Have I finally sold out, by using the term ‘psychic’..? Maybe a little!

Have I finally sold out, by using the term 'psychic'.._

Anyone who knows me, or has used my services, knows how determined I have been to avoid using the term psychic, where anything to do with my business is concerned. I did use it, several years ago, but I was never really happy with it, and finally settled upon ‘intuitive consultant’. 

And in terms of what I was trying to achieve, and what I was trying to avoid, it worked, to a certain degree. You see, having been involved in this line of work for 25 years, and having had a wide range of experiences within it, I managed to figure out what made sense to me, and what left a bad taste in my mouth. Not only that, the more I learned, the more I understood that ‘psychic’ has its limitations, and that alone, it often isn’t good enough. But I also discovered that there are a lot of folk out there who don’t see it the same way.

This example might explain where I am coming from. A female customer might ask me when she is going to meet the man she will marry, and what he looks like, what he does for a living, and will he love her the way she deserves to be loved? And she only wants straightforward, black and white psychic predictions, with no guidance or food for thought. Now, as I intuitively tune in to her, I can see and feel that things are not going to unfold in a nice, neat, orderly fashion, and that she has more than one potential future ahead of her, dependent upon her approach, and the decisions she chooses to make. She will need to become aware of the beliefs and the expectations she is harbouring, that are going to get in the way of attracting the kind of relationship she hopes for… so that she can actually make those changes, and attract that relationship. Otherwise, the end result will not be the one she ideally wants, and she is likely to end up believing that life, and men, have let her down. So, I am duty bound to explain all of this, and predict for her two potential futures: in one, she stays on the pathway she is on, makes no or few changes, and eventually hooks up with a guy who disappoints her in the same way that all of the others have; in another, she gives genuine consideration to the insights offered, consistently works on healing the now unhelpful programming, and ends up aligning herself with the kind of partner she really wants, and is now actually ready for. In short, she receives insight, food for thought, and two sets of predictions: if you do A, this will happen; if you do B, then that will happen. 

Now, to me, all of the above makes perfect sense, but on more than one occasion I have heard: “You are supposed to be a psychic! I am not paying you for your advice – I just want predictions!”

I then came to realise that travelling out to conduct group bookings (which I did for around 20 years), was attracting a high percentage of people who either wanted to know only what I could ‘pick up’ about them (for entertainment, or ‘testing’ purposes), or those who only wanted to hear a fairy story about the future. And some were disrespectful, booking in and then not showing up, or seeing it as a boozy night of fun for the girls. Not all of my customers from those days fell into those categories, of course – I met some really lovely people, who couldn’t have been nicer. But I began to realise that the term ‘psychic’ itself was the actual problem – and that it can have very negative connotations, and certainly has a bad reputation out there in the modern world… one that I didn’t want to be associated with. So, I stopped travelling out, and changed my title… and my face to face business sank like a brick. However, after regrouping, I quickly increased my online business, though of course the problem didn’t vanish overnight. Throughout the years I periodically found myself continuing to explain and justify my title of ‘intuitive consultant’, whilst doggedly resisting the label of ‘psychic’!

However, recently, I have started to become more philosophical about the whole thing. I no longer have the same fear of being hauled over the coals on the internet, accused of giving ‘advice’, rather than being a ‘real’ psychic (even though I have earned an excellent track record for accurate long term prediction!). The fact is, I HAVE been using the psychic aspect of my mind, all along (prediction comes from the psychic aspect of mind, and insight comes from the intuitive aspect of mind). And I have come to recognise that by not using the term psychic, I am probably limiting the amount of traffic that passes through my website… good, bad, and indifferent!

You see, there are many, many genuine, experienced and authentic psychic readers out there, who have been working hard for years, and who have earned their stripes… but the internet has opened things up for thousands of individuals/groups/organisations to pop up and flog what can only be described as psychic fast/junk food… for which, sadly, there seems to be a hungry demand. However, my own research has revealed to me that the biggest single cause for complaint against these organisations, by their customers, is that they do hear pretty much what they want to hear at the time… only to realise, further down the line, that they have been fed a pile of BS. And unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to sort the wheat from the chaff.

I now feel that I have established myself well enough as a consultant who uses both intuitive and psychic aspects of mind, when producing a consultation (or a reading, as some prefer to call it), and that I can afford to relax my own rules a little! I am, after all, in business to earn a living – still here, 25 years down the line – and I need to face the fact that I have to be able to compete, but without selling out. Nothing has changed; I still approach my work in the same way, and my consultations will continue to be delivered in the same vein. It is just that the my title, and the website name, are different… and so maybe, after all these years of avid resistance to being labelled as a fortune teller/psychic, I HAVE sold out… just a little!

(Interesting fact: my Paypal stats reveal that, consistently, 25 % of my monthly business is new… which means that 75% comes from returning customers. I am still chewing that one over, but it is a good thing… I think!).


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