasonable levels. Also, half of the customers would be drunk by the time it was their turn to see me, and impossible to work with! One arrogant young woman stropped in, wine glass in hand, announcing that every psychic she’d seen had told her that if she didn’t like the consultation, she didn’t have to pay….and she assumed the same applied to me. Hell no! This had been a booking for 6 people, but when I arrived I was informed that 3 had dropped out, though no – one had thought to let me know in advance. I had already given two consultations, and of course was not going to agree to give another with no guarantee of being paid….and so I left! I had travelled some distance, and paid for fuel, for the sake of two customers, and to be treated as if I was of no consequence whatsoever. I have a long list of similar horror stories, enough to lead me to begin to dread those journeys, becoming, as I say, reactive and defensive before I had even arrived! Not good.

I also found that a number of those who attended group bookings (not everyone, of course), were of a particular mindset. They were there because their friend had the ‘psychic’ in, and they wanted to see what I could pick up about them. As one woman said, as she plonked herself down in front of me, arms folded across her chest, “Every psychic I’ve ever seen has been able to tell me how many kids I’ve got…can you?” These are not the kind of people who would go to the trouble of booking an appointment with me, and then travel to my home, or pay for an online or phone consultation. They were there for entertainment, and because all they had to do was walk up the road! Reason 2 is that my line of work is often seen as nothing more than entertainment, and completely disrespected. If I called myself a psychic, I was more likely to attract this kind of business, which was soul – destroying. I was really relieved to finally quit the group bookings, and realised that actually, it isn’t an appropriate environment or approach for intuitive guidance. As I said, I met some really lovely people, and I will always be grateful to them. But the loss of income was worth the loss of those who really just wanted a fortune teller, and something to do for fun!


Reason 3 is that there is a tendency for psychics to describe themselves as having a gift of a sixth sense, which suggests that they have something others don’t have. As I said earlier, every human being has intuitive capacity, although that doesn’t mean that everyone can or will become a professional reader/consultant. There is more to being an effective intuitive consultant than initially meets the eye. I have invested years of my life in the development of my intuitive and coaching skills, in self – study, and in the study of the human spirit, emotions and mind. I am still learning, and will be until I take my last breath. An intuitive consultant needs to be able to ‘read’ the customer from the inside out, and not the other way round. They need to be able to highlight the stuff that is hurting or holding the customer back, to be able to outline the different pathways that lie ahead, and to explain why certain things are being expressed. Insight is almost more important than the predictions, in some ways. I have an excellent track record for accurate long – term prediction, but the fact still remains that if we do A one thing will happen, and if we do B another thing will happen. The power of choice always lies in the customer’s hands.  

There are those who only want the services of a fortune teller. They don’t want to hear about the potential choices, or the things they probably need to change. They just want to hear something they like the sound of, or doesn’t demand too much from them. That is absolutely fine, of course. However, I have worked hard to prevent myself from being tarred with this brush, as it does not represent the service I offer.

There are those who use science as an argument against the validity of intuitive work, but I believe that a true scientist has an open, massively curious mind, rather than one that is closed. There is so much that science is still trying to figure out, and if you check out YouTube videos on stuff like string theory and black holes, you’ll view and hear about things that are way more outrageous and mind – blowing than any boring old intuitive could come up with! And we didn’t even really know that there was a universe, until 1925, according to a science show I recently listened to on radio 4. I was gobsmacked, and looked it up on the internet. Of course, it wasn’t as simple as saying “Oh, look, there’s the universe”, but still, we learned something huge, less than 100 years ago, that we didn’t know before…..and that is something that is going to happen again and again, thankfully!

There are those who say things like “I only believe what I can see”….well good for you, is my response. I can’t wait to spend time with you, having some great, inspirational conversations…not.

There are those who have never invested one second in the research of the subjects they have so many opinions about, including intuition. They are usually the ones on Facebook For Sale sites, leaving what they believe to be ground – breaking, never – heard – before, caustic comments, after my ads. Oh, we’ll all listen to you, and be influenced by your uneducated views on subjects you have not researched or experienced, and about people you have never met or spoken with…not. And I think that about covers everything I wanted to say, today, on the subject of intuitive work!  





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