I am always busy with bookings, so please allow up to 4 days for delivery of your consultation. If I can get to you sooner, I will!

What’s available

(actual listings and Paypal buttons further down):

1 Specific Question – response within 24 hours!   £10.95 

10 general predictions – £27.95

3 specific questions – £27.95

General Life consultation – £37.95

Your Love life! A two – part consultation – £49.95

Spiritual communication consultation – £24.95

Telephone consultation – £44.95

Face to face consultation – 30 mins – £25/60 mins – £40

Listings and Paypal buttons, for internet and telephone consultations: 

1 Specific Question – response within 24 hours!  

(Please note, for this listing, the 1 question HAS to be specific and clear!)

You have a burning question, and you’d really appreciate a response, as soon as possible!

Examples would be:

I have applied for a new job. What are my chances? 

I have recently met a love interest. Is it likely to develop into anything more?

(Please note I cannot accept the question Am I pregnant?)

And THIS is what I want from YOU (via ‘contact me’ page):

Your first name and age, plus the same for anyone to be included in the question.

This consultation is spoken and recorded, sent as an audio file, via email (within 24 hours of payment): £10.95


10 General Predictions – with insights and guidance 

 You feel you could do with some insight, a sneak preview of some of the possibilities and potentials that lie ahead…but you can’t quite work out what you want to ask.

For this consultation, I focus my intuitive attention upon you, and supply 10 general predictions, along with explanations, insights and guidance. Although this consultation cannot cover every area of your life, it will leave you with food for thought, and highlight certain things you may need to be aware of.

You are free to include questions at the time of booking, if you so wish!

And THIS is what I want from YOU (via ‘contact me’ page):

I ask for the customer’s first name and age (via ‘contact me’ page)

This consultation is spoken and recorded, sent as an audio file, via email: £27.95

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Three Specific Questions

 This consultation is excellent for those who really want to focus on certain, specific key areas of their life.

And THIS is what I want from YOU (via ‘contact me’ page):

I ask for clear, specific questions, rather than anything too vague. However, if you are struggling to clarify your questions, then provide some background information, and indicate what it is you feel you need clarity or insight on. 

I will respond as comprehensively as I am able to, and as in depth as possible.

This consultation is spoken and recorded, sent as an audio file, via email: £27.95

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General Life Consultation

I sit quietly, close my eyes, and focus my attention upon you. I gaze into the soft darkness beyond my eyelids, and wait to see what shows up. It may be a still image, or a ‘video’ clip, or a particularly strong feeling or emotion. That is the thread I am looking for, and the rest of the consultation develops outwards from that point.

I assess where you are currently at, emotionally speaking, and look around and ahead of you. I also focus on the information you have provided (if any), and tie it in, where possible. I cannot state exactly how far ahead the consultation will reach…it comes to me as it comes, at that particular moment in time. And as always, I provide insights, guidance, warnings and predictions!

And THIS is what I want from YOU (via ‘contact me’ page):

Your first name and age

The first name and age of any key people to be included (stating who they are in relation to you), such as partner and children (not a cast of millions, though!)

Feel free to ask questions, or provide any background info you wish, at the time of booking. 

This consultation is spoken and recorded, sent as an audio file, via email: £37.95


Your Love life!

Please read the following blurb before purchasing!

The vast majority of my customers have anxieties and uncertainties about love and relationships…romantic love really IS a biggie!

However, there isn’t a one – size – fits – all response.

A woman in her 20’s obviously views romantic love differently than a woman in her 50’s, and women generally view romantic love differently to men.

What IS common to both sexes and all age groups is the natural, deep – seated need to love and be loved. Even those who appear to avoid commitment (the big C!), as if their lives depend upon it, are running in fear of something they really want, but have unconsciously come to see as BAD! Sometimes they have built up a wall of defence so dense, so wide and high, that no – one will ever penetrate or climb it…and anyone who foolishly continues to try will lose all hope and joy in the process!

However, there ARE certain factors that pop up again and again, where relationship problems are concerned…certain beliefs and ways of thinking and responding that are always going to lead to further pain.

I can definitely help with this, as long as the customer is genuinely open to change, and willing to let go of unhelpful connections to the past! 

This consultation comes in two parts, and gives you the opportunity to really reassess your love life, to uncover old issues and patterns, and to find a new, satisfying way forward!

Because we will be working together, this consultation also requires something from you, via ‘contact me’ page or email:

Your first name and age

The first names and ages of past partners, and any children you have had with them

Your feelings about the current state of play of your love life, and your hopes for the future

You will receive an initial consultation as an audio recording, delivered by email.

You will listen to your recording, allowing yourself time to absorb what is said, and then respond with comments and any questions you have.

You will then receive a second audio recording. 



Spiritual communication consultation

Please read the listing before purchasing!


Click on the link below for all details, and payment:

Telephone consultation

(client calls my landline)

 This consultation includes an intuitive assessment of the client’s current emotional mindset and how she/he is currently viewing life. I work with the client to explore various aspects of their life, and provide insight into some of the potential possibilities and pitfalls that lie ahead, plus guidance, predictions and motivational coaching.
 The consultation generally lasts approx. 60 to 75 minutes – £44.95
All consultations are recorded, and a copy sent as an audio file via email, so that the customer has a copy for ongoing consideration.

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Face to face consultation

Customer travels to me (Llanfechell, Anglesey)

30 mins – £25

60 mins – £40

Available for bookings:

Mon – Fri daytime

Wednesday evening

Selected weekends

Definite bookings only, please!


Please note that I do not give refunds. However, it IS very rare that a refund is requested, and I am happy for a dissatisfied client to explain exactly and specifically which parts of the consultation they are not happy with, and why, and to take time to look over it.

If the customer is unhappy with the predictions that have been given, of course I will not be able to do anything about it…predictions are forecasts, about events/circumstances YET to unfold! But as long as the query is reasonable and polite, and the customer is clear and specific, I will give my consideration, and respond.

I always advise all customers, at the beginning of their recorded consultation, that it is unlikely they will immediately understand or accept everything that is said, and to keep a copy of the recording safe for ongoing consideration!