About Me


Hello! I live in Anglesey, North Wales, and have worked as an intuitive consultant  for 20 years. I have conducted around 30,000 consultations, with people in 20 countries, thanks to modern technology!

I love music, motorbikes, Formula 1, books, the beach and the countryside. I love food, drink, camping (especially at bike rallies!), being fit, and boots! I am always thinking, and talking to the great source of creation. I can talk the hind legs off a donkey, as they say, and am rarely stuck for an answer…..but have learned to recognise when I don’t have one that makes sense to me, which leads me to ask different  questions! It is not about finding the right answers, as much as it is about asking the right questions!
I want results from my work, even if it takes time for them to manifest! I never expect my clients to do anything I myself would not do, and I don’t just trot out stuff I have read in books, or heard on Youtube. It has to make sense, and it has to be tried and tested in my own life! If it works for me, I reckon it will work for others!