Inspire Your Life! A personal empowerment consultation.


Are you struggling to move forwards in the way you ideally want to?

Are you finding it difficult to define your goals and aims? 

Are you trying to decide where to even begin?

Do you fear that there are too many hurdles to overcome, in order to fulfil your hopes and dreams?

Are you desperate to break the deadlock, but lacking motivation?

Do you make headway, only to end up sliding backwards…and find yourself repeating the pattern again and again?

Has your life suddenly taken a different route, causing you to doubt yourself and your judgement? 

Are you genuinely committed to your own healing and progression…a future worth working towards?

Could you use some help with that?


Inspire Your Life! – a personal empowerment consultation

This consultation is designed with YOU in mind!

We start with an intuitive assessment and work our way outwards.

We explore your beliefs, your fears and the stories you consistently tell yourself.

We work out what you currently feel is wrong with your life, and what is right.

We define your most important goals, the ones that need to top the list, giving you a definite starting point.

We uncover potential sabotages, and highlight unhelpful habits… you can nip them in the bud before they strangle the new growth!

We create a new plan of action, one you can refer back to again and again.

Inspire Your Life! is a three – part consultation:

2 x 1 hour sessions

1 x 30 minute session



(follow – up sessions available: 30 minutes – £25)

We work via the telephone (customer calls me), skype, or on a face to face basis, if you live near enough to travel.

Following payment, I contact you via email, to arrange a suitable date and time to carry out the first part of the consultation.  

You will receive audio recordings of the sessions, plus an outline of the plan of action, for you to revisit whenever you need to.