The Premier Consultation…..for those who REALLY want to find the BEST way forward!

If you can’t afford this consultation right now, save up and buy it!

You will have three hours of my time and attention, split into three sessions (by phone, customer calls my landline)

OR sessions can be recorded and sent via email (we’ll discuss that upon booking).

We are going to take an in depth look at your life, including:

What is wrong

What is right

What you are trying to achieve

The hidden/unrecognised skills/talents within you

What is holding you back, the fears and the limitations

What you can change and what you need to understand a little better 

A plan of action for the future

This consultation is worth its weight in gold… is about YOU receiving intuitive insight and guidance, predictions and warnings, AND personal empowerment coaching, AND also being able to respond, communicate and question.

Following payment, we will discuss the best way forwards, be it by phone or email.

The Premier Consultation WILL help you to find new and better ways to move forward, as we work together!

Premier Consultation: £80