Our energy field attracts and repels! Is yours clean or chaotic?

Everything exists within its own energy field, which travels, and connects with other energy fields. Everything. And just because most human beings are not consciously aware of the nature of their own energy field, and how and what it is attracting and repelling, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 

Our general energy field is made up of parts that form the whole, but it is our dominant beliefs, and habitual way of thinking, responding and behaving, that creates the substance that becomes ‘us’…the energy that stretches out before us, shaping and forming, attracting and repelling.

Have you noticed how some situations unfold smoothly, and just seem to flow positively and productively? And how some seem to be doomed from the start, with one problem after another?

Have you noticed how some people just seem to attract complications and conflict, or are somehow always at the centre of chaos?

Have you noticed that some people appear to breeze through life, making everything they do seem easy?

Have you found yourself caught up with a person who can turn the simplest arrangement into a complicated mess that generally ends in tears? Or who can take a potentially positive opportunity, and turn it into a problem? Have you ever BEEN that person yourself? I know I have, in the past, but the trick lies in recognising the fact, and doing something about it!


Recently I received a request from a lady, asking to make a booking for intuitive consultations, for herself and a friend, on a particular day. I agreed to this, but then a different day was requested, and for three people, not two. I duly booked this into my diary. On the day of the appointment, I had a very busy morning. I had three internet consultations to complete, emails to respond to, and I needed to squeeze in a shower and hair wash, before they arrived!

An hour before their due time, they contacted me to say they were lost, and had taken a confusing route. We established where they were, but they needed lengthy directions from that point, and so I spent 10 minutes typing them up and sending them via text.

They arrived, and politely thanked me for the directions.

After I had conducted the first consultation (and I hold my hands up here, I did give the customer more than the 30 minutes she was supposed to have), I went out to collect the next lady…but she informed me that she and her friend had changed their minds. They were even in the car, ready to go. I wasn’t impressed, to be honest, and the lady who had just received her consultation (and was thrilled to bits with it), was embarrassed. Anyway, off they went.

Shortly after, I received a text from one of the mind – changers to say that she hadn’t been going to have a consultation anyway, and was only along for the ride (not what she’d said when they first arrived). I checked the booking, and no, it was definitely for three people. Now, I always record the consultations and send a copy to the customer, via email, which I attempted to do, twice, for the lady I had worked with. It was returned as a failed delivery both times. I messaged her to inform her, and she realised she had given me an inaccurate email address, providing the correct one. I also asked her about the booking, requesting that, if she returned to me in future and brought others with her, could she make sure they allowed enough time, and that they actually DID want the booking! She said she’d spoken to her friend, asking her why she had told me that she hadn’t actually booked in for a consultation….and her friend replied that she’d changed her mind on the way to my house! 

In hindsight, I had four thoughts on the subject:

1) I have started to ask the creative force of life to only bring me customers I can actually help, and who are open to their consultation, and I am sure that that is exactly what it did.

2) The collective energy of the whole situation was problematic and chaotic, eating up a lot of my time and energy. They were a messy, disorganised little gaggle, and jointly their energy was disruptive and non – productive.

3) I need to remember to not be too generous with my time, and not keep customers waiting (no – one minds having more time when they are in WITH me, but some don’t like waiting too long for their turn, which is fair enough!).

4) The old me would have been drained and disheartened, but the me I have been working hard to develop contacted another customer who was desperate to see me, and booked her in for that afternoon, and completed another email consultation! I AM getting better at this energy thing!

So, take a look around you. At home, at work, within your social groups…where is there ongoing conflict, chaos or disruption? Who are the common denominators? 

Take a look at your own life, and recognise the areas that are consistently out of sync. Is there anything you could do to improve the general energy? Do you (like a recent customer) say that you’d like to meet a partner, and then follow it up with “But I have big protective walls around me”? Our love life (or lack of) has its own energy, and we need to be able to give genuine permission to the creative force of life to help us to find a compatible love.

Do you crave more wealth, more freedom, whilst saying “I can’t do what I want, I have to have security, and I have live in the ‘real’ world”? To quote Les Brown, “Seek opportunity, not security”! I know for sure that it is possible to have both, with a certain mindset, and plenty of effort! 

We have to refine and cleanse any stream of energy that is muddy and too tainted by the past. Sometimes we need someone to help us recognise that we have become caught up in the flow of muddy energy, and guide us towards the cleaner, fresher stream. I consistently do that for myself, and I know I can do it for you!   







Reincarnation. More about the future than the past!

I have long believed that reincarnation is probably ‘real’. It is important to approach certain subjects with a degree of reasonable scepticism, whilst maintaining an open mind. Which is what I did, when considering evidence to support the fact that people who die can be born again, in a different body, and into a different life.

It has to be said, there are some strongly compelling stories, laced with pretty irrefutable facts, out there, for those who care to listen. I am sure that there are also plenty of ridiculous and dubious claims, but it isn’t hard to separate them from the more believable.

I have recently been watching a series on TV called “Ghost In My Child”, and was blown away by some of the stories. I accept that there is always likely to be some degree of embellishment and exaggeration where television documentaries are concerned, but still, some of the evidence was breathtaking. And it got me thinking about reincarnation again….and about my own life.

And I realised that reincarnation is not about the past….it is about the future. It is easy to become caught up in the drama and the spookiness, but that distracts the attention away from the most important message. That it is THIS life that counts, because THIS is where we get to heal, to learn, to change and to grow.  If we believe in reincarnation, we will probably accept that who and what we are when we die, from our current incarnation, is going to have some impact upon who and what we are in the next one. Some of the stories featured in Ghost In My Child reminded me of that, in a big way.

There are are certain aspects of my own inner world, certain tendencies and ways of thinking and feeling, that I definitely want to get to grips with before I die! There are circumstances I have created, as a result of my programming, and my own deep – seated beliefs, that I do NOT want to have to face again in a future incarnation! I want to have them sorted, healed and cleared, in THIS life, never mind the next! There is debris and clutter I don’t want to bring with me into a fresh new life….it will come with challenges and opportunities for growth, regardless, and I don’t want to be working on the same old crap again and again and again!

I have come across quite a number of people who view the subject of reincarnation as a form of spooky entertainment (a bit like watching Most Haunted!). I have come across others who believe everything that is wrong for them in this life is because of stuff that happened in a past life, which may be true, but progression and healing cannot come about in the past. The past is a record of what has been, what has gone….and the present is where we clear the ground and plant new seeds. We can become aware of certain events, explanations that lead to understanding, but we can never find the future there. 

I believe in progression. It makes sense to me that we can tread old ground, repeat old patterns, but that we don’t go backwards. Unless, possibly, we learn nothing at all from a physical incarnation, and, when we die, refuse to accept responsibility for our own intentions and actions, and their subsequent consequences. Maybe then we go backwards.

And that is why I have often discouraged customers from focusing too strongly on past lives, searching for the reasons they are unhappy in this one. Yes, examining past life memories can be fascinating, and can explain a lot, but the healing and the forward movement has to happen in the HERE and now…so that we can feel better and stronger now, AND in the next life we live!

My work is about the here and now, and the future. It is about where we are currently at, and the possibilities and potentials that lie ahead. It is about insight and information. I have a range of consultations that can help you to find clarity, and to become pre – informed….and I am offering a 25% discount on any of my consultations, to those who read this blog! Please click onto my consultations page, select which seems most relevant to you right now, and then email me through my ‘contact me’ page, using this code: pl123. I will send you a request for payment, via Paypal. 

And don’t forget to check out my videos, and my previous blogs!  


Pick a suit and a number, and find your Tarot insight!

Take a look at what is written, below: 






Numbers 1 to 5

Now, close your eyes and relax your mind for a minute or two, and then choose: ONE from the list of 4 suits, and ONE number between 1 and 5. You can do this for each of the suits, allowing your mind to choose the order, rather than just following the list. You could even jot the 4 suits on separate pieces of paper, and the same with the numbers (1 to 5), and select one from each group, randomly.  

Now, scroll down, find your chosen suit and number, and read the insight!


If you chose Sword:

  • 1 (Ace) – You are either feeling a need to protect yourself, and keep your personal business to yourself, OR you are determined to cut through deadwood and move forward!

  • 2) – You feel that someone is currently difficult to deal with, or is likely to be difficult to deal with, OR you and someone close to you are jointly experiencing tough times, and you really want to be able to stick together and make it through.

  • 3) – You have people who depend upon you, and need you to be strong and resourceful…and you won’t let them down!

  • 4) – You are thinking about a hundred things, and trying to gain clarity. You have been feeling that as soon as you get things straight, something else pops up. Keep going…life will show you what needs to go, and what needs to stay!

  • 5) – Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, or count your chickens before they hatch! Don’t overestimate your resources, for the next three months. Do your research, know what the the bottom line is, and be smart and patient!

If you chose Cup:

  • 1 (Ace) – You will be feeling emotional, thinking about love, and emotional security. Your heart will be more persuasive than your mind, and you will want others to be happy and safe, too.

  • 2) – You will be willing to stand alongside others, OR romantic love, with one person in particular, will be on your mind.

  • 3) – Wedding bells are likely to be ringing, for you or someone close to you! OR you will be keen to develop family stability and happiness.

  • 4) – You will be feeling vulnerable…wanting to trust, but uncertain. OR you will be feeling that maybe someone isn’t quite as they appear to be.

  • 5) – You will be feeling that you need to keep certain people at arm’s length…and protect your own interests and happiness. These may be people you know well, but who are causing you to feel undermined or unsupported.

If you chose Wand:

  • 1 (Ace)A determined, upbeat attitude will serve you well! Look the world in the eye, and show that you mean business!

  • 2) – You and another person can be good together, be it a lover, a friend or a colleague! But you will also need to make sure you aren’t wasting time and energy with someone who is only going to make life harder than it needs to be!

  • 3) – You will be having some good ideas, feeling creative, and now is a good time to make big changes. A new job, or a house move, travel plans….or even just really great daydreaming!

  • 4) – Time for a declutter, to arrange some studying/learning/self – education, to get on with plans and goals…and don’t allow yourself to be side – tracked!

  • 5) – Your listening skills will called upon, you will be giving advice, helping someone to sort out a problem. Also a good time to look at what your job/career means to you, and whether or not it is allowing you to develop your natural skills. 

If you chose Pentacle:

  • 1 (Ace) – Money is important! Be positive and hopeful, and you should find that a little extra comes your way soon! Dream big, even if you can’t quite ‘feel’ it now….talk yourself into believing!

  • 2) – Use your resources in a practical way! Don’t waste money, don’t spend it on anything that won’t enhance your life in a practical way…and aim for quality over quantity. Also, if you are sharing finances with another person, keep the communication lines open, and don’t allow conflict to develop…better to deal with things in a relaxed way!

  • 3) – Be willing to receive, everything from compliments to free items! Be willing to give, too, because it will come back to you, in different ways. Recognise even little opportunities, and be consciously grateful for them, and you will benefit from the ‘flow’! Be true to yourself in your choices…if you really want to wear a big red hat and stripy trousers, go for it…whatever works for you!

  • 4) – Celebrate your money, even if you only have a little. Look out for a real bargain, and appreciate it. Pick up pennies in the street and save them. Cut out coupons, wear clothes you haven’t worn for ages. This isn’t you penny – pinching, it is you showing the great force of life that you CAN live well and cheerfully, without having a ton of cash….and it will bring more bargains your way, AND you’ll remind yourself how resourceful you can be!

  • 5) – Review your finances, seriously! You are likely to be making plans that will require big or long – term financial commitment, and you will need to make sure you really can cover it. You may also need to look at your current work situation, and ask yourself where it is really taking you…and take a real, honest look at what else could be available out there, without immediately deciding that there ‘aren’t any opportunities’. You will need to get one step ahead, and avoid getting bogged down or stuck in a rut.  



Get unstuck in life! 7 beliefs to unbelieve!

How do we get unstuck?

You know, when we have dreams, ideas, hopes…and a hundred reasons we can’t make them real? Such as….

I can’t just go off and do what I want to…I have to live in the REAL world.

You don’t have to just ‘go off’. The real world will be wherever you go, anyway, whether you do what you want to or not. Because it is YOUR real world, and it always will be. You might, overtime, change your version of what constitutes your real world, but it will still be YOUR real world!

I don’t have enough confidence to do the things I want to.

Of course you don’t. You can only feel confident when doing the things you already know how to do, because you have already done them a zillion times. That’s the way it is, for all of us.

I have to have security, so I can’t take any chances.

You are taking a chance every second of every day, and if you are reading this, you have obviously survived, and are clearly still in the game. People die in their beds, in their cars, on the street, at work, in the pub, on the beach, at the store….whilst walking, running, swimming, dancing…breathing, even. Security doesn’t exist in the outside world. It is an inside job for every last one of us. Starting a new job? Well, they ARE paying you, so no loss of security there. Starting a little business? Well, keep doing what you do to earn a living, until you no longer need to, for as long as it takes. Want to learn some new skills? Educate yourself, for free, through books and the internet, until you are able to pay for training that leads to a qualification…if necessary. Many, many successful people have no formal qualifications, and are entirely self – taught.


I don’t have time to do anything other than what I am already doing.

Well, that won’t be true forever, even if it IS true now (which, in most cases, it won’t be entirely). Children grow up. Circumstances change. Start with 5 minutes a day now….in another year/decade that 5 minutes will become an hour, a day, a week…a lifetime.

I don’t know enough about what I want to do, to be able to do it.

Who does? Apart, obviously, from people like brain surgeons. If we all waited to know everything there is to know about anything at all, we’d never start anything at all, ever. We wouldn’t have children, for a start off, or buy a house, never mind start a business or write a book, or bake and ice a wedding cake, or make a dress, or renovate our home, or make – over the garden. 

I want to write/paint/cook/sew/heal etc, but I could never make a living at it.

So don’t make a living at it. Just do it. There is this weird belief (tied up with the security thing) that unless something makes money, we can’t do it, or it isn’t worth doing. And anyway, more successful businesses started as hobbies than didn’t. If you want to do something, it is better to dedicate an hour a week to it, than to put it on the shelf labelled “What’s the point?” and leave it there.

The thing is, I don’t like the idea of failing.

Neither do I, but I have done so, many times, and I am still here and in the swim. You aren’t made out of cut glass….you won’t shatter into a billion pieces because you mess up, or because some moron ‘hates’ you on the internet, or some people don’t get what you are trying to do, or your loved ones think you are crazy or wasting your time. You fail every day, to be honest. Fail to make a decent cup of tea, to arrive on time, to pay a bill, to be honest with someone about something, to be reasonable, to be resourceful with your time….and yet, here you still are!

And don’t forget, if you need some honest to goodness insight and guidance, you know where I am…..

images (10)


Being a ‘GOOD’ anything is not a real goal, unless we know for sure what it means to us!


 I want to be a GOOD parent/child/partner/friend/boss.

I want to have a GOOD job/relationship/home/social group.

The word ‘good’ means nothing to our spirit (which is where the energy of our passion is created), or to our subconscious mind (which stores and operates all of our programmes), or to the energy of attraction (which attracts and repels, according to our transmissions). It doesn’t even mean much to our ego! However, what ‘good’ represents to US, as an individual, in a defined and feeling way, DOES! 

images (8)

So, if we say we want to BE or HAVE a good anything, we can’t just take it for granted that there is one bog – standard, generic version of good, that doesn’t have to be defined or explained to our own subconscious mind. We can’t think “Oh it knows what I mean!” expecting it to sift through our jumbled thoughts, looking for the stuff to it needs to accept, save and file away. We can’t measure our progress, or recognise when we are succeeding, if we are working with an undefined goal. We cannot reach a unnamed destination!

I say this often, but energy IS the essence of life…..the Holy Grail! Highly charged energy is much more likely to catch the attention of our subconscious mind, as well as that of the energetic force of attraction. It is much more likely to create a ripple and leave an impression. Adding colour and specific details, when shaping and forming a desired goal, brings it alive, and much more likely to become a reality…OUR reality!

So, if your goal is to be a good parent, define YOUR version of good parenting. Break it down, and recognise the components. 

images (6)

To some, being a good parent means being at home, always present. To others it means working at a job, to provide a certain standard of living.

To some it means imposing clear rules and boundaries. To others it means having a relaxed approach, with only basic rules.

To some it means teaching a child that he/she has to earn treats and privileges. To others it means allowing them to have everything they want.

To some it means regular, quality family time. To others it means allowing the child to spend more time doing their own thing.

And the same applies to anything that requires us to be good!

What specifically would we need to be and do, to become our version of a good partner? Learn to understand how they accept communication, and be willing to speak their ‘language’? Assert ourselves as an absolute equal? Support them, financially, as they follow their ambitions? Relax our own standards a little, to avoid conflict?  

What specifically would we need to be and do, in order to become our version of a good child? Phone our parents every day? Take them shopping once a week? Not weigh them down with every issue and problem we have? Take an interest in their hobbies?


What specifically would we need to be and do to become our version of a good friend? Always be there, at the end of the phone? See them every day? Lend money? Babysit? 

What, specifically, does a good job mean to us? Does good mean well – paid, or high status, or coming with a guarantee of security? Does it offer potential for growth and promotion, or basic, consistent stability? Does it allow us to make a difference, regardless of salary? Does it serve a purpose, without demanding too much from us?

images (7)

Good is one of those words which are often used lazily and without much thought. As are happiness, success, security and contentment. And right and wrong are the same. We want to make the ‘right’ decision, but can’t explain in line with what. We don’t want to make the ‘wrong’ decision, but are unclear about what we are attempting to achieve.  We want to know whether we are on the ‘right’ track, but can only offer an undefined destination…..usually described as happiness, success, security, or contentment!

Good also comes with a potential problem…..resentment! We do need to be realistic, and not idealistic. We need to define what we are willing to do, and not what we feel we should do. We could fall into the trap of aspiring to be good, in order to receive approval and appreciation, from our children, partner, parents, friends, colleagues or boss. Good is an inside job, honouring our own personal standards and values, and it can only ever be about us and for us. Those we are being good for may not always value or appreciate our efforts, taking them for granted, or even disagreeing with them! But as long as WE know that we are operating from a considered, defined and honourable place, based on our own values and standards, we ARE on the right track! 








So what do you make of THIS reading? Is it your kind of thing, or not?

I have been clearing out my inbox (something I haven’t done for a while!) and sifting through my contacts, with a view to creating a new and updated mailing list, containing only the details of those who want to be there!

I came across the following email, sent to me by a friend in February 2006. It was a copy of a consultation she had paid for and received, from a woman on Ebay. I had recently joined Ebay myself, as a reader, at that time, and we were trying to figure out exactly how it worked. Anyway, this particular lady had amazing feedback, hailed as being incredibly accurate, which is why my friend decided to buy from her. I have not edited or altered the following typed consultation….and I will leave it up to you to decide what you make of it! There were one or two things that kind of made sense, but she was charging, and receiving, pretty good amounts of money…

Dear C********,
thank you for trusting me to read your cards.
i have studied your photograph and feel that i have been able to make a connection to you.
before i start on your actual reading i would like to say that the tarot is a guide to what lies ahead ,but you are the person with free will and choices that determine your destiny.
i am reading gypsy cards and laying a traditional celtic cross spread.
one of the first cards drawn is the strength card.this is the card that tells me something about you and to some extent it defines you.This card shows that you are only now coming into a phase of your life where your true strength(s) are going to become evident-to yourself and to others around you.you are an intelligent and ambitious lady who has immense passion,harness that passion to a career  or business venture and you would almost certainly succeed.the question is would this passion and determination work well in partnership? i believe so.a man with blue eyes is shown as being significant in a future project.personalities will clash along the way but not unbearably so.i believe that you would actually compliment each others different strengths.so whilst the cards are not saying that you WILL work together,it is certainly a viable option.
you have the psychics card yourself,that in itself is not unusual,most of us have some degree of psychic ability.its the positioning of the card that is all important.you have very strong natural intuition or gut instinct and an interest in alternative areas and therapies.you are very good at spotting developing trends and adding a personal slant.you are an intelligent and caring lady with an enquiring mind and a compassion and understanding for others.just learning to recognise and accept your natural intuition without questioning it too much will make a great difference to your life.So far so good..but all cards have a negative side  as well as a positive.you think TOO much!!you will also  be destracted as seeing everything from every different angle is not always a blessing.you can talk yourself out of taking action and can lose focus.you can be hurt quite easily as you are one of lifes sensitives and can also feel as if you are not being listened too!!
the house move question is not straightforward.you will want to move but there are setbacks and delays along that path and i do not see the move taking place this year(i am rubbish at predicting timescales,but this reading is for approx 6-8 months ahead and there are aspects from further ahead throw in)
this is a rollercaster of a time ahead of you with  emotional highs and lows.
your are going to achieve a personal goal that boosts your confidence.this is a wish fullfilled card.
you love and are loved in return
i am picking up on a lot of movement and short journeys around your husband.there will be distance between you at times and that will worry you.i am not being given that it is anything major.
i cant see what your career is, so i will give the pointers that i have picked up on and see if it makes sense to you.
an idea,already discussed light heartedly with friends,will take hold,
i see you working for independantly  rather than for a large organisation.
using your skills and your creative enthusiasm  to promote a service/product that is different to anything available at this time.although alternative ideas are so strongly highlighted,you will make use of modern technology to widen your scope.
the next 18 months is going to bring a series of changes to your life,i believe that almost all of them are changes for the better.you personally are ready for changes,challenges and the rewards that they bring.it is very much moving on to the next installment in your lives.you will have strong links to overseas at a later date too.
i hope that this reading has relevance to you, there is so much to look forward too and get excited about.no doors are closed to you and i feel that the only area that you will find difficult initially is pushing yourself forward.
love and light
please feel free to contact me if this reading  is unclear or if it  raises new questions!

My friend and I also had a typed ‘reading’ from another person, without either of us being aware that the other had done so. I only discovered that we had coincidentally been drawn to the same reader when she emailed a copy of her consultation to me….and I realised that, word for word, it was IDENTICAL to mine, apart from our names. Once again, this person had brilliant feedback. Of course we both complained…she to Ebay, and me to the so – called reader. My friend got nowhere, and the response I received was certainly NOT from the person who had created the typed reading, because he/she could barely string two words together and couldn’t spell. The reading itself had been nicely written and presented, though very flowery and vague.

I tried to figure out WHY we had both been drawn to that (non) reader, apart from the excellent customer feedback. And I think it came down to the photo (which certainly wasn’t of the person in question!), an image of a smiling, warm and friendly looking young man.

It’s scary, isn’t it, how easily we can be hoodwinked and fooled, and how far a bit of sugar – coated flattery can go? For me, the worst part was the number of customers who were so impressed! And this is why intuitive work has such a bad press. And it IS a real shame that so many people would rather have something vague but complimentary and reassuring , instead of something with substance and authenticity. A woman once said to me, at a car boot sale, upon discovering what I do for a living, “Huh, I’m in the WRONG job…..I’d get easy money if I was doing what YOU do!” Well, in some ways, she wasn’t wrong, given the dark under – belly of the so – called psychic world…..but that didn’t stop me fantasising about flooring her with a punch, though! 


Not so Woo Woo…intuitive business guidance can save dollars, time, energy and reputation!

The Urban Dictionary.


woo woo

Unfounded or ludicrous beliefs.

Belief in talking to the dead, belief in telekinesis, in fact any belief not founded on good evidence, the poorer the evidence the more Woo Woo the belief.


The first email I opened and read this morning set my mental and emotional mindset for the day, in a very positive way!

It was from a customer who received her recording yesterday, a ‘mini’ consultation, 5 predictions on one specific subject. That particular listing does clearly ask the customer to state the subject they wish me to focus on, and also provide a brief outline of the current situation. However, maybe 40% of purchasers don’t provide any background info, and this lady was one of those. She said she wanted me to predict on her career, and that was it.

I knew nothing about her business/career, but I explained exactly what I was seeing and feeling, whilst ‘tuning in’. Now, given the contents of the finished consultation, there was a strong possibility that it was going to sound incredibly dramatic and a bit crazy….but it was what I was seeing, and so I all I could do was explain it as clearly as I was able to.

What I read this morning made me laugh out loud, in awe and wonder at the power of intuitive intelligence, and reminded me of what my work is REALLY all about!

The customer understood all that I had explained, because the circumstances were already in the early stages of play. She recognised the person I warned her was potentially very problematic for her, and she had been feeling incredibly anxious, uncertain as to how to proceed. As a result of the consultation she had reached certain conclusions, and made a couple of definite decisions that left her feeling relieved and more empowered. I genuinely believe that that £12 consultation has the capacity to save her hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, hours of wasted emotional energy, AND her business reputation. Of course, the consultation alone has no power. The power still lies with the customer, and her willingness to be open to the insights provided, using them for her own benefit.

And you know, yesterday, I’d asked the energy of attraction to bring me a sign, within the next 24 hours, that I am indeed on track towards the goals I am working hard to achieve. So thank you (never forget to be grateful). Oh, and don’t forget that other thing I put out there at the same time, please….

I have actually read for this customer once before, some time ago, on the subject of love. And she’d responded very differently. Not rudely, but sadly. I didn’t tell her what she wanted to hear (although it was clear that she actually knew I was speaking the truth, deep down inside!). And for her to return as a customer, she must have found her previous consultation helpful, with ongoing consideration. The problem with ‘love’ consultations is that they are fraught with potential difficulty, because people are in a completely different place, emotionally speaking, especially when feeling insecure, or rejected, or lonely. But still, the reason for having an intuitive consultation is exactly the same, regardless of the subject: To gain insight and information that can be used to help us in our decision making…to empower us to make the most productive choices, and take the most empowering actions.  THAT’S intuitive intelligence at its absolute best……AND the reason I am still investing time and energy in this arena, despite the ‘woo woo’ reputation!#intuitivebusinessguidance