Spiritual communication consultation.

Please read the entire listing description before purchasing!

Is it possible to make a connection with a loved one who has passed from this world?

I believe that it is, and I have been able to receive many communications from people who are no longer in living in a physical body, over the years.

However, mediumship (communicating with the deceased) is an inexact science, and it is important to note that all mediums do necessarily work in the same way. Mediumship is a service I provide, but I am keen to explain HOW I work, so that the customer is clear about what they will receive!

I like to reach out to the specific person or people the customer wishes to connect with, a bit like making a cosmic phone call! I ask for the relationship of the deceased (as in mother, granddad, son, friend etc), and the age at the time of passing. I may well also make a link with one or two others, but I always have one main connection in mind.

This is how I work

I use clairvoyance, which means that I ‘see’ the deceased.

I also use clairsentience:

“Clairsentience (clear feeling) is the ability to feel strongly and sense the emotions and feelings of people, animals, spirits, and places around them. You can feel emotions of others both in your heart and in your body”

I describe the physical appearance of the communicator (as they present themselves), and I explain what I am feeling, as in personality traits and physical conditions they experienced, prior to passing. 

Communication between myself and the deceased is carried out through ‘thought’…I receive whatever I am able to ‘pick up’ as a knowingness, as information that passes through my mind. 

I connect with the essence, the feeling of the deceased, at an emotional and physical level.

I sometimes ‘hear’ names, but I cannot guarantee this. The way in which I work (because that is the only way I CAN work!) does not suit those who are seeking names, dates and addresses, to provide evidence!

If you wish to purchase a spiritual communication consultation, read on!

What I require from you, via the ‘contact me’ page:

Your first name and age

The relationship to you, of the person in question, and their first name and age

You will receive your consultation as an audio file, delivered by email, within 4 days of purchase: £23.95