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An Intuitive’s Guide To Reading For Others – tips and insights from an established intuitive – ebook – 99p

Free excerpts below:

Daniel Beyond Death – the story of a boy who forgot to look both ways…

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A long short story! Daniel Jackson was an ordinary teenage boy with his whole life ahead of him… until he forgot to look both ways. Surprised that he still felt very much ‘alive’, and that being dead was actually quite pleasant, Daniel slowly began to adjust to his new existence. The first soul to greet him was definitely not the one he’d have expected to show up, but Daniel was soon to visit with his beloved grandparents… and one or two souls he’d never met, but kind of recognised! He learned how to communicate in a non – physical world, and how to visit his grieving loved ones, reaching out to his devastated mother through her dreams. But even death has its dark side, as Daniel was to discover, on a disturbing visit to a place in which the lost souls hide out until choosing to be rescued. And Daniel’s story ends not with an ending, but with a new beginning! Warm characters, love, laughter, lessons and a few tears… Daniel’s wonderful experience of life beyond life! Please note this book contains strong language.


Part 1

It didn’t hurt. He felt exhilarated, free, as if he was flying. He thought about all the people he loved and a great wave of gratitude and affection swept over him – and then he realised that something was different. The car that had come from nowhere and tossed him through the air like a crash – test dummy. The screams of those who looked on with horror, the sound of crying, broken glass, the flowing warmth of blood…

    He was dead. That was it. One minute a teenage boy larking about, charging across the road to catch up with his mate, the next he was crunching and smashing his way across the bonnet of a swerving car, before being launched like a limp but deadly missile into the tarmac. But he felt okay. In fact, he felt better than okay. He felt strangely relieved, as if a weight he had been unaware of had been lifted from his shoulders. Except that he didn’t have shoulders. He knew where they should be, could kind of feel them, but they weren’t there. It was like being an amputee. He had read that people who had a limb removed continued to feel sensation such as pain or itching, in a leg or arm that no longer existed.

    And then he felt guilty. What about his mum? She’d go mad, it would really screw things up for her. She’d had enough to deal with, without him getting himself killed. And what about Scanna, his best mate? Who’d he hang out with now? Maybe he should go back… if he could go back, that is. He didn’t want to, though. He felt really happy and ‘alive’, somehow, but he didn’t want other people to be sad.

    “They’ll be alright. It’s life. Love and loss are part of the experience. They will feel emotional pain, but they will keep going.”    

What the… who said that? Maybe nobody said it, maybe it was just his own mind talking. It sounded right though, and he believed it, whoever said it.


“Daniel Jackson was a bright, popular boy. He was always cheerful, always polite, and he was a credit to the school. We are all in a state of shock, and he will be very sadly missed.” Mr Allan, head of St John’s High, looked exhausted, the permanent bags under his eyes having reached a whole new level of sagginess.

    Anne Jackson, grey faced and heavily sedated, lying on the bed, staring sightlessly at the ceiling.

    Jade Jackson, slumped on the floor, leaning against her bed, knees pressed into her chest, a sodden tissue clutched tightly in a wet fist, gasping for breath in between uncontrollable sobs for a lost big brother.

    Flowers, teddy bears, football shirts, piling up on the pavement outside St John’s High. Even people who couldn’t stand Daniel Jackson, and those who acted as if he didn’t exist when he was alive, came and left their offerings, which Daniel thought was bloody funny. But he couldn’t be angry. He just couldn’t seem to feel it, and things that used to bother him didn’t matter anymore. Only love and concern for certain people.

    He knew too that there were ‘processes’ for him to go through. At first there is the feeling of lightness and freedom, though from what, he wasn’t sure.

    Then there was realisation. And then there was choice. He just knew that he was free to choose, that nothing was going to be forced upon him, and that there was no timescale to honour. He didn’t really understand it, but he knew it. He thought all of his dead relatives should have appeared by now, in a bubble of light, but that hadn’t happened. He didn’t feel as if he was alone, though. He just wanted to be, to think and feel the essence of his mother, his family, his friends, for now. He could see them in his mind, feel them, as if they were close. He knew what they were thinking and feeling, and he felt tenderness and concern – but not sadness, not fear, not loneliness. He just knew stuff. He knew that everyone who was grieving for him would be following him, one way or another, at some point in time. He knew that life mattered, but in terms of existence it was way shorter than… non-life? He knew that there were way more dead people than living people, and he knew that being ‘dead’ felt more alive than being alive, which was weird. Or at least it should have been weird, but it made perfect sense.

    “You okay?”

    What? Who’s that? He jumped, as if someone had leapt out from behind a door, taking him by surprise.

    “Its me, don’t you remember?”

    “Bloody hell, Kev Mitchell! You died in a car crash last year, didn’t you? Didn’t expect to see you.”

    “Two years ago, actually. Thought I’d come and show me face.”

    Silence, and then Daniel suddenly ‘got’ the joke. Kev didn’t have a face, just like he didn’t have shoulders. And yet he recognised him. Plus, Kev’s face had been pretty much obliterated when he’d gone through the windscreen and head first into a tree. Still a funny twat though, and Daniel was pleased to ‘see’ him.

    “I thought I was supposed to see my dead relatives, that they’d come and take me to where they live, but the only person who has shown up is you.”  

    “This isn’t Coronation Street, mate. Dead people don’t live in little boxes made out of bricks, and there ain’t no Tesco. But you’ll ‘see’ all the people you want to, when you’re ready.”

    Daniel thought he was ready, and then realised it would have freaked him out if a load of old people, most of whom he’d never met in his life, suddenly arrived and carted him off somewhere. He wouldn’t have known who to ask for if he’d had the chance – probably his Grandad Bill. He wouldn’t have thought of asking for Kev Mitchell, but it was cool talking to him.


Why? What did he ever do to to anyone? He was 15 years old, my baby! Why him, when there are paedophiles, terrorists and murdering bastards still walking this planet? If there was a God why would he let this happen? Why take my child away from me? It should have been me, not him. Why, why, why?”

    Anne Jackson, screaming out questions for which there were no answers. No answers that would be acceptable. No explanation that could, or would, ever be adequate enough. And no-one would ever be insensitive, or brave enough, to try and pacify, using mumbled words that would only burrow like sharpened bullets into an already broken heart and mind.


“She’s really upset, isn’t there anyway I can let her know I’m okay?”

    “Not at the moment Dan, sorry mate. You should have seen my mam. She was really pissed off. Gave her another excuse to pour more booze down her neck for the next 6 months.”

    Kev was strange, Daniel decided. What he said and what he meant were not the same. He just knew that Kev loved his mum…

    “Course I love the stupid cow, but she was, and still is, a bleedin’ nightmare.”

    “How did you know… ?” Daniel started but didn’t need to finish. We are thinking words, not speaking them, he concluded. I will have to be careful what I am saying, er no thinking, I mean, in future.

    “You’ll get the hang of it. You’re still in transition. How do you feel now?”

    “What’s transition? I feel… actually, I feel heavy. I felt light before. And my arms hurt, so does my head. But I haven’t got arms and a head… what’s going on, what does it mean?”

    Feeling weak, heavy, a little afraid now, glad not to be alone. The warmth of Kev somehow wrapping itself around him, should have been embarrassing but it felt comforting, like being hugged.

    “You are making the transition from one level of awareness to another. From one dimension of existence to another. What hurts the body hurts the spirit and vice versa. The bruising on your soul is coming out, mate, but you’ll be alright. If you don’t fight it, if you just let it happen, you will be fine.”

    “Okay. Okay. Right. I feel really tired, I want to go to sleep… I don’t know what to do….”

    “Let go and drift off, Dan. You have to dream now..

Part 2

He is a little boy, five years old, dressed in blue shorts and a green and brown striped polo shirt. On his feet are the black and brown trainers he loved, and ankle socks. There is a gentle breeze lifting the ends of his dark brown fringe, and the sun is warming his arms.

    “Dan – Dan little man!”

     He hears the familiar call, but for a second is confused… and then he sees the man walking towards him, coming more and more into view as he climbs the hill upon which Daniel realises he is standing.

    “Grandad! Grandad!”

    A great gulp of pleasure and emotion fills the throat of the hurtling child as he propels himself into the arms of the stocky grey haired man.

    “Now then! What the hell are you doing here so soon, young man?”

    Grandad Bill, Anne Jackson’s father. Died at the age of 68, following a heart attack, when Daniel was eight.

    “I don’t know. It seems a long time ago now… I was older… I don’t know.”

    Still hugging the hips of the older man, breathing in his familiar scent, a mix of oil, the outdoors and toast. Daniel had forgotten that smell – had forgotten how much he’d missed the gruff voice, the strong arms, the solid sense of masculinity. Grandad Bill knows everything. He is funny but he can be tough, as well. He doesn’t like tantrums, “stupid baby behaviour” he says. He doesn’t like bad manners at the table, or wasted food. He thinks kids should play out and learn how to do stuff with their hands. He gets cross when Grandma Brenda fusses around and panders to the children, so she is sneaky with the treats, and when slipping a plate of barely touched food away from the table.

    Grandma Brenda! He’d almost forgotten about her, and a wave of guilt hits him in the heart.

    “Don’t worry about her, she’s never far away,” Grandad Bill chuckles, doing that mind – reading stuff that seems to be so popular around here. And then Daniel sees her, coming up the hill, soft, sagging, rosy cheeks, grey-white hair worn short, leaning forward as she walks, causing her ample bottom to stick out.

    “Well, well well, fancy seeing you here! Come and get a Grandma cuddle.”

    He body feels warm and squashy, and smells of sweet almond and chips. She was never herself after Bill died and developed all kinds of health problems. She got pneumonia and died, when Daniel was ten.

    “I didn’t want this for you, it’s too soon.” She squeezes him tightly, pressing her face into the top of his head, and he knows she is holding back the tears. “But it’s lovely to see you anyway.”

    “It’s his time,” Grandad Bill responds in a no-nonsense tone. “It’s his destiny. I don’t know why you keep questioning that. You’ve been here long enough to understand how it works.”

    “Oh shut up, know-it-all.” She winks at Daniel. “Look at him, barely born and then he dies. I still don’t think it’s right.”

    Daniel suddenly understands. He doesn’t know how but he does. Bill and Brenda have love for each other and there is a mutual sense of unspoken connection, but they aren’t together. Not together in the sense that the living mean, anyway. He had heard people talking when someone died, saying that now they would be together with this or that person, or that they’d be looked after by other dead relatives, but it isn’t exactly like that. Bill had said ‘Don’t worry about her, she’s never far away,’ and he remembered his mum saying that she could feel Grandma Brenda’s presence, loads of times, and it had freaked him out. Brenda lives for her family, they are the centre of her world, she has always been happy living the same life, doing the same things, day in and day out. Until Bill died and then she kind of lost interest. Grandad Bill is different. He loves his family, and a great sense of duty and responsibility has always kept him living the same kind of everyday life, doing what needs to be done. But he has always been more of a free spirit than Brenda, would love to travel, to explore, and he died with many unrealised dreams and desires within him. His heart got tired of the yearning, and threw in the towel, as they say. Brenda, dependent upon routine and sameness, and always more connected to the past than the future, struggled to go on without Bill, even though she still had her family. In death they are both free from the limitations of physical life, are free to be who they are. Being spiritual really only means being true to the real self, not all that stuff living people like to think it means. Of course with that comes the need for common sense and respect for others, it doesn’t mean we can just do what we want to, regardless. In death Brenda sticks close to the family and the dimension of the living. Bill keeps in touch in his own way but is busy being the spirit he always has been, deep down inside.

Daniel, in his five year old form, is aware of these two people he has known and loved, he understands them in an impossibly massive way, in a way that he never would have when alive, even if he had lived to be a hundred and one. He sees them change, Bill becomes a handsome young man with a square jaw, a strong, direct gaze and a good head of dark brown hair. He carries himself proudly, with confidence, and there is an air of anticipation, expectation and hope about him.

    Brenda is slim, pretty, with soft chestnut hair tied back. she has blue eyes, clear skin, and her hand rests upon her abdomen. She yearns to have a baby, to create a family, to surround herself with familiarity and safety. That has always been her dream. Together she and Bill made that dream come true, but she never really understood Bill’s restlessness, and so she ignored it. They did okay, they made it through to the end… and now she understands. Bill still has some exploring to do. Together, but apart.

Part 3

“This one’s a bit of an angry sod, he doesn’t want to play ball at all.”

    Daniel is back with Kev. He isn’t five anymore, and Grandad Bill and Grandma Brenda have gone… but yet he can still feel them. It’s like he’s had one of those dreams that are so real they stay with you for days, completely different to ordinary dreams about random weird stuff that never make sense.

    “Enjoy your visit?” Kev interrupts his pondering, and it is clear he is smiling, pleased to have shown Daniel something important, something he doesn’t yet fully understand. Without waiting for an answer, he continues.

    “This guy doesn’t like what he is experiencing. It’s not what he expected.”

    Daniel was suddenly aware that the atmosphere had changed. He shivered as if a big dark cloud had drifted across the sun, blocking out the light and the warmth.

    “Who is he? And what’s it got to do with us?” He wanted to remove himself from the pervading sense of misery, frustration and oppression hanging heavy in the air, but Kev seemed unfazed.

    “He’s just caused mayhem, shot three people and got himself blown out of life courtesy of several bullets to the head and chest. He thought he was going to be welcomed as a hero and is pretty pissed off to have had his life review.”

    Jesus! Scary stuff. “What’s a life review?”

    “Well, in what is less than a split second he has experienced everything that others have experienced as a result of association with him. Good and bad. It’s not a judgement from an outside source – it’s an independent, in depth look at his own motivation and actions throughout his life. Only he can make his mind up about what his life really meant and was worth, overall. You’ve got to feel a bit sorry for him, it’s not a great experience for someone who has lived the kind of life he has.”

    “He was a dick by the sound of it,”‘ Daniel didn’t agree with Kev’s point of view. “And how come I didn’t have a what-do-you-call-it……a life review?”

    “Because my careless, not-looking-before-he-runs-out-into-the-road friend, you are young, haven’t had enough life experience, in this life at least, and you haven’t had enough time to accumulate a comprehensive history worth scrutinizing. So count yourself lucky.”

    “Oh. What about you, did you have one?”

    “Being a bit older than you, and being a bit cocky, yes I did. But nothing like this guy’s – this is really gritty stuff. Not all bad though. He wasn’t a bastard 24 hours a day, every day of his life. He did love some people and they loved him. And he did plenty of productive things, mainly before he allowed his mind to become screwed up.”

    “So what will happen to him now?”

    Daniel had heard about Heaven and Hell, never given any serious thought to either, but maybe he should do now… or was it too late?

    “Depends upon himself. He can become stuck in a nightmare of his own making, convince himself he is trapped with no way out. Or he can choose to face up to and accept the impact his choices and actions had on other members of the human race, and the general energy of life on Earth. And then he could begin the healing process. Could go either way.”

    “Well there’s no competition, is there? Why would he choose the first option? That doesn’t make any sense.”

    “Fuck knows, but they often do. It’s obviously too hard for them to let go of old beliefs, and to face their own cock-ups”.

    There was way too much stuff to take in. A zillion questions battled for prime position in Daniel’s mind… did he even have a mind, or maybe he was only a mind now. Another bloody question to add to the collection. He decided he’d start with Kev. What’s really going on with him, what’s he about? He waited for him to jump in with some smart – arsed response, but there was silence.

    “Okay Kev, how come you know all this stuff? You’re like some kind of oracle, not a dickhead who was always messing about doing things he shouldn’t be doing, driving like a maniac, in a car he shouldn’t have been driving in the first place. And what is all this about dreams? I was a kid with my grandparents, and then I wasn’t. And you said the angry guy – who I can’t actually see, by the way, even though I can feel a really bad mood hanging around – could choose to become stuck in a nightmare. It was great when I first died. It was great when I was with my Grandad and Grandma but it’s getting weird now and I don’t like it.”

    Silence… and then laughter. Kev was laughing at him, taking the piss. Daniel bristled with indignation and hurt feelings and would have gone off in a huff if he’d known how to. But then the warmth of the Kev hug he’d felt earlier returned, and he realized the laughter wasn’t aimed AT him, but was because of him.

    “Sorry Dan! You are young, or at least you were when you died, and you are different. You have potential, and you are having a bit of a crash course at the moment, no pun intended. Me, I had a good think when I died and decided I didn’t want to waste death. I would have wasted life, and that’s a dead cert. I was never stupid, even if I behaved as if I was. But I cut my own life experience short. You’re kind of like me, only better. You would have been an idiot sometimes, had you lived, but you would have been a pretty decent human being, overall. However, you’d have gotten caught up with everyday life and wasted your biggest talents: imagination, instinct, intuition and creative thinking. You can choose to use them now, for the sake of the cause.”

    Daniel felt blown away, but something within him stirred, something he kind of recognised, but couldn’t quite bring forward.

    “The cause? What’s that, apart from being an Irish band?”

    “That’s the Corrs, idiot. The cause isn’t an official title, but it’s what I call it. You know how they say the universe is expanding? Well, the universe is only a tiny part of a much bigger field of existence, and it is that bigger field that is actually evolving and growing. The universe has to grow with it, and human energy plays a massive role in the whole process.”

    “Okay, I can kind of get my head around some of that, I think, but it doesn’t explain what the cause is.”

    “Movement against resistance, mate. There is an ongoing battle in the dimension that is known as life on Earth, a battle between light and dark, over forward and backward movement. The cause is all about getting people, dead and alive, to wake up and think about stuff, to be part of the uplift and forward movement, not stagnancy or backslide.”

    Daniel was stumped. Most people – no, all of the people – he knew would have thought Kev was off his rocker if he’d gone around spouting that stuff when he was alive. Kev himself would have thought he was off his rocker, never mind anyone else. But yet it touched something within him, something kind of familiar… again, the thing he couldn’t quite bring forward.

    “Okay, so this guy, the shooter, what’s he all about?”

    “He’s all about the backward slide, a player in the quest to prevent positive growth. It’s his way or no way – or so he thinks. In reality he has, sadly, been recruited by the dark side, a pawn in a much bigger game. A big man behind a gun, but a pawn nevertheless. He now gets to choose his own fate. Dying could be the best or the worst thing that ever happened to him. Depends how connected he can feel to the real cause, and not the one that led him to get his head splattered over an impressively large area.”

    “Is this actually real? I thought that dead people just, well, went off and lived with all their relatives somewhere in the sky, doing sod all for eternity, unless they were really bad and then they probably get sent somewhere not very nice.”

    Daniel realized he’d picked this unexplored idea up from his mum, who liked to watch strange people on telly, who claimed to be communicating with those who had ‘passed’, as they called it. She talked about it as if that is how it all is, and he just kind of assumed she knew what she was going on about. He hadn’t given it much thought until he himself became one of those who had ‘passed’. He suddenly wondered if he’d be on TV at some point, being summoned to send his love and say how wonderful everything is in the world of ‘spirit’. Imagine if he told them about all this Stars Wars kind of stuff that Kev keeps talking about, instead. The thought of it made him laugh… he could just picture the reaction!

    Then he remembered the shooter, the dark angry cloud.

“So why are you involved with this nutter? And why are you involving me? And did you make me come back here instead of letting me stay with my Grandad?”

    “Whoa mate, one thing at a time! Look, as I said, I decided not to waste death. I figured that if I could help others to choose not to waste death as well, I’d be doing something productive. I’ve seen where the bitter, angry spirits go, in their mind, and it is a bloody dark place. And that collective energy is not good for the human race, either. So that’s why I am involved. And I elected to be your very own personal tour guide when you bit the dust, because I knew you had a lot of potential others don’t have… or at least will never tap into and use. But it’s up to you, you can just enter into your own personal dream state and leave the dirty work to idiots like me, if that is what you want. And no, I didn’t make you come to this place, I don’t have any power or control over you – it was your own choice.”

    Daniel wasn’t convinced about the last bit, but he didn’t argue. “So I can choose what I do, who I see, and what I experience?”

    “Absolutely. I am only showing you, telling you something about the big stuff. You can choose to turn away and experience a different reality right now, if you want to.”

    It was tempting to say the least. Daniel suddenly felt tired again, felt the need to sleep, to get away from Kev and the overload of information. Phrases like ‘rest in peace’ and ‘sleep well’ are used when people die, but this didn’t feel very restful.

    “I need to think… I just want to sleep for a while…”


An Intuitive’s Guide To Reading For Others – tips and insights from an established intuitive consultant.



This compact guide is not for those who wish to develop their intuitive ability – there are plenty of good books already available on that subject! It is for those who have already dabbled with ‘readings’, either for themselves, or for family and friends, and are considering taking it further. It can also be useful to anyone venturing forth as a professional intuitive or psychic consultant. I have in excess of twenty years experience under my belt, have worked with thousands of people from around the world (courtesy of modern technology!), performed hundreds of stage demonstrations, and featured on radio. I don’t know everything, but I do know a thing or two, and I would love to think that some of that knowledge could be of use to you!



    In the past I described myself as a ‘psychic’, professionally speaking, but I was never comfortable with the term. There is a lot that is good within the psychic fraternity, and there is a lot that is questionable: I didn’t want to be lumped in with the latter! I finally settled upon the grand title of intuitive consultant (I will talk more about that later), but that is only my personal choice. Please don’t feel that I am suggesting that everyone who wants to ‘read’ for others should do the same. I also prefer to use the term ‘consultation’, rather than ‘reading’, but I use both throughout this book for the sake of variety! Just thought I’d clear that up in advance.


Part 1 – An intuitive’s guide to reading for others

Part 2 – Why you want to develop your skills as an intuitive reader, and identifying your personal style.

Part 3 – Customers – why they seek you out, and the differences between them.

Part 4 – The good that you can do!

 Part 5 – Potential pitfalls!

Part 6 – Creating a business from your consultations.

Part 1 – An intuitive’s guide to reading for others

    The best way to become an effective intuitive reader iswait for it... to actively read  – and for as many people as possible! You are likely to find plenty of willing ‘guinea pigs’ to practice on, from amongst your family, friends and colleagues, and even social media sites. There is a common belief amongst budding intuitive consultants that you can’t read for someone you know, because you know them. If the purpose of a reading is to provide prediction, insight and guidance, then it doesn’t matter how well you know the recipient… the focus is on the potential of the forthcoming future, and not the the past.

    However, there IS a problem faced by many developing readers; self – doubt and lack of confidence. This just has to be faced, I am afraid, and often it makes the initial process easier if the person you are practising on is not a total stranger! I remember how I myself started: sitting on the floor of the office I worked in as an advertising sales rep, laying out my newly purchased Tarot cards on the carpet, reading from the instruction book, and as word spread colleagues piled in begging “Do me now!”

    Of course, things have changed a lot since then, I am pleased to say! It has been quite a journey, and I don’t feel I am exaggerating when I say that I have earned my intuitive consultant stripes! From travelling all over on public transport, in order to fulfill group bookings (after working a 9 to 5 job), to appearing on stage and featuring on radio, I have read for all kinds of people from all walks of life. Many of them have been lovely, some of them have been nightmares, and I have had to learn a huge amount along the way. And I myself have had to change and grow. I am definitely not the same person who placed an advert in the local shop window 23 years ago, leading to her first official booking! A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then.

    So, what can I tell you that will be of use to you, as you embark upon your journey towards becoming a ‘serious’ intuitive consultant? You don’t necessarily have to be setting yourself up to work at it full time right now… you might just be doing some research, and looking to gain more experience, before deciding how far you want to take it. And there are many things to be aware of that might not be immediately obvious, which is where I believe I can help you. Knowledge is, as they say, power… especially with action behind it!